Testogen Review [UPDATED 2020] - Side Effects, Ingredients & Results

Testogen is a supplement that is supposed to help boost testosterone naturally, does it really work or is it just a waste of money?

I was looking for a product to try myself and was interested in giving it ago, so I ordered some from testogen.com. After using it, I have to say I was very impressed. The ingredients are high-quality and have been through a number of clinical studies. If you are looking for a natural testosterone booster, I would recommend Testogen.

I have done a more detailed review below, this is a complete guide on what it is, how it works, what ingredients its made from and breaking down the good and the bad.

Testogen Review

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Testogen is a testosterone booster that has been available for many years now, it has continued to develop and recently improved their formula. It now contains 11 ingredients that have gone through clinical studies and years of research, to help men like you see increased muscle growth, strength, fat loss, and energy.

As I mentioned above, I came across Testogen when looking for a testosterone booster but why was I looking in the first place?

3 years ago I hit 31 years of age and my wife was expecting our first baby, I suddenly started looking at myself in the mirror and became more and more concerned with my shape and fitness levels. With my son coming soon, I wanted to make sure I was not only fit enough to keep up with him, but I also wanted to be healthy so I would be around for him as he grows up.

It’s crazy what goes through your mind when you know you’re going to have a child to support and look after!

Even if you don’t have a child, I am sure you can relate to looking in the mirror and wondering how you changed so much over the years!

I joined the local gym and started going, I didn’t just go once a week but jumped head first and went 5 days a week. I completely changed my diet and reduced my alcohol, don’t get me wrong I still had a few treats but I saved these for the weekend.

After about 6 weeks I saw very little improvement and really started to feel disheartened. I posted on bodybuilding forums and even on Facebook groups to see if anyone could see a reason as to why I was not seeing the results I was expecting.

A few people had suggested that it could be my testosterone levels, they could be low which is preventing me from building muscle whilst also causing me to gain more weight around my stomach.

This is when I started looking for some form of a supplement to help increase my levels, which is how I stumbled onto Testogen…..So what exactly is it?

What is Testogen?

Testogen is a natural supplement that has been made with a combination of 11 ingredients to help your bodies ability at producing more testosterone. Have you seen the guys at the gym that are building muscle but also have very little body fat? They WILL be using something to help enhance those results…

Testogen Reviews - What is it? | BulkingTime.com

One of the things I really like about Testogen is that you are not injecting testosterone into your system, as this could potentially be harmful. You are instead of helping your body produce more, which makes it safe but still just as effective.

Testogen features some of the very best ingredients, many of these have been through many clinical studies and research. It reassures me to know that these ingredients have been proven to work by proper studies. (I have linked to those studies when I talk about the different ingredients)

I also like the fact that it doesn’t just build muscle and increase strength, it also helps to burn fat. it does this naturally so you should not experience any side effects.

The Benefits of Testogen

As mentioned Testogen has been formulated to help your body to naturally increase testosterone that your body produces. The benefits that they claim you will see include;

All of the ingredients work in synergy together, resulting in Testogen being a fast-acting supplement so you should see results pretty quickly.

How Does Testogen Work?

No doubt it’s important to know how Testogen works, but in order to understand you need to know how testosterone works and how it impacts our body. Testosterone is often known as the male hormone as men have a higher amount of it than women.

Our bodies are producing testosterone even before we are born. As we grow up in childhood, our testosterone continues to increase and peaks when we enter puberty.

This explains all those spots and deepening of the voice! At around 21-25, our testosterone levels then begin to decrease.

Below you can see a graph that shows the drop in our testosterone, on the left you see the testosterone level, and on the bottom, you can see our age.

How Does Testogen Work Chart - Showing Testosterone Levels Decreasing | BulkingTime.com

This got me thinking, is it just age that impacts our Testosterone?

One of the main causes is naturally going to be age, but there are also a number of other things that can decrease it. I was surprised that diet and even our lifestyle can cause Testosterone to become lower.

I was also interested to discover the other side effects that come with low testosterone, I have to admit I did suffer from most if not all of these;

So how exactly did Testogen help me with this?

Even though your testosterone might be decreasing, your body is still producing it just at lower levels. The ingredients have been chosen to specifically help your body to produce more, instead of just replacing it (it can be dangerous to replace it). The benefit of using a supplement like this is seeing positive results, without any harmful side effects.

