Stephen Amell Workout Routine

Superhero programs at the moment are all the rage, one of the most successful at the time of writing this is Arrow. Oliver Queen is played by actor Stephen Amell and if you have seen it, you can certainly see he has the physique for it.

I remember watching the first series and seeing the pull ups he was doing, wow! That was some impressive strength. Now in order to get the body of a superhero, you really need to work hard. It’s a combination of a good diet, with a effective workout regime.

Stephen Amell Workout Routine Image 1Stephen Amell has said that he doesn’t actually do much weight work but focuses on bodyweight exercises and strengthening the core muscle. He has said that Oliver Queen didn’t have access to a gym on the island, so he wanted to workout as if he was without a gym. It also meant he was able to have more fun working out, as he could do this kind of workout anywhere.

It would be worth combining the workout with some form of weights, just for that additional strength and muscle mass. Your body shape is also fairly dependant. Stephen is 6’1 so he had a decent frame to work with. If you are smaller and skinnier, you might want to consider bulking up a little as well.

Below you can see Stephen Amell workout routine, so you too can soon have the physique of the Green Arrow! (although he has yet earned the title of Green Arrow)

The Diet

Stephen Amell Diet Plan - No Sugar, Gliten, DairyDiet is key when looking to see some impressive results, however many people see the word diet and cut their calorie intake…This will NOT result in muscle growth. If you are looking to get lean muscle like Stephen then you will actually need to increase your calorie count.

Throughout the day your body will use the calories and fat to convert it into energy. If you increase energy output by going to the gym but decrease your calories, your body no longer has any fat to convert. It can potentially then start using your stored muscle and this can result in muscle wastage.

What you eat is also very important, you might be eating something that you think is healthy but is actually offering no value to you whatsoever.

For Stephen Amell workout routine he decided to complete cut the following out of his diet;

  • Processed Sugar
  • Alcohol
  • Gluten (When looking for the finishing touches)
  • Dairy

The next step is to find out what your bodyweight is and ensure that you are consuming 1g of protein for each pound of bodyweight.

Where to get your protein from;

  • Meats (Ensuring fat is removed)
  • Poultry
  • Fish – Ideally oily fish
  • Eggs – The whites are particular important
  • Whey Protein for that added extra

You then want to make sure that 20% of your calories do come from fats. I know what you are thinking fats are bad right? Contrary to what some believe there are actually a lot of good fats. These fats are actually essential for a healthy diet, regardless on if you are looking for the body of a superhero.

Where to get your healthy fats from;

  • Avocado
  • Nut Butters IE Almond Butter
  • Coconut Oil
  • Steak
  • Eggs

These dietary fats help to increase testosterone, which is VERY important when looking to improve your muscle. There are supplements that can also help to increase your testosterone levels naturally.

Stephen Amell Arrow Workout Routine Meal Plans

Stephen Amell Arrow Workout Routine Image 2If you are new to follow meal plans then it can be somewhat confusing. Here are a couple of examples of meals that you could make and enjoy!

Meal Plan #1

Breakfast: 3 Egg Omelette
Lunch: Mackerel on Salad
Dinner: Chicken Tray bake with Roasted red pepper and almonds

Meal Plan #2

Breakfast: Spinach and Kale Smoothie
Lunch: Avocado Salad with Roasted Chicken
Dinner: Oven baked salmon with Mediterranean Couscous

Meal Plan #3

Breakfast: 3 Egg Omelette
Lunch: Herbed chicken skewers with red onion and peppers
Dinner: Steak, Salad and Sweet potato Wedges

Meal Plan #4

Breakfast: Spiced Scrambled Eggs
Lunch: Mackerel and Mediterranean Salad
Dinner: Seafood Paella

Meal Plan #5

Breakfast: Spinach and Kale Smoothie
Lunch: Grilled Chicken and Couscous
Dinner: Mexican Bean Chili

The Actual Workout…

The Stephen Amell Workout

Stephens workout is impressive and it’s not as intense as you might think. It’s all about working smart and not hard. When he works out he focuses on mobility, functionality and performance. He would much prefer to be able to do 30 pull ups than lift 300lb, as he can use the push ups in real life.

Stephen Amell Arrow Workout Routine is a nice combination of bodyweight, some basic weight workouts and parkour. He has confirmed that he doesn’t keep his routine the same and continues to change. This is done to keep his workout enjoyable but at the same time his muscles don’t get used to specific workouts.

