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TestoFuel is our top recommendation this year as the best testosterone booster specifically targeted for muscle builders and weightlifting enthusiasts.

You will be able to see the following benefits by using Testofuel;

  • Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally
  • Boost Lean Muscle Development
  • Increase Strength & Stamina Levels
  • Burn Fat - Reduce Your Body Fat %
Testofuel Bottle - read the full testofuel review - bulkingtime.com

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Speed Of Results


Aside from the incredible 9 scientifically proven test boosting ingredients with muscle pumping dosages, the other thing that was so impressive about TestoFuel is the fact that this product has received so many positive reviews 5 STRAIGHT YEARS IN A ROW – especially among the bodybuilding community and similar forums

After thoroughly reviewing this T booster, we are convinced that if bodybuilding or weightlifting is your thing, and you’re looking for the edge that will help you train harder, recover faster, and break through plateaus for the biggest gains in SIZE and STRENGTH, then you’ve found the perfect testosterone booster with TestoFuel!

Testofuel is a very well-known and effective testosterone booster. It continues to adapt its formula to ensure that its up to date and guaranteed to help boost your testosterone levels. The missing link when trying to increase muscle mass is testosterone. With Testofuel you can dramatically boost your muscle growth naturally.

By using Testofuel you will see benefits that include;

  • New levels of natural testosterone pumping through your body
  • Much higher training and workout intensity
  • Faster recovery times which lead to faster new muscle gains
  • Ability to break through plateaus that you've struggled with forever
  • A completely fired up and recharged libido (sex drive)
  • More fat burning to look more cut and shredded
  • More energy and stamina levels - Boost them through the roof
  • Renewed confidence and increased self-esteem

Do YOU Want To Boost Your Testosterone?...

What is Testofuel?

Testofuel is a revolutionary supplement that has been formulated with natural ingredients to boost testosterone levels. It has been used by thousands of men throughout to help maximise their efforts at the gym and increase muscle growth. Testofuel uses high quality ingredients to help your body to increase its testosterone production. Meaning you are not supplementing your body’s ability to increase testosterone but helping it to be more efficient and to produce more naturally.

Increased muscle growth is not the only benefit of testosterone and testofuel. With an increased level you will find that your body is able to regulate your metabolism better. Resulting in reduced body fat, giving you a more lean physique.

One of the things I really liked about Testofuel is that they don’t just list the ingredients. They provide a full breakdown of the ingredients and how much you are getting. Many companies don’t tend to do this as they know the amount in them is not enough. With Testofuel however you know you are getting the right amount so are confident you will see results.

How Testotfuel Works..

You may or may not know how important Testosterone is when looking to increase muscle mass. A low testosterone level causes a decrease in sex drive but also makes it hard to experience real muscle growth. If you are looking for real results in the gym then you need to make sure your levels are decent. As soon as we hit our twenties our testosterone does tend to decrease over time and depending on our diet, some can experience bigger drops.

Testofuel has been specifically formulated with high quality ingredients to help naturally increase testosterone. It’s important to know that it doesn’t actually contain testosterone. Testofuel does not add testosterone to your system, which could potentially be harmful and cause side effects. Instead it works by helping your body to naturally produce more.

Its also important for a good quality T Booster to help keep your current levels of testosterone from dropping. Testofuel does just that by providing your body with essential vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants.

With the increase in testosterone from Testofuel, you will be able to experience some real results from the gym and a improvement to your muscle growth. Increased energy that will last throughout the day and not just during the session. More strength so you can hit those higher weights and see more results.

What Are The Testofuel Ingredients?

Testofuel is a revolutionary supplement as they do contact some incredible ingredients. Ingredients that have gone through studies to show that they do help boost testosterone levels. All of the ingredients are completely safe and is no reason why they should cause any side effects. Below is a complete list of ingredients found in Testofuel.

Testofuel Ingredients - showing just why it is so effective - BulkingTime.com

D-Aspartic Acid

Studies have shown that this ingredient can increase testosterone by up to 50% in as little as 2 weeks. It is said to also help increase the levels of human growth hormone. See higher testosterone, lower estrogen so you can boost muscle growth.

Oyster Extract

Oysters are incredible at increasing testosterone levels due to the levels of zinc. It actually has 10 times more zinc in it than steak. Having a low amount of zinc can be directly correlated with having a low testosterone. Oyster also contains a lot of Amino Acids, and Vitamins.


Ginseng is a proven ingredient, found in many male based supplements. It has been shown to help boost testosterone levels. This herb also helps to increase adrenocorticotropic hormone and adrenaline. Low levels of these can cause a decrease in testosterone.


Fenugreek is a very common spice that is actually often found in curries. A study in Australia had shown that daily use of Fenugreek resulted in an increase in testosterone.


Magnesium is used to help reduce the amount of messages that are sent to the muscles that cause them to contract. By making sure these muscles are not overreacting, you will find your muscles will not fatigue as much. Meaning you will have more energy and be able to workout for longer.


