Chris Evans Captain America Workout Routine

Chris Evans Captain America Workout Routine ProfileHave you ever looked at the Captain America films and just looked in respect at Chris Evans? It would be incredible to be able to walk into a machine and come out of it built like the leader of the avengers. Truth be told that just wouldn’t happen! It takes hard work and dedication, Chris Evans has just that.

This article is here to give you an insight into Chris Evans Captain America Workout Routine. The aim to give you some help and advice on seeing if you can replicate the gains that Chris Evans has seen seen.

Chris Evans was never as skinny as the character was originally portrayed in the film, this was a combination of CGI. It in fact took him 2 hours per day for a solid 3 months to get Steve Rogers to be Captain America.

He has reported that he didn’t focus on any form of cardio as he didn’t want to lose weight. His target was to bulk up and cardio would impact on this, he would only do a little cardio for a warmup. Any non weights work was done by going through some form of circuit, however the majority of his work was based on weights and bulking up his frame.

The Diet…

Captain America Workout image 1With a goal such as bulking, Chris Evans needed to get his diet right. Without packing on enough calories, anyone would find it hard to bulk up. He did admit that in between shooting The Avengers and The Winter Soldier, he had lost weight. Chris then had to bulk up as quickly as possible but did stick to a clean bulking diet.

Food wise Chris had to eat a nice selection of lean meat. He joked that he would have to eat a lot of chicken. This is mainly due to the ratio of protein to fat that chicken has. His goal was focusing on protein rich foods such as steak, as well as fish for the omega oils. For breakfast Chris would have a nice combination of oats, greek yogurt, nuts and raisins. Lunch consisting of leafy greens, vegetables and complex carbs such as brown rice.

As you can see it is a very clean bulking diet and contains a massive amount of protein. The diet is very versatile as it mixes a range of lean meats with salads and vegetables. Chris Evans did actual admit that he doesn’t like eating as he normally always feels full.

Food is key but Chris also needed to use some supplements to get the body as Captain America. He used BCAA yo help boost the repair of the protein as well as helping him get through the workouts. 500mg of a combination of Omega 3,6 and 9 was taken to help with his joints.

Glutamine is important when looking to bulk up as it stops going catabolic, or when muscles are burnt to form energy. Chris then took a number of protein shakes throughout the day to help get that extra bit of protein into his system.

Captain America Meal Plans – Eat Like Chris Evans

So you know the types of foods that Chris Evans would eat in order for him to become Captain America. Below are a sample of meals that would be perfect to help replicate what you would imagine Steve Rogers would eat.

Captain America Bulking Breakfasts

Protein Breakfast Smoothie

Combine 2 scoops of whey protein in a blender with a spoon of peanut butter, handful of spinach, blueberries and top with water.


In a bowl place oatmeal and top with slices of bananas and a handful of blueberries.


Omelet is perfect for a protein breakfast due to the egg content. To help combat cholesterol use 2 whole eggs and then 1 or 2 egg whites.

Scrambled Egg

Scrambled egg is perfect and really adds the needed protein. I would recommend combining this with some leafy salad or if you can a slice of bread.

Fat Free Greek Yogurt

In a bowl add 100% fat free greek yogurt along with blue berries and some flax seeds. Sprinkle with a little honey if need some additional sweetness.

Captain America Bulking Lunches

Captain America Workout Routine imageTuna Salad

Nice combination of leafy greens and salad vegetables with a tin of tuna. Tuna is perfect for that extra but of protein. Try to avoid mixing the tuna with mayo.

Mackerel and Avocado Salad

Avocado is full of healthy fats and the mackerel is perfect for your essential omegas. Combine with other vegetables such as sliced peppers, red onion and tomatoes.

Grilled Chicken And Brown Rice

Grilled chicken is full of protein and combining with spices is a great way of adding flavour. Combining with the complex carbs brown rice is a great option.

Ground Beef Salad Tacos

Ground beef is full of protein and is also very lean.Combine this with a nice mixture of sliced peppers and onions and place on top of several leaves of lettuce to replace the taco shells.