Below is an example workout that can be followed to get a physique like Green Arrow. Even though Stephen doesn’t use much weights, this does have a nice combination. It could also divide the workouts based on muscle groups, I prefer to have a nice mixture due to the rest days in between.

Day One: Workout

  • Box Jumps – 3 Sets – 20 Reps per set
  • Kettlebell Swing – 3 Sets – 12 Reps per set
  • Standing Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise – 3 Sets – 10-12 Reps Per set
  • Tricep Pushups – Until Failure
  • Dumbbell Lunges – 3 Sets – 12 Reps Per Set
  • Sit Ups – 3 Sets – 20 sit ups per Set
  • Single Arm Dumbbell Flat Bench Chest Press – 3 Sets – 12 Reps per set

Day Two: Recovery Or Cardio

Some form of intense cardio workout such as;

  • Running
  • Kickboxing
  • Parkour

Stephen also incorporated Archery into his workout routine

Day Three: Recovery – No Workout

Stephen Amell Arrow Workout Routine - BulkingTime.Com

Day Four: Workout

  • Leg Raises – 3 Sets – 20 Leg raises per set
  • Standing Barbell Push – 3 Sets – 12 Reps per set
  • Bicep curls – 3 Sets – 12 reps per set
  • Standing Cable Low Row – 3 Sets – 12 reps per set
  • Leg Press – 3 Sets – 12 reps per set
  • Squats – 3 Sets – Failure per set
  • Sitting Twists – 3 Sets – Failure per set

Day Five: Recovery Or Cardio

Some form of intense cardio workout such as;

  • Running
  • Kickboxing
  • Parkour

Stephen also incorporated Archery into his workout routine

Day Six: Recovery – No Workout

Complete rest day, allowing for full recovery and to allow your muscles to repair themselves.

Day Seven: Workout or additional recovery day

  • Single Arm Dumbbell Shoulder Press – 3 Sets – 12 reps per set
  • Shoulder Touchers – 3 Sets – Failure per set
  • Pull Ups – 3 Sets – Failure Per set
  • Alternate Hammer Curl – 3 Sets – 12 per set
  • Standing Cable Chest Fly – 3 Sets – 12 Per set
  • Box Jumps – 3 Sets – 20 Per set
  • Standing Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise – 3 Sets – 10-12 Reps Per set


One of the things Stephen Amell does do a lot of is Parkour. It makes sense as this is the kind of training that Oliver Queen would need to do to become Arrow. In fact in some of the scenes you do see Stephen practicing Parkour.

It’s important to remember that Stephen does all of his own stunts, he therefore needs to training in the same way as the Green Arrow would.

Parkour or how it is otherwise known as Freerunning is a training discipline. It is non-competitive and requires you to use the abilities of the body over a variety of terrains. Getting from one position to another in the shortest time and the most effectively. It uses a combination of running, jumping and climbing. It does require a lot of skill and dedication and can help with;

  • Strength & Fitness
  • Balance
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Agility
  • Coordination
  • Precision
  • Control

The Scenes you see Stephen climbing the side of a building or jumping over a fence is all using the skills he learnt through Parkour.

Below are a couple of videos I found on YouTube that show Stephen Amell doing his Parkour routine. One is a combination of scenes from Arrow, showing the end result.

Time To See Results?

It’s not really possible to put a time scale on it, as everyone is very different. If you are dedicated and motivated then you should start to see some real results within a few weeks. You have to make sure that you have a good combination of diet and workout routine. In terms of supplements, Stephen has not mentioned if he had used any. If I was to take a guess, he would have used some form of post workout to aid in muscle recovery.

Supplements can be effective to maximize results even further, many people looking to see this kind of physique would use some form of testosterone booster or steroid alternative. These are formulated to help develop muscle, as well as aid in recovery.

Remember the rest days are just as important as your workout days, so do not ignore them!

Will You Soon Be Green Arrow?

I really do hope this article has been useful and given you some insight into Stephen Amell Arrow workout routine. It is a tough workout but at the same time it is not difficult, it just takes time and effort. By combining the workouts with a good diet plan, you could soon have the superhero physique.

If you do have any questions or comments, please do leave them in the comment section below.

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