Alpha Advanced Testosterone Booster

Have you come across Alpha Advanced Testosterone Booster and wondered whether it is an effective testosterone booster? This article will hopefully answer some of the most common questions, helping you on your decision if it’s the right testosterone booster for you.

What is Alpha Advanced Testosterone Booster?

Alpha Testosterone is a supplement that claims to boost your testosterone levels. The main claim is that you will produce more testosterone, resulting in better workouts and increased fat loss.

You will no doubt see websites claiming that it is incredibly powerful and contains effective ingredients. From my research, these claims are false. Usually due to the compensation some sites receive from Alpha Testosterone.

Alpha advanced Testosterone Booster

Overall Rating

No doubt if you have visited the Alpha Advanced testosterone Booster website, you will see that they provide very little information. The point of it is to get you to sign up for a free trial, this to me is the first warning sign…

Free trials are anything but free...The truth is, when you sign up for a “free trial” you are actually joining a monthly subscription service. After the 30 day supply is used, you will automatically receive another bottle which you will have to pay for.

The Claimed Benefits Of Using Alpha Advanced Testosterone Booster…

Alpha Advanced has been marketed to those looking to increase testosterone levels, in order to increase muscle growth. The benefits they claim you can see include;

  • Increased Muscle Mass
  • Better Hormone Production
  • Improved Workouts
  • Better Recovery Time

If you are looking to increase muscle development and boost your workouts, these benefits sound great...Will Alpha Advanced Testosterone Booster be able to deliver through with its formulation? More details on the ingredients below...

Alpha Advanced Testosterone Booster Ingredients

I mentioned that I didn’t think Alpha testosterone would be effective, because of the ingredients. I have spent years learning about the Testosterone Boosters and what ingredients are effective and those based on studies and research.

I’ll start off with the positive…

It contains the following Vitamins;

  • 1 mg Vitamin B6
  • 1000IU Vitamin D3
  • 5mcg Vitamin B12

These are well-known vitamins that are found in many decent T Boosters...the downside? There just simply isn't enough in the capsules to actually give any real results. 1 mg of B6, i’d expect 5mg+. With the Vitamin D3, many decent pills have 5000IU!

The next set of ingredients are found in a proprietary blend. The following makes up 500 mg;

  • Maca Root
  • Yohimbe Bark Extract
  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • L-Arginine HCL

Now here at BulkingTime, we hate proprietary blends. They are usually used by companies to hide their formulation. You can see what they have but not how much of it there is, therefore there could be not enough for you to see results.

I will ALWAYS advise people to stay away from proprietary blends.

Here is a little more in depth information on some of the ingredients.

  • Tribulus Terrestris - This was a popular natural ingredient said to help increase endurance, energy and stamina. It is also said to help with increasing sex drive. Recently it has gotten some negative press as none of the studies it has gone through have proved that it actually does anything.
  • Maca Root - Full of vitamins and also jam packed full of amino acids. These are said to help boost energy levels and enhance your performance.
  • L-Arginine HCL - A well-known amino acid that was recently added to Alpha Advanced. It helps with the production of nitric oxide, which allows increased blood flow.

NOTE: Even though Alpha Advanced is advertised as supplement to Booster Testosterone, NONE of the ingredients actually help with testosterone.

Pros and Cons of Alpha Advanced Testosterone Booster


  • The improved formulation means that it does have some ingredients that have shown to help boost performance.
  • Maca Root is a great addition as it does help to balance the hormone levels, meaning you can keep the estrogen levels under control. Experience increased sex drive and a boost to energy levels


  • Free Trial Scam - Offers a free sample of the product but then auto bills and sends a new bottle every month. These are often very hard to cancel and can result in people losing a lot of money. They are also normally incredibly hard to cancel and often results in you having to cancel your card.
  • Proprietary Blend - They show the ingredients but not the amount. Therefore even though it might have some decent ingredients in it, it will probably not have enough to actually give you any results.
  • Yohimbe - Alpha Advanced Testosterone Booster contains Yohimbe which has been known to cause a number of side effects.
  • Product Claims - The main selling point is that it boost testosterone, yet none of the ingredients help with testosterone levels. Yes they can help with energy levels, repair time and balancing hormones but nothing to actually boost testosterone.