Testogen Ingredients (NEW FORMULA)

I have gone into how Testogen should help you and mentioned the ingredients, so it only makes sense to go into the individual ingredients.

I actually spent a few months researching all the different herbs that are supposed to help with increasing Testosterone, this has really helped me learn whether or not Testogen could work.

Going through their ingredients, it contains 11 of them in total. As previously mentioned they have all been through clinical studies to show how effective Testogen is at boosting your testosterone. Looking at the ingredients, it’s also good to see that each one is a decent dosage.

Testogen Ingredients List | BulkingTime.com

One thing I really like is that the ingredients have been chosen to compliment each other, they basically work in union together. As an example, it contains ingredients that help to boost the effectiveness of other ingredients and this results in you seeing better results.

You are also able to find the dosages of each ingredient, which shows they are confident about their formula. Many companies will hide behind proprietary blends, usually because they don’t want to disclose the fact that it has inadequate dosages of an ingredient

Testogen DO NOT do this, they are honest about their ingredients and dosages!

Proven Ingredients + The Right Dosages = Effective Results!

You can find a full list of the ingredients below and as I mentioned before I have done a decent amount of research, so included more information on what each one does and how it can help.

You might, therefore, see some Testogen Reviews that have different ingredients, these are outdated. Recently they improved their formula, it was okay before but now I would say it makes it one of the best.

D-Aspartic Acid – 2352mg

D Aspartic Acid is not an essential amino acid, which means our bodies can produce it without getting it from our diet (although you can increase levels from food). Its primary function is to help with the regulation and the production of certain hormones, one of which is the testosterone hormone.

Ingredient D-Aspartic Acid | BulkingTime.com

D-Aspartic Acid is one of the most well-known ingredients within testosterone supplements, due to its ability to increase the production of the hormone. This is also backed up by a number of clinical studies. It is essential to check the dosages as; ideally, you want to be consuming 2000+mg per day for optimal results. Testogen fulfills this and gives a little extra at an effective dosage of 2352mg.


Red Ginseng Extract – 40mg

The red ginseng is a Chinese herb, and the root is often coined with the name “man root.” Ginseng is commonly found in most male enhancement supplements because of its ability to help improve strength, stamina, endurance and boosts energy.

As well as this it helps to increase nitric oxide which is known to help increase blood flow, this helps to improve muscle repair time and also stimulates the libido.

Ingredient - Red Ginseng | BulkingTime.com

Vitamin D – 52mcg

Our bodies can get Vitamin D from sunlight, studies have shown that many men are deficient in it due to the lack of sun. Studies have shown that it can help increase the levels of free testosterone.

The great thing about Vitamin D is that it helps boost your levels in two ways. The first is to help increase the production of testosterone. The second way is to slow down the process in which testosterone is converted into Estrogen, which occurs naturally. Estrogen is known as the female hormone and can have adverse effects on your ability to build muscle.


Fenugreek – 40mg

Ingredient - Vitamin D | BulkingTime.com

Fenugreek, when consumed by men, is a very strong anti-estrogen. As it helps to prevent the production of estrogen, we find our test levels are increased. The fenugreek herb also helps to boost strength, libido, and stamina due to it being a powerful antioxidant.

Ingredients - Fenugreek | BulkingTime.com

Vitamin B – 20mg

Vitamins are essential for our bodies, which is why it is recommended to consume multivitamins to improve our overall health. There are different types of Vitamins, and Testogen contains Vitamin B6 in their formula.

Ingredients - Vitamin B6 | BulkingTime.com

B6 has three different effects on the body. The first is helping to increase the metabolism which helps you lose weight quicker. It also helps your bodies ability to produce Serotonin, which is the feel-good hormone. Last but not least is probably the most important when it comes to boosting testosterone, it increases the rate of testosterone production. Not only does it raise levels but it also acts as an Anti-Estrogen. Vitamin B6 is a pretty kick-ass ingredient!

Zinc – 10mg

Zinc is one of those ingredients that if it’s not in a booster, then I’d question if it is going to work. Studies have shown time and time again that it is very useful at increasing testosterone levels. One of the best foods to find zinc in Oysters, and is a well-known aphrodisiac.

Zinc Ingredient | BulkingTime.com

If you are exercises and working out on a regular basis, then you might find you have a zinc deficiency. This is because we lose Zinc in our sweat, you can, however, combat this and keep levels higher by supplementing more into your diet.




