Write For Us

Write For Us

Do you have a passion for sports and fitness? If you do then why not submit a guest post and become a BulkingTime contributor. Whether you are a personal training or a fitness enthusiast. Below are some details on what we look for in a contributor…

Word Count

It is important for us to be able to provide our readers with high quality content, in order to help educate them. Therefore we do require all guests posts to be a minimum of 1000 words, ideally at least 1300.

Spelling & Grammar

We do require all submissions to be free of any spelling or grammar mistakes. It is important that all content does make sense and is easy to understand.

Unique and Original Content Only

When submitting an article please do make sure that it is completely unique and has not been used on any other website. Once published please do not republish on any other websites, we do check content often, any duplicates will be removed.

We also only accept articles that are unique and not simply rewritten from a previously published article.

SEO – Do NOT Over Optimize

If you are writing content in order to appear on BulkingTime, please do NOT submit content that is just focused on SEO (Search Engine Optimization. We are not interested in working with people that focus on content farms or just linking up keywords to help boost your SEO. If you are wanting to write for us to showcase your work and connect with like minded people, your articles are more than welcome!


Let’s face it, one of the reasons you are no doubt wanting to write for us is to get a backlink to your website. This is not a problem for us, we are happy to provide a DoFollow link in the content as well as a link in your profile. Please bear in mind;

  • Only link back to related content – unrelated/spammy sites will not be accepted
  • Please link to sources mentioned in the article
  • We do require you to link to at least 1 related internal article of ours, ideally a couple of suitable.

Sharing is Caring…

Once we publish your article, we will naturally be including it on our social channels as well as any newsletters that are sent. We would really appreciate if you would also share the published article on your own social channels.


If you would like us to, we are happy to provide a bio for you. This will feature a link to your website and/or links to your main social pages. Please provide is with a bio of up to 60 words, also provide us with a photo of you to appear with your bio.

Submitting Guest Posts To Bulking Time

By submitting content to be included on BulkingTime.com as a guest post, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions as stated above. You also agree that the editorial team may need to make some slight changes to the article.

Please fill in the form below with your details, along with the article length, title and an excerpt from the article. We will then be in touch as to whether or not we would be interested in the complete article.

Once the article has gone live please share via your email list and social channels. The more people that view your article, the better for all concerned.

Common Questions

Below are common questions we receive on guest posting, If you do have any additional questions please feel free to include them in the form above or in the comments below.

Do You Accept New Contributors

Yes! We are more than happy to work with new contributors. If you have never written for us before, please do submit your article or your idea. We are more than happy to work with you.

Can I write More Than One Guest Post?

We are more than happy working with the same writers, if your content is great then we are happy to work with you. We do need to ensure that any backlinks are going to decent sites and its not just a SEO attempt.

What Subjects Do You Accept?

You can see the type of content on BulkingTime. We focus on content within the bodybuilding and fitness niche. As well as also have some content on Nootropics. We are also on the lookout for people submitting detailed recipes. You are therefore free to provide any content on these subjects.

Can I Include Links?

Yes you can include links, the type of links we require are;

  • A backlink to your website (if required – we will always place one in the bio)
  • Backlinks to any already published articles on BulkingTime that related to your article
  • Links to any sources mentioned IE clinical studies

Will The Article Be Edited?

The editorial team will look through the article and review it. Ideally nothing will be edited as it should be ready to be published. If we feel that something does need to be changed, we will discuss it with you.

Do I Need To Include Imagery?

You know your article better than us, if you have access to the imagery then please do provide it. Please also make sure that you have the rights to the images. There are a number of free stock sites that do provide images for free.

If you are submitting recipes then please make sure to provide images of the meals. Ideally ones that you have made and not stock images.

We really look forward to receiving your guest post and working with you more in the future!

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