Zine is VERY important when it comes to testosterone production. Studies have shown that by increasing Zinc over a 4-6 week period, testosterone levels dramatically increase. These studies have also shown that lower zinc levels result in a drop in testosterone levels.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that we all need. We usually get it from the sun, however most people are deficient in it. A study was done with men between 40 and 79. Those that had less Vitamin D were shown to have less testosterone.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is very important as it helps to control your testosterone production and also helps to regulate it. Regulating it means that your body can help keep your testosterone levels high and don’t drop too much.

Vitamin K2

A fairly unknown vitamin but is very effective when it comes to boosting testosterone. It helps to maintain plasma and testes levels of testosterone.

Do YOU Want To Boost Your Testosterone?...

Pros To Testofuel

  • Help Boost Testosterone Naturally
  • Protect Current Levels From Dropping
  • Ingredients Safe - NO Reported Side Effects
  • ​Formulation Based On Years of Studies
  • Manufactured & Sold By Reputable Company
  • All Ingredients & Dosages Are Declared
  • Only Premium Ingredients Used
  • Ships Testofuel Worldwide

Cons To Testofuel

  • Available Online Only
  • Not The Cheapest - But Better Quality For It

Testofuel Before and Afters

Testofuel have received a lot of testimonials from men like you that have used it. I have taken a sample of these from their website and included them below.

Daniel Montalvo Testofuel Before and After

I'm currently using Testofuel and after just my first month, I started to see benefits. Initially I noticed an increase in energy and my body having the strength to be able to lift more.

Im continuing to use it, by my 3rd month I noticed my body fat had reduced and started to see some nice mass muscle. Now my body has become leaner. Now I continue to use it in combination with protein powder.


Kashif Ali Testofuel Before and After

Kashif Ali

I have been working out and going to the gym since I was around 20 and even though I was always pretty fit, I could never able to get that lean muscle look. Even when using protein and pre workouts. After doing some initial research I came across Testofuel. After using Testofuel for only 3 months I went from the before picture below to the after..

I continue to use Testofuel on a daily basis and will recommend it to anyone!


Pierre Testofuel Before and After

Pierre’s transformation from before to after is incredible, you can really tell he has been working hard. He used Testofuel initial for 4 months and with a good diet and exercise routine gained 5kg.

As you can see the transformation after 9 months of using testofuel is pretty incredible. He has been able to beat all of his personal records and is now going through a cutting cycle to reduce his body fat % even more.

Pierre Testofuel Before and After

Do YOU Want To Boost Your Testosterone?...

Testofuel Side Effects

Testofuel does only use safe and natural ingredients. It is formulated to help your body produce more testosterone and not replace it. Therefore you should not experience any side effects whilst using Testofuel. I have personally not heard of anyone to have any negative effects.

If you are on medication or already have a high testosterone level then you may want to consult a medical professional.

How Much Does Testofuel Cost?

Testofuel is not the cheapest testosterone booster on the market, it is however one of the most effective. Sometimes in order to get a quality product you do need to spend that little bit more. You could save money buy purchasing the ingredients individually but would you really want to take that many pills?

Testofuel do however have a couple of special offers and discounts to help you save money in the long run….

1 box works out at $65 (£39.00), which will last you a full month.

2 boxes works out at $130 (£78.00)

3 boxes works out at $195 (£117.00), you do however get an extra box free.

Cost wise, it would work out better going for the bigger supply, as ideally you want to give it a good few months for the very best results to show.

Testofuel Dosage

There are 120 pills per box and the box will last for 1 full month. You therefore need to take 4 capsules of testofuel per day. I would recommend taking these with plenty of water. You may also want to take with food as this does help them digest better.

Where To Buy Testofuel

You are not able to buy Testofuel on ebay or amazon. It is only available via their official websites.

By only being available from their own website, you know and have the reassurance that you are getting the official product. If it’s found anywhere else it could be a fake version, and therefore you don’t know if it’s safe or not.

Our Final Verdict Of Testofuel

Testofuel is a revolutionary testosterone booster. It’s made from ingredients that are based on years of studies to prove they actually do what they claim. All ingredients used are completely safe so you have no risks of negative effects. They do also continue to research new ingredients, meaning they continue to develop and improve on the product.

Testofuel provide exactly what is in the supplement and how much, which is very good. Many companies don’t provide this information and normally it’s because it just is not enough to make it worthwhile.

The pricing of Testofuel is also very reasonable. It’s not the cheapest on the market but that is because it uses high quality ingredients.

If you are looking to find a way to increase your testosterone levels, give Testofuel ago…it really will give you the results you want. Results such as;

  • Boost Testosterine Naturally
  • Increase Your Strength
  • Boost Your Stamina Levels
  • 100% Safe - No Side Effects
  • Recover Lost Stamina
  • Prevent Loss of Muscle Mass
  • Help Decrease Bodt Fat Percentage
Testofuel Bottle - read the full testofuel review - bulkingtime.com

Do YOU Want To Boost Your Testosterone?...

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