Magnesium – 200mg

Magnesium is one of those booster ingredients that has gone through many studies to show its effectiveness. In fact during one of these studies men saw an impressive 26% boost to their levels of testosterone. It is often recommended to supplement magnesium as we don’t tend to get enough from the foods we eat.

Boron – 8mg

Ingredient Magnesium | BulkingTime.com

Studies had shown that taking a small amount of Boron could boost levels of testosterone, in these studies men took 10mg and saw a boost of 28%. In Testogen you are getting 8mg per day, which results in an impressive 56mg per week. As well as helping with T levels it also helps to reduce the levels of estrogen, this is an excellent ingredient as studies back it.

Boron Ingredient | BulkingTime.com

Nettle Leaf Extract – 40mg

More commonly known as the stinging nettle, it can help increase the amount of testosterone-free to flow through your bloodstream and improve boost muscle production. There is a protein known as SHGB which testosterone binds to, making it useless. Nettle leaf also attaches to it, free up our test and thus boosting T levels.

Nettle Leaf Extract | BulkingTime.com

Vitamin K1 – 20mcg

As mentioned before Testogens ingredients either help to boost testosterone or help to increase the effectiveness of its ingredients. Vitamin K1 is one of the latter. It has been added to the formulation as it helps to increase the amount of Vitamin D your body can absorb, resulting in seeing more benefits.

After the research I have done, I am surprised they went with K1. I would have probably gone with K2.

Vitamin K - BulkingTime.com

Bioperine – 5mg

Bioperine is a new ingredient in Testogen, and it is a great addition! It helps the body to absorb the other ingredients better, therefore, get more benefits from each dose making it much more useful.

Since the update of ingredients, this has made Testogen a complete booster. Combining ingredients that have been clinically proven to increase testosterone as well as those that help to enhance ingredients and make them even more effective. Out of all the supplements on the market, these changes make this one, one of the best!

Bioperine ingredient | BulkingTime.com

Who Should Use Testogen?

If you are already reading this review then I would expect you already think your levels of testosterone are low. Does everyone need to increase their levels though?

Someone that is 21 years old or lower would not need any kind of booster, your levels should be at their optimal level. Generally once we pass 21, our levels start to drop a little every year. Its not going to be till you are 30+ that you might start wanting to look at a way to recover lost testosterone.

This does naturally vary on diet and lifestyle though, you might be younger than 30 and find you need a little top up!

If you are looking for any of the following benefits, you might want to buy Testogen;

It is important to remember that Testogen is like any supplement, it is not a miracle pill. You will see a boost to your testosterone, however to see the above benefits you will need to get yourself to the gym and have a balanced diet.

What Is Good and Bad about Testogen?

It’s important to look at any product with objective eyes, you need to look at both the good and the bad and see if it’s suitable for you.

Let’s get the things that I think are bad about Testogen out of the way first…

So that’s the bad out the way, what do I think is good about it?

Testogen Reviews

Like with any product you are thinking of buying, it’s worth getting more thoughts and opinions. Seeing what results other people have seen whilst using Testogen, will help to give you the reassurance that it will give you the results you’re looking for.

Below are some reviews from other people that have used it and seen positive results

To view more testimonials, take a look at their official website by clicking here

Is There A Risk of Side Effects?

I have personally not spoken to anyone that has seen any side effects, this is due to it being 100% natural.

It’s important to remember, this is NOT a steroid

Whilst doing research on testosterone, it became clear that a common way for people to increase their levels is by injecting themselves with steroids, this can be harmful and cause a number of long term side effects. Supplements like Testosterone will help you see the effects you are looking for by helping your body to produce more natural, so it is safe.

If you are looking to buy Testogen, the best place to purchase it from is the official website. This makes sure that you are covered by their money back guarantee and you are actually getting the real product and not some rip-off.

I know it’s not possible to buy it on sites such as eBay or Walmart, I have seen it on Amazon but you should make sure you only buy it from the official company on there.

The official website where you can buy it is – testogen.com

Conclusion: Is Testogen A Good Testosterone Booster?

As I said before, I have gone through a lot of products that “claim” to help with your testosterone. The problem is many of them are just terrible and not going to give you any results, this is not the case with Testogen!

I was actually very pleasantly surprised, it uses well-known ingredients that they have chosen based on clinical studies and their effectiveness together. The internet is full of reviews from people that have used it and see some really impressive results.

Based on my research, I really do think Testogen is the real deal and will give you the results you are looking for.

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