Does Alpha Advanced Testosterone Booster Have Side Effects?

In general the ingredients are safe, this is however except Yohimbe. The problem with Yohimbe is that it does cause some very harmful side effects, these include;

  • Increase heart rate
  • Kidney Failure
  • Seizure
  • Heart Attacks
  • Insomnia
  • Dizziness
  • Anxiety
  • Headache

Dosage - How Should You Take Alpha Advanced Testosterone Booster

Each serving is 2 capsules and 1 bottle comes with 60 capsules. Therefore each bottle will normally last a full 30 days. Normally these kind of supplements are taken with meals to help speed up absorption of the ingredients.

How Much Does Alpha Advanced Testosterone Booster Cost - What’s The Scam?

Now when you land on the website, you might try to look for the price...They do offer a free trial allowing you to try the product...this might sound great...IT'S NOT!

You get 14 days to try Alpha Advanced, all you need to do is pay $4.95 to ship the product to you. Be warned though...It is not a “free trial”, in fact far from it! If you do not cancel your trial before the 14 days are over, you will be charged for another supply automatically.

The price for 1 bottle is a massive $89.95, which is almost double the price of some of our recommended boosters.

Alpha Advanced Testosterone Booster Auto Shipping

As mentioned above, if you don’t cancel your 14 day trial you will receive another bottle at full price. Alpha Advanced do run a Automatic Replenishment Program, which means every 30 days they will send you another bottle...and charge you $89.95 each and every time!

Cancelling The Alpha Advanced Testosterone Booster Trial….It’s not Easy!

The problem with free trials such as this, is that they purposely make it hard for you to cancel. They will naturally do this as it means more sales for them as they are continuing to charge you every month.

I receive emails on a weekly basis from people that claim they struggle to cancel the service. Alpha Advanced do provide a number to call, however they make it very hard for you to cancel. From my experience people have had to get their cards cancelled to prevent being charged again!.

Final Thought On Alpha Advanced Testosterone Booster

I have written this review to try and be as unbiased as possible, it is however hard when you read more into Alpha Advanced. Its one of those products that I would have to advise people to stay well away from.

There are 3 main reason why I would NOT recommend it…

1. Free Trial Scam

The first reason I would advise avoiding it is because it's a free trial scam. I will always recommend staying away from trials. You WILL get charged again and find it VERY hard to cancel. In know people that have lost hundreds of $$$, before being able to cancel their cards.

2. Hidden Ingredients

By using a proprietary blend, it just makes me think they are trying to hide their ingredients. This does usually mean they don’t provide enough of the ingredients to actually see any results.​

3. It Doesn't Actually Increase Testosterone

Alpha Advanced is supposed to be a testosterone booster, yet none of the ingredients in it actually help. They have gone for well known male enhancement ingredients, none of which will actually increases testosterone levels.​

Alternatives to Alpha Advanced Testosterone Booster

best testosterone booster

There are so many testosterone boosters that are much better than Alpha Advanced, to be honest taking nothing would be better than taking this supplement! What booster you want to take does depend on your goals.

Men over the age of 40 notice that their levels have dropped significantly, you may therefore not want a sports related T Booster. Prime Male is an option as it’s formulated specifically to help those that are in their 40’s or higher. If however you are looking to boost muscle growth by increasing testosterone levels, Testofuel would be perfect for you. Price is also very important and these two are not very expensive. If you was however on a budget then Testogen would be perfect. It uses some excellent ingredients and is very good value.

We have reviewed some of the very best testosterone boosters, allowing you to see which one would be more suitable for you. These supplements will all fully declare their ingredients, as well as using ingredients that are proven to boost T levels.