Testofuel Review (Updated 2019) – Will it really help boost your Testosterone?

Testofuel is one of the most popular supplements to help increase testosterone, but what makes it so good and it’s it even work?

Testofuel is a testosterone booster that is formulated with 9 individual ingredients, many of these are based on clinical studies to show its effect on Testosterone Levels. Ingredients such as D-Aspartic Acid that has shown increases of 30-60%. If you are looking for muscle growth, increased stamina, improved mood then I would recommend Testofuel. I brought it from the official website –testofuel.com

If you are looking for a more detailed Testofuel review, you can find that below. I have broken the product down so you can see my honest thoughts, learning how it works, what the ingredients are and what I feel is good and bad about it.

  • Increase Testosterone Levels
  • Boost Lean Muscle Development
  • Increase Strength & Stamina Levels
  • Burn Fat – Reduce Your Body Fat %
  • Fast And Effective Results
  • Made from clinically proven results
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Testofuel is a revolutionary testosterone booster. It’s made from ingredients that are based on years of studies to prove they actually do what they claim. All ingredients used are completely safe so you have no risks of negative effects. They do also continue to research new ingredients, meaning they continue to develop and improve on the product.

The pricing of Testofuel is also very reasonable. It’s not the cheapest on the market but that is because it uses high-quality ingredients

Visit the official website – click here

Now that I am approaching mid-thirties and I have a young family, I have been thinking more about my fitness levels, I want to be able to play games and sports with my son. More importantly, I want to also be as healthy as possible so I can hopefully be around to watch him grow.

I have never been unhealthy, I don’t smoke and don’t tend to eat too many takeouts. I do like a drink and some of my meals could be a little more balanced.

Even though my diet is not terrible, I did notice a more fat in my belly and found myself getting out of breath a lot quicker. Sound familiar?

I did what most people do and what you probably did and that was joined a gym. I went as often as possible and saw a small amount of weight loss and noticed I could lift a little more, although after 6 weeks the results were minimal.

After talking to some people about Testosterone Boosters and doing some research, I wondered if my levels of testosterone were the reason why I was not seeing the results I expected

I noticed other side effects to low testosterone levels, such as tiredness, lack of motivation and my mood really suffered. At times I would feel really stressed for no reason, which often resulted in really stupid arguments.

This is why I started looking for a supplement to help and one of those was Testofuel, I was really impressed with the way it looked and it seemed to have a lot of positive reviews.

What is Testofuel?

Testofuel Test Booster Bottle Image - BulkingTime.com

If you have done any kind of research into supplements that can help boost testosterone, you will no doubt have seen Testofuel. It has been around for a while now and has built up a great reputation.

It has been used by thousands of men to help maximize their efforts at the gym, you can see this by all the reviews that have been submitted. Testofuel is a natural testosterone booster and uses high-quality ingredients to help your body produce more testosterone, instead of injecting it into you.

Meaning you are not supplementing your body’s inability at producing testosterone but actually helping your body to not only produce more naturally but also make it more efficient.

One of the things that really impressed me when it came to Testofuel was how open they are about their formula. They don’t just list the ingredients but provide an entire breakdown, showing the dosages of each one.

I also like the fact that increased muscle growth is not the only benefit you are going to see, you will also find your body is able to regulate your metabolism better. This helps your body burn more fat, giving you that lean physique appearance.

To give you added reassurance, as it is natural you should not experience any side effects.

The benefits of using Testofuel are;

Many people that are looking for a supplement such as this, simply think that increasing testosterone will boost their muscle growth. There are so many additional benefits to using a supplement like Testofuel, such as;

  • Burn Fat and Lower your body fat %
  • Workout with more intensity
  • Develop more lean muscle
  • Increase your strength levels
  • Speed up recovery times, resulting in faster gains
  • Improved mood
  • Boosts your energy levels
  • Fire up and recharge your sex drive
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How Does Testofuel Work?

Testosterone is known as the male hormone and many people don’t actually know how important it is. A common misunderstanding is that people believe its just related to their sex drive but in actual fact, if your levels are low it can make it hard to experience muscle growth.

If you are looking for gains at the gym or to lose significant weight, you are going to want to check your levels.

As soon as we hit 21, year on year our levels begin to fall. The levels are said to fall on average 1% per year.

Our age is the main cause but our lifestyle can also impact our testosterone levels. If you eat fairly unhealthy, drink, smoke or even don’t get much sleep, you might find your levels are not as good as they could be.

So how did Testofuel help me?

