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The Best Nootropics To Take Your Workouts To The Next Level


Nootropics are a type supplement that helps to improve brain function such as focus and concentration. More well-known by those studying, more and more gym goers are using these supplements with their pre-workout to help give them the focus to get them through their routine. This guide has been written to teach you about the best nootropics.

When we think of nootropics or how they are often known “smart drugs”, we would normally expect them to be used by a student and not really needed in the gym. Interestingly though nootropics are becoming more and more popular with bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

They can, however, give you that little extra edge when it comes to working out, which is why people have started adding them as apart of their pre-workout. If you do not know much about nootropics or how they will benefit you, continue reading.

This guide will teach you exactly why using the best nootropics, will help you achieve your goals in and out of the gym. You will learn what they are, why you would want to use them and what to look out for when researching different supplements.

The Best Nootropics 2018

Below are what we feel are the very best nootropics of 2018, these have been chosen based on the below factors. If you are looking for more details on the different nootropics, you can find these here

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What Are Nootropics?

If you have not heard about Nootropics before, this section should hopefully clear it up for you. Nootropics are commonly known as “Smart Drugs” and is commonly sold as supplements but can also be found in foods. These are said to help enhance brain functions such as intelligence, focus, and even memory. The reason people take them is to try and maximize your brains full potential.

Interestingly even though it’s only been the past few years that Nootropics have really become popular, the first one known as Piracetam was synthesized over 50 years ago. Many people do still consider Piracetam to be the best nootropics, however, it was said to cause side effects and is no longer available within the United States. There have however been many advances in the supplement industry and this does mean that there is a whole selection of well-respected alternatives.

Nootropics work in different ways, depending on which ones you decided to use. As an example, some of them will help to increase the amount of oxygen-rich blood to the brain, whilst also helping to boost the levels of acetylcholine. This is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for memory, learning, and mood. There are then other nootropics that help to stimulate the growth of additional brain cells, thus helping to combat brain diseases such as dementia.

You may have come across the term stacking, this is when you combine supplements together. This is common in the fitness industry as we stack protein along with other supplements such as BCAA. The same is done with nootropics, stacking different ones to see even better results.

It is important to remember that like many supplements, results are not instant and depending on the nootropic can take a couple of weeks to really start seeing the difference.

Why Use Nootropics?

So now you know what Nootropics do, how can they help you within the gym and see the fitness goals you are looking for? Below you will find exactly why you might want to start looking at adding these to your routine;

Boost Motivation

How many times have you started the day and thought that you just cannot be going to the gym? Its normal and we all have those days. The problem is when that 1 day then turns into 2 and then 3, before you know it you have not been in weeks or even months. There are a number of nootropics that have been used by many to help give that boost need to make sure you get yourself to the gym.

Improved Focus

Have you ever been to the gym and couldn’t take your mind off work or family? A workout can really get ruined by having things stuck in your head, other than your workout. Increased focus is one of the well-known benefits to many nootropics, some are even being added to some pre-workout supplements to help boost focus without the dangerous stimulants.

Control Stress

Stress and focus go hand in hand, naturally, if you are suffering from stress then you do struggle to focus on your workout. Some nootropics have been proven to help reduce stress levels as well as help control anxiety, this helping you again to focus on your workouts.

Best Nootropics For Improving Workouts

Now you know why you should think about adding Nootropics to your routine, this section will show you which are the best for improving workouts. Let’s face it, you probably don’t care about a nootropic that improves brain function/memory. Instead, you are going to want to find the best for stress, motivation or focus.

After a lot of research, below you will find the best nootropics to help give you the results you are looking for;


Rhodiola has become known due to it being used as a legal performance enhancer by the Russian Olympic powerlifters. It is often used as it helps to encourage clear and calm thinking, reducing stress and also helping to improve your mood. Other benefits include improved memory and the ability to retain information better


Bacopa may not initially be a nootropic you would think would help in a workout, as its main function is to help with memory performance. It does, however, help to improve brain functions when under stress and also helps promote relaxation. This will help you focus more on your workouts and not be distracted by day to day stress levels. As it also helps to improve memory, this will help when trying to learn a new workout routine.


During research and studies, Citicoline has been shown to help improve mood, attention, focus, and concentration. This is ideal for fitness enthusiasts, as you will be able to not only focus on your workouts but be motivated to hit the gym more often and see the results you are looking for.

Lion’s Mane

Clinical trials have shown that Lion’s Mane can help to maintain the user’s mood, thus helping you to focus on your workouts and also motivate you to get to the gym. Other studies have shown that it also helps to boost cognitive functions.


We all know that being alert and focused in the gym is ideal, as it really helps you get the most out of your workout. L-Theanine helps to provide a state of calm so you can be more focused and relaxed. We also know that caffeine helps to give your body that additional energy. L-Theanine is said to help reduce the jittery side effects of caffeine, so you can see the benefits without the harsh effects.

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