Ground Meat Stuffed Peppers

Empty a large bell pepper and add the cooked ground meat and cook in the oven. Top with a dollop of cottage cheese for that additional protein.

Captain America Bulking Dinners

Steak and Salad/Vegetables

You cannot go wrong with a good steak, full of protein and with the additional salad or vegetables you can get some decent protein.

Grilled Salmon and Couscous

Couscous can be bland but with some additional vegetables it can be really tasty. Salmon is however full of omega oils, which are perfect for helping with joints.

Beef Chilli

Beef as you will no doubt know, is full of protein. Combining it with some chopped tomatoes, chillies and peppers you will have some great tasting food. You could also top it with a little cottage cheese.

Grilled Tenderloin and Vegetables

Tenderloin is a cheap meat but is also tasty and has a decent amount of protein. Cooking this with some vegetables will make a nice tasty meal.

Seabass, Broccoli and Brown Rice

Seabass again is perfect for your omegas. Combine with brown rice and broccoli and you cannot really go wrong.

As long as you stick to lean meats that are rich in protein, fish, complex carbs and vegetables then you cannot really go wrong. You just need to make sure you are getting the right amount of protein and calories to bulk up but in a clean way.

The Captain America Workout Routine

Chris Evans Captain America Workout Routine

The actual routine that Chris Evans follows is pretty intense, but nothing your average person could do with a little time and work. You want to spend your workout days focusing on key areas, making sure to give those areas a rest to recover.

The key to the Captain America workout routine is high weights and low reps. Helping you to bulk up and grow some impressive muscle mass.

Chest & Shoulders

  • Standing Military Press – 3 sets – 5 reps
  • Incline Bench Press – 3 sets – 5 reps
  • Shoulder Press – 3 sets – 8 reps
  • Barbell Bench Press – 3 sets – 6 reps
  • Standing Cable Chest Fly
  • Weighted Push Ups – 3 Sets – Until Failure

Biceps & Triceps

  • Hammer Curls – 3 sets – 6 reps
  • Inner Bicep Curls – 3 sets – 6 reps
  • Weighted Bench Dip – 3 sets – 5 reps
  • Bar Curl – 3 sets – 6 reps
  • Standing Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise – 3 sets – 5 reps


  • Barbell Squats – 3 sets – 5 reps
  • Box Jumps – 3 sets – 20 reps
  • Pull Ups – 3 sets – till Failure
  • One Arm Kettlebell Swing – 3 sets – 6 reps
  • Barbell Deadlift – 3 sets – 6 reps

Following a diet plan as above as well as incorporating this exercise routine, you could soon be the next Captain America. It’s important to remember to change up the exercises every now and again, as long as you use high weights low reps then you will do fine.

Speed Up Results even more with Supplements

This Chris Evans Captain America Workout Routine is effective and soon enough you will see some really impressive results. You can however speed results even more by adding some form of supplements to your routine.

Testosterone Booster

Testosterone is important when looking to increase muscle growth. By increasing testosterone levels, you will be able to see some impressive increase in mass muscle and really see a boost to your bulking efforts.

We have reviewed a number of different testosterone boosters to really see how effective they are. Some of them are poor quality, however there are some really impressive supplements available.

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Pre workout Supplement

The Captain America workout routine is tough, it will take a lot of energy. A good pre workout supplement will help increase energy levels. As well as a boost to energy, you will also experience a boost to strength. Allowing you to lift more and take your workouts to the next level.

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Intra Workout (BCAA)

As Chris Evans stated, he includes BCAA into his daily routine. They can help push you through the hardest of workouts and also help to boost recovery and thus seeing faster and more effective results.

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Post Workout Supplement (Recovery)

A good quality post workout supplement helps to provide the body with everything needed to help speed up recovery. The quicker the recovery, the sooner you will see the results you are looking for. You will also find you are able to hit the gym again quicker and thus see even better results

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I really hope this article has helped, soon enough by following Chris Evans workout routine you will be able to see incredible results. If you do have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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