You should not simply replace your testosterone as this could cause side effects, which is one reason why I personally don’t like the sound of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). In most cases your body is still able to produce it, just the amount it can produce lowers over time. Testofuel uses ingredients that are designed to help improve your bodies ability at producing more testosterone.

Many of the ingredients have gone through clinical studies and trials to show how effective they are. I have gone into more details on the ingredients below.

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Testofuel Ingredients

Testofuel Test Booster Bottle Image - BulkingTime.com

There are literally hundreds of boosters online and I would say 99% of them are made from low-quality ingredients. This is why many people have a bad experience with them and simply claim they don’t work, there are however some excellent supplements and it all comes down to what ingredients they use.

As mentioned in other reviews, I have done a lot of research into different ingredients. Finding out which ones are good and recommended and also looking at ones that people should avoid. Knowing all about the different ingredients is going to help me know whether or not a product like Testofuel would work.

In simple terms, if you have proven ingredients and they are the right dosages then you are going to see results!

Many supplements tended to stick to the same formula, Testofuel revolutionized the testosterone booster industry by using a wide range of different ingredients. They worked with professionals to find 9 quality ingredients that have been shown to work in studies, but also work in combination together to give even better results.

Unlike other companies, they also review their formula every 6 months to make sure it still has the very best ingredients.

This is VERY important as many companies have low dosages and hide behind a “proprietary blend”, avoid these at all costs. Testofuel fully discloses all ingredients and the dose of each. – Another reason why I recommend it!

So what is actually inside each serving?

D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) – 2300mg

Ingredient D-Aspartic Acid | BulkingTime.comD Aspartic Acid is an ingredient that I am seeing more in boosters, it seems to be replacing Tribulus terrestrial. Tribulus is one of the most well-known testosterone boosting ingredients and is found in many supplements, however, there is just not enough clear studies to show it actually does anything.

D-Aspartic Acid, however, has had a number of studies conducted on it and these have shown it helps to raise levels of testosterone by up to 50%, as well as increasing levels of HGH. In order to see results, you would need to consume at least 2300mg per day.


Vitamin D3 – 5000IU

Ingredient - Vitamin D | BulkingTime.comDepending on where in the world you live, could very well play a part on our much Vitamin D you actually get. This vitamin gets into our system via sunlight, if you, therefore, live somewhere that doesn’t get a lot of sun you might find you could do with a little more.

Now even if you live in a sunny part of the world, I would still recommend supplementing Vitamin D as many people are deficient. Studies have shown a connection between Vitamin D and testosterone and those that had less did also show a decreased about of testosterone.

Interestingly it works in two ways, the first is helping to increase levels and the other is by helping to reduce the amount of testosterone that is converted into Estrogen.


Oyster Extract – 100mg

I have seen very few supplements that used Oyster but once you learn more about it, you can see why they use it to help boost testosterone. Oysters are jam-packed full of zinc, in-fact it has 10x more than steak and zinc is very well-known testosterone boosting ingredient.

This does make sense, as Oysters are known as an aphrodisiac.

Ginseng – 100mg

Ingredient - Red Ginseng | BulkingTime.comI have looked into ingredients for several years now and something that is in common with lots of different supplements is that they contain Ginseng, this is because its proven to help. Low levels of Adrenocorticotropic hormone and Adrenaline can cause decreased testosterone, Ginseng helps to increase the amount of these in your body.

Fenugreek – 100mg

Ingredients - Fenugreek | BulkingTime.comIf you are into your curries you will no doubt have heard of this, as its a very common spice. There was however a study done in Australia and it had shown that those that used this spice on a daily basis saw a rise in their testosterone.

It does this by helping to reduce the production of Estrogen, otherwise known as the female hormone. The best way of describing this in simple terms is that its the opposite of testosterone. Fenugreek does have additional benefits to overall male health, as it also helps boost strength, stamina and can increase our sex drive.

Magnesium – 200mg

Ingredient Magnesium | BulkingTime.comMagnesium is often recommended to be supplemented on a daily basis, as many men don’t have enough of it. It’s recommended to those that hit the gym often as it helps to prevent your muscles from getting tired, by reducing the number of contractions the muscle do.

Studies have also shown that it increased testosterone levels by an impressive 26%.

Vitamin B6 – 5mg

Ingredients - Vitamin B6 | BulkingTime.comVitamin B6 has been in the media a lot lately, as many doctors do recommend people need to supplement it into their diet as they just don’t get enough naturally. If you are working out then this is an essential vitamin to have in your system, as it works in two different ways.

