Shredz Alpha Test Max Review

shredz test max review

Shredz Alpha Test Max Introduction

Shreds Alpha Text Max is testosterone booster with a lot to live up to. With a beast of a name like Shredz Alpha Test Max, it couldn’t be any other way, right? But the real question is how it stacks up against the best testosterone supplements on the market.

And that’s the purpose of this review. We’ve reviewed about every testosterone booster out there, so we’ve got a pretty good idea of which ones work and which ones leave something (or a lot) to be desired. If you’re looking to improve your works outs, sex life, or just feel better in a general sense, this review will help you decide if Shredz Alpha Text Max can keep up with the competition and get you where you want to be.

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

The manufacturer’s of Shredz Alpha Test Max make a pretty strong case for its effectiveness on their website. According to them, it will accomplish everything you need from a testosterone booster and then some. They claim that it will build muscle mass, decrease recovery time, and improve your sexual performance.

And that’s what you want to hear, right? You want to hear that Shredz Alpha Test Max will do everything a testosterone booster is supposed to do enhance your physique, sex life, and overall health. That’s what we want to hear too, but it’s kind of our job to find out if everything the website says is actually true.

And here’s a little hint: Shredz Alpha Test Max is not one of the best testosterone boosters we’ve reviewed. It’s certainly not a terrible product, but it’s not in the top percentile either. You’ll see exactly why we came to this conclusion as we go along. In the meantime, remember that there is a testosterone booster out there for you, one that will accomplish everything it’s supposed to and keep you in good health for many years.

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The Basics of Testosterone

Before we go start the review, let’s discuss some basic truths about testosterone. It’s common knowledge that it’s the main sex hormone in men, but testosterone also performs a number of other important functions. The key here is that the things testosterone does to maintain your physical, emotional, and mental health are not restricted to puberty. They continue to be important for a lifetime. That’s why keeping an eye on your testosterone levels is so important.

You may or may not know this, but testosterone is actually a naturally occurring steroid. Don’t worry though– it’s the kind of steroid that has nothing to do with the dangerous ones you hear about on the news sometimes. All this means is that testosterone, among other important things, helps to supply your cells with the proteins they need to function and develop properly.

This is the mechanism by which testosterone builds muscle mass. But it can only do this if you have adequate amounts of it in our bloodstream. If your levels of testosterone are consistently low, you can work out and eat healthy all you want, but you probably won’t see much improvement in your physique. Even if you’re a little bit short, everything you do will be less efficient.

Testosterone serves other purposes as well. Not only is it the main sexual hormone, it also regulates everything from bone mass and body fat to mood stability. With all these functions, it’s easy to see that adequate levels of testosterone are absolutely critical to sustaining your health and happiness.

benefits of testosterone

Alpha Test Max Ingredients

This is where Shredz Alpha Test Max starts to get interesting. As you may or may not know, there’s been a ton of research done on the natural ingredients with a reputation for increasing testosterone. With all that in place, the effective ingredients are pretty well-known. So does Shredz Alpha Test Max contain some of these top shelf ingredients? Does it have the plants, herbs, and extracts that are known to increase testosterone levels?

Well, yes and no. The yes part means that Shredz Alpha Test Max has some good stuff in it, but not nearly as much as the top brands contain.

Here’s a list of the most important ingredients you’ll find in Shredz Alpha Test Max.

shredz test max ingredients

When researching the ingredients, this was the only thing I could find on the ingredients, and then obscurely hidden behind a tab, I found an actual ingredients list!

shredz test max ingredients reviews

Okay, now we’re getting somewhere. We’ve got a list of ingredients AND we have dosage levels to go along with them.

We’re off to a good start.

  • Fenugreek Extract (proven T booster)
  • Zinc Oxide (proven T booster)
  • Maca Root (not proven T booster; but good for libido & sexual performance)
  • Tongkat Ali Extract (proven T booster)
  • Spanish Pellitory (not proven T booster; but good for libido & sexual performance)
  • Velvet Bean Extract (proven T booster – > Mucuna Pruriens)

It sounds like a pretty impressive list, right? On the surface, it might even seem like Shredz Alpha