Test x180 Alpha Review

test x180 reviews

Test x180 Alpha Review Summary

Here's the snapshot summary of the Test x180 Alpha testosterone booster.  The company behind the Test x180 line of products, Force Factor, created Alpha to be test booster with heavy emphasis on boosting libido and increasing sexual performance.

If you look at their product page for Alpha, all the graphics around this particular product are centered around sexual prowess, increased libido, and alpha male stamina to be able to handle anything and perform sexually.​

test x180

So how did Test x180 Alpha do in this review?

Pros and Cons


  • It contains 7 proven testosterone boosting ingredients
  • It contains some very powerful and proven libido enhancing ingredients
  • Contains L-Citrulline to increase nitric oxide which increases blood flow


  • They only give you individual ingredient dosages for 4 out of the 7 proven test boosting ingredients
  • The 4 ingredients that do have individual dosages are moderate to low level dosages
  • The most powerful proven test boosting ingredient, Testofen, is part of a proprietary blend so you don't actually know how much of it you're getting. You know it's much less than 350 mg because that's the total amount of mg in the whole Free Testosterone Boosting Matrix (proprietary blend) that is divided up among 5 different ingredients.
  • Contains a Sexual Performance Blend (no individual ingredient dosages listed)
  • Contains a Free Testosterone Boosting Matrix blend (contains no individual ingredient dosages)
  • They offer a 14-day trial that gets you auto-enrolled in automatic monthly billing
  • There are more overall milligrams of ingredients in the Sexual Performance Blend than in the Testosterone Boosting blend, which seems backwards. This is marketed primarily as a testosterone booster with a secondary function of increased libido.
  • It's missing some of the most powerful and proven testosterone boosting ingredients that the best testosterone boosters on the market have like Vitamin D, D-Aspartic Acid, Mucuna Pruriens, etc.


At the end of the day, the verdict on Test x180 Alpha is that it's an average testosterone booster. It's always a little bit difficult to rank and score a product that has proprietary blends because knowing individual ingredient dosages is a key factor in determining the effectiveness of a product. Having the best ingredients that are under dosed effectively kills the product, but if you don't know the dosage, than how can you judge?

In the case of Test x180 Alpha, we know that the whole Testosterone Boosting proprietary blend only had a total of 350 mg spread out over 5 different ingredients, which indicates very low dosage levels. Low dosage levels mean reduced effectiveness. So as far as an actual testosterone booster, you will probably experience a moderate to low level of increase in your testosterone based on the information we have in front of us.

You'll probably feel more of a kick in your libido than anything else with this product. Even though it's marketed as a testosterone booster first, it looks like they put in over double the amount of mg for Sexual Performance blend.​

Is this one of the best testosterone boosters on the market this year?

No, not really. Frankly, it's not even close. This year's Top 3 Winners are just so much more potent and powerful in every way. They have more testosterone boosting ingredients, better ingredients, much higher dosages, and no proprietary blends!

Overall Review Score For Test x180 Alpha: 


2.5 out of 5 Stars

test x180 alpha

Test x180 Alpha More In Depth

Force Factor is the company that makes Test x180 Alpha. They make a variety of different health & fitness supplements including Nitric Oxide Boosters, Intra Workout Powders, Thermogenics, Daily Nutrition, Post Workout Recovery, and Testosterone Boosters.

​Lately it seems like they have taken a page out of the Nugenix marketing playbook, and have sunk quite a bit of money into TV advertising. I've seen many of their ads and commercials especially for their Test x180 Ignite Testosterone + Fat Burner product. 

test x180 review

It also looks like they've spent more money and thought on marketing and advertising like Nugenix instead of in the actual product itself. At least as far as their testosterone boosters are concerned, they are all average at best.

They started off in the testosterone booster market with the premiere flagship product called Test x180. That product really wasn't that good at all, and the market reviews and customer reviews showed that. I give Force Factor credit though, they took the market and customer feedback and made improvements to their formulation and launched 4 different testosterone boosters. Each one is primarily a testosterone booster with a heavy emphasis on a secondary function. 

test x180 alpha

Test booster + Libido

test x180 ignite review

T booster + Fat Burner

test x180

T booster + Muscle Builder

test x180 genesis

T booster + Nootropic

I have to hand it to Force Factor - from a marketing perspective, they have done a great job at creating and marketing these distinct Testosterone Booster + Secondary function products. 

Clearly what they're doing is working because their products are some of the most popular products on the market now. Wouldn't it be great if the popularity of a product translated into the best testosterone booster on the market? It would, but unfortunately, that has not been the case to date. 

Just like Nugenix, the Force Factor Test x180 line of testosterone boosters suffer from either not enough proven testosterone boosting ingredients, proprietary blends, or low dosages of any ingredients that actually have a dosage listed for them.