The first is that it helps you burn fat quicker, as it increases your metabolism. Secondly, it controls and regulates your testosterone levels, helping your body to produce more. Like many of the ingredients in Testofuel, it acts as an Anti-Estrogen.

Vitamin K2 – 18mcg

Vitamin K - BulkingTime.comVitamin K2 is fairly unknown but has been included in the formulation due to its impact on the other ingredients. It is a supporting ingredient, which means it helps to increase the effectiveness of the other ones by increasing the amount your body can absorb. By doing this, you not only see better results but quicker too.

Zinc – 10mg

Zinc Ingredient | BulkingTime.comWith Testofuel you are already getting Zinc due to the Oyster extract, however, they have added 10mg of zinc to the formula for even better results. I will typically only look at boosters that have Zinc in them, based on the number of studies that have been done on it.

Studies have shown that those with increased Zinc had more testosterone and those that had lower zinc, saw a drop in testosterone.




Who Should Use Testofuel?

You might be reading this and wondering whether or not you actually need Testofuel, believe me, I was thinking the same!

The simple fact is if you have hit your mid-twenties then already your levels of testosterone are declining and if you are working out and wanting to see impressive gains, you need testosterone in your system.

Whether you are wanting to build muscle or cut the body fat, you need decent levels!

The best way to look at it is looking at the benefits below, if you want to see any of these then you will want to buy testofuel;

  • Burn Fat and Lower your body fat %
  • Workout with more intensity
  • Develop more lean muscle
  • Increase your strength levels
  • Speed up recovery times, resulting in faster gains
  • Improved mood
  • Boosts your energy levels
  • Fire up and recharge your sex drive

It’s important that with any supplement, you are going to need to look at your overall lifestyle. Testofuel can help but you need to also ensure you have a healthy balanced diet and also exercise if you are wanting to see muscle growth….It’s not a miracle pill.

Visit the official website – click here

What is the Good and the Bad about Testofuel?

When looking at using any kind of supplement or product, I like to look at both the good and the bad. This is the only way you are going to know if its the right product for you or not.

Testofuel is a great product, but there are a couple of negatives…

It’s only available onlineIt can be a bit inconvenient having to buy online as many people like to go to Walmart or other stores to get their supplements. The main benefit of it being online is that you know you are getting the genuine product and covered by their money back guarantee

Need to take 4 pills a day, spread throughout the dayI am terrible at remembering to take pills. I would prefer to take them all in one go like Testogen, so I don’t forget to take them. Having to take 4 means you are getting a massive dose and the fact that its spread through the day is so you continue to have high testosterone throughout the day.
It’s not the cheapestIt is more expensive than some alternatives, but you do get what you pay for.

That’s the negatives, what do I think is positive about Testofuel?

Contains 9 Powerful IngredientsEach ingredient chosen specifically for the benefits it provides and its ability to work with the other ingredients.
Excellent doses of each ingredientNo small doses, it contains enough of each ingredient to really make a difference
No Proprietary Blends Testofuel fully discloses their ingredients and dosages because they know it is a great formulation.
Safe and Natural IngredientsAll ingredients are safe, therefore you should not experience any side effects.
Protects Current Testosterone Levels from droppingIt’s great having a product that increases levels but Testofuel also helps to keep your standard levels healthy and thus helping to prevent them from dropping any more.

Testofuel Reviews

I did mention earlier in my review that Testofuel has been around for a long time and has built up a wealth of before and after images and testimonials from past customers. This is great as it really helps to offer reassurance that it worked for them so it should work for you. It is these testimonials that made me really excited to try this supplement.

Testofuel Before and After #1 – Daniel Montalvo

I’m currently using Testofuel and after just my first month, I started to see benefits. Initially, I noticed an increase in energy and my body has the strength to be able to lift more.

I’m continuing to use it, by my 3rd month I noticed my body fat had reduced and started to see some nice mass muscle. Now my body has become leaner. Now I continue to use it in combination with protein powder.

Daniel Review | BulkingTime.com

Testofuel Before and After #2 – Kashif Ali

I have been working out and going to the gym since I was around 20 and even though I was always pretty fit, I could never able to get that lean muscle look. Even when using protein and pre-workouts. After doing some initial research I came across Testofuel.

After using Testofuel for only 3 months I went from the before picture below to the after. I continue to use Testofuel on a daily basis and will recommend it to anyone!

