Best Cutting Supplements

Are you aiming to shed the fat and go through a cutting cycle? It can be tough to get rid of those extra pounds and get that ideal body fat percentage. Sometimes those last few pounds can take 90% of the work to get rid of. Not only that many people experience muscle wastage and loss when cutting, putting them off from doing it effectively.

Generally when people go through a cutting cycle, the drop the amount of calories they would normally consume. Less calories, results in weight loss. It can take some time to drop to the desired body fat percentage, depending on how much weight has to be lost. There are supplements that are formulated to speed this up, as well as protecting the muscle.

Typical Benefits from some of the best cutting supplements are;

  • Reduced Body Fat Percentage
  • Increased Strength
  • Preserves and Protects Muscle
  • Boost in Stamina & Endurance
  • Muscle Definition
  • Appetite Suppressant

Which Supplements Do I Think Are Best For Cutting?

It’s important when looking for a supplement to help with cutting, you don’t just get a fat burner. You do want to reduce your fat BUT you want to be able to protect the muscle you have built. I have reviewed a number of different cutting supplements, and used a fair few as well. Some are decent but at the same time, some are terrible!

Below are what I think are some of the best cutting supplements I have come across. Made from quality ingredients to help you reduce the body fat % but also keep the muscle.


Anvarol Review Crazy BulkAnvarol helps to increase phosphocreatine levels. Speeding up the regeneration of Adenosine Triphosphate. Its main function is to transport energy, exactly where its needed. Perfect for cutting as it converts the stored fats into energy, whilst preventing your muscles from being used. It also helps to give your muscles more strength and prevents fatigue, allowing you to lift more weight.

  • Burns Fat
  • Preserves Lean Muscle
  • Improved Muscle Definition
  • Increase in Strength
  • Boost Stamina/Energy

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A image of a bottle of Winsol, previously known as Winidrol from Crazy BulkWinsol has been formulated with ingredients to help you shed the fat and decrease your body fat percentage. Without this supplement you could result in losing muscle, however Winsol helps you to retain muscle mass whilst losing weight. See your body fat drop but keep the lean muscle, resulting in a perfectly defined body.

  • Burns Fat
  • Preserves Lean Muscle
  • Improved Muscle Definition
  • Increase in Strength
  • Boost Stamina/Energy

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Clenbutrol - Alternative to ClenbuterolClenbutrol is used as a cutting supplement as it helps to boost metabolism. By speeding up the metabolism your body will burn your stored fat quicker. More fat that is used up, results in more weight loss. You will find your body’s internal temperature increases, which helps to boost your base metabolic rate. Your body will burn through stored calories, leaving some great lean muscle.

  • Effective Fat Loss
  • Proven Appetite Suppressant
  • Experience Muscle Definition
  • Preserve Lean Muscle Mass
  • Increased Stamina & Endurance

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How Do You Know What Are The Best Cutting Supplements?

It’s important when looking for the best cutting supplement, to know exactly what makes it the best? You want one that is going to be effective and help shed the fat and help with providing lean muscle. Below are some suggestions on things to look at when choosing what cutting supplement to use;

Protect Muscle & Reduce Muscle Wastage

When cutting it’s important to protect your muscles from wastage. This is actually one of the biggest problems people experience when going through some form of cutting cycle. Loss of muscle can happen with age, which is known as Sarcopenia.

If you are cutting then the loss of muscle tends to be down to your body balancing energy consumption. When we go through a cutting cycle, the aim is to reduce our fat and see some decent reductions in body fat percentage. We will often lose weight by consuming less calories than the body requires, resulting in it using stored fat to turn into energy.

The body can however also use your muscles to also convert into energy, resulting in muscle loss as well as fat loss. We do not want this obviously. You have just spent weeks and weeks building the muscle, to just lose it now would be a nightmare.

There are however a number of supplements that help to protect the muscle and also helping you to increase muscle growth even whilst cutting. The result being less body fat, with a nice body definition.

Effective Fat Loss

As mentioned when cutting we reduce the calorie intake to reduce body fat. What if you could increase the amount of calories your body burns? You will naturally be intaking less due to your diet and potentially burning more during your gym sessions. Using a supplement that has fat burning properties can also give incredible results.

These supplements tend to improve the body’s ability at burning more calories. Often containing ingredients such as capsicum, which have been proven to increase the body’s internal temperature. This helping you to see quicker, yet effective fat loss.

Appetite Suppressant

If you have not tried to go through a cutting cycle before, it can be tough. The amount of times that I have cut down my calories but felt my stomach rumbling. If you have tried to cut your calories then I am sure you can relate.

Using a supplement that has ingredients to help control the appetite can do wonders. Reduce those hunger pains so you are not tempted to hit the snack cupboard and prevent yourself from adding to the calories.


Cutting can be incredibly hard but the results can also be worth all of the effort. Reducing body fat percentage can take time. Once you have hit your goal you can see some real impressive lean muscle.

Ideally if you are going to use a supplement to help with cutting, you want to make sure it caters for the above. It helps protect and builds your muscle reserves whilst cutting. You can experience some impressive fat burning, whilst also benefit from a reduced hunger levels.

The above 3 supplements are great and cover all bases when helping to supplement a cutting cycle. Clen for instance is a great all round supplement but is perfect for women looking to cut the fat and protect the muscle.

For the very best result, id consider looking at some form of cutting stack. This combines multiple products to give you the very best results in the quickest time.

If you are really looking to build muscle then no doubt your cutting cycle will be followed up by some form of bulking cycle.

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