But to an average consumer who doesn't really understand the nuances of what make a product truly effective and powerful, it doesn't matter, because they just don't know. It's not their fault because you really do need to know exactly what you're looking for. Most guys get sucked into the hyperbolic marketing messages, the TV ads, and all the high intensity graphics.

That's what good marketers do, and Force Factor is proving to be excellent at marketing & advertising. I just wish they put some of that marketing expertise into creating truly incredible products. Because imagine how unstoppable they would be if they really did have the best testosterone booster combined with that kind of marketing & advertising?

To help us (and you) cut through all the marketing ads and claims,  we created the 5 Key Rating and Ranking Factors to use to judge and rate all the testosterone boosters we evaluate and review by the exact same standard! Now you can arm yourself with the same knowledge we have an use to evaluate different testosterone booster products.​

Let's take a closer look under the hood of Test x180 Alpha.

Test x180 Alpha Ingredients

As with any supplement, everything revolves around 3 major components:

  • Does the formulation have a good number of ingredients?
  • Are the ingredients proven to do what they claim?
  • Are all the ingredients with dosages listed?
  • Are the dosages large enough to cause the desired effect?​
test x180 ingredients does it really work

Summary of Ingredients

  • As far as the number of proven testosterone boosting ingredients, Test x180 Alpha has 7 proven ingredients, which actually is pretty good
  • Unfortunately, not all the ingredient dosages are listed. The most important ingredients are shrouded in a Free Testosterone Boosting Matrix (i.e. proprietary blend)
  • The dosages that are listed for the ingredients that are known to boost testosterone (zinc, selenium, Vitamin B2, B6, B12) are very modestly dosed.
  • The Free Testosterone Boosting Matrix has two proven testosterone boosters - Testofen and White Mushrooms. The good news is that those two ingredients are known and proven testosterone boosters. Unfortunately, you have no way of knowing if you're getting anything close to an effective dosage since it's hidden in a proprietary blend.
  • There's only 350 mg of total ingredients in the Testosterone Boosting blend, and that is divided up among 5 different ingredients, so that means that however they split the dosages up, it's not going to be very effective because the dosages will be so low.
  • Bottom line: You're getting some low dosages of Selenium, Zinc, and Vitamin B2, B6, and B12 so there's probably some low or moderate test boosting effect there. The power ingredients of Testofen and White Mushrooms are probably really low dosages because there's only 350 mg total in the whole blend, so again, you might get some low or moderate actual test boosting effect. The libido ingredients in this product are known and proven, but again, you don't know how much of anything you're getting. At least the overall mg is higher at 860 mg, so you should get some form of increased libido depending on how they split up the 860 mg. 

Test x180 Alpha Reviews

One thing I like to do especially when I come across a product that has one or more proprietary blends like this one does, is to try and find customer reviews of people that have bought and used the product.

So I checked on Amazon to see what kind of reviews the product got.

I was actually a bit surprised at the average rating. I was expecting it to be a bit lower. On Amazon, it looks like it got an average of 3.5 out of 5 stars.​

test x180 reviews

Here's a random sampling of some of the comments. It seems like people either love the product or hate it. There's very little middle ground.

test x180 reviews

Does Test x180 Alpha Really Work?

That's usually the question we see about any product like a testosterone booster. 

The answer to this question has to be qualified. If we're talking about evaluating this product as a testosterone booster, than the answer is that you may experience a low or moderately low level of actual testosterone increase with Test x180 Alpha. You probably will experience more of a libido increase more than anything since it seems like that's what they packed the milligrams of ingredients into, but it's still a guess since you don't know how much of any ingredient you're getting. For example, out of that 860 mg in the Libido Enhancing blend, what if 700 mg went to L-Citrulline and the other ingredients had to split up the remaining 160 mg? If that was the case, then you might not even experience a boost in libido either. That's why proprietary blends are so frustrating, and why I almost always recommend passing on  products with proprietary blends.​

Where To Buy Test x180 Alpha and How Much Does It Cost?

In terms of cost, if you look on the Force Factor website, Test x180 Alpha is ridiculously priced at $139.99 which is more than double any of our Top 3 Testosterone Boosters this year which completely blow away Test x180 Alpha on every level. I have seen it sold for cheaper on Amazon, but seriously, don't waste your money on this product.

how much is test x180

Test x180 Alpha Conclusion

This is an average testosterone booster at best. Force Factor has done an excellent job marketing and advertising this product, but unfortunately, they haven't put the same rigor into making the actual product as compelling and powerful as their advertising.

Recommendation:  Pass on Test x180 Alpha and look for a proven winner.​

If you're looking for a proven winner, we've reviewed over 100 different testosterone boosters, and these three are our Top 3 Winners for this year! These three testosterone boosters are head and shoulders above the competition, and any one of them will GET YOU AMAZING RESULTS! There's a perfect testosterone booster for you depending on what you're looking for!

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