Kashif Review | BulkingTime.com

Testofuel Before and After #3 – Pierre

Pierre’s transformation from before to after is incredible, you can really tell he has been working hard. He used Testofuel initial for 4 months and with a good diet and exercise routine gained 5kg. As you can see the transformation after 9 months of using testofuel is pretty incredible.

He has been able to beat all of his personal records and is now going through a cutting cycle to reduce his body fat % even more.

Pierre Review | BulkingTime.com

Are There any Testofuel Side Effects?

Whilst I took Testofuel I didn’t notice any side effects, I did initially notice that I had more energy in the evening and I found it a little harder to sleep for a couple of days but this soon went away. I did some looking around on the internet and I couldn’t find anyone that saw any negative effects.

Since all ingredients are natural vitamins and amino acids, there is no reason why you should see any side effects. All of these are in the foods that we eat, however taking a supplement such as this gets a much higher amount of it in our system.

I’m not a doctor or medically trained, so if you are on any medication you should consult them first if you have any concerns.

Where Can You Buy Testofuel?

If you want to give Testofuel a go and buy it, I would recommend getting it from the official site. I do believe it’s not possible to get it from eBay or Amazon but Id personally stays away from these websites.

The benefit of purchasing it from the official website is that you know you are getting the real product but you are also covered by their money back guarantee. (although ill be very surprised if you will need it as I am sure you will see results!)

The official website where you can buy it is – testofuel.com

Conclusion: is Testofuel a Good Testosterone Booster?

With so many products online, it can be rare to find one that is actually very good. Testofuel is just that, I was really impressed with the results as I knew I would be based on the ingredients they use.

I first started taking the product and to be honest, I didn’t really feel like I noticed any change, this was until around the 3rd or 4th day. On the 4th day I noticed that my mood was much better, I didn’t seem to get stressed out as much and I felt much more motivated and a lot less tired come the afternoon. (I’m normally yawning at work by about 2 pm, but not anymore!)

After around a week of using them, I found that I had much more energy at the gym. I also noticed I was able to lift slightly heavier weights and the next day I didn’t feel the typical pangs of pain that I felt before. After the first month, I noticed my body fat % had dropped a couple of % and felt that muscles in my arms and chest were a little more defined.

Based on the research I have done on the ingredients and the results I have personally seen, I would recommend Testofuel.

Testofuel Review


Testofuel Test Booster Bottle Image - BulkingTime.com Testofuel revolutionized the testosterone boosting industry by bringing out a supplement that used completely different ingredients. Even though its been around for many years, they continue to review their formula to ensure it is the best as possible. Over the years it has built up an excellent reputation at helping to naturally increase testosterone and this helping to increase lean muscle, boost strength and also help to reduce body fat %.

It is not the cheapest but this is because they use clinically proven ingredients, you should see the results you are looking for. As it is 100% natural, you should also not experience any side effects.

  • Burn Fat and Lower your body fat %
  • Workout with more intensity
  • Develop more lean muscle
  • Increase your strength levels
  • Speed up recovery times, resulting in faster gains
  • Improved mood
  • Boosts your energy levels
  • Fire up and recharge your sex drive

Visit the official website – click here


  • Contains 9 Powerful Ingredients 
  • Excellent dosages
  • No proprietary blends
  • Safe and Natural ingredients 
  • Protects current testosterone levels from dropping
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee


  • Only available from their website
  • Have to take 4 pills per day
  • It’s not the cheapest
  • Ingredients
  • Effectiveness
  • Testimonials
  • Price

Testofuel FAQ

Since writing this Testofuel Review, I have received some additional questions so thought id post them here in case you had the same questions. If you do have any that I have not answered here, please post them in the comments.

What is the right dosage of Testofuel?

In each box you do receive 120 pills, this is to last 1 month. You should, therefore, take 4 pills per day with water. I would also recommend taking them with a meal, as this will help your body digest them quicker.

How long does it take to see results?

This is naturally going to vary on the individual as it depends on your starting testosterone levels, although I started to see results within the first 3-4 days. I would expect most people to start seeing some effects within the first week, although I would recommend trying it for a full month or two.

Am I able to take it with other supplements?

Yeah, in fact, I would recommend still taking other supplements such as pre-workouts or your normal protein shakes.

Do I need to Cycle Testofuel?

No there is nothing in the supplement that would require you to cycle it.

Will I pass a drug test?

Testofuel is all natural and is made up of vitamins and amino acids, you will, therefore, pass a drug test as there are no banned substances in it.

Visit the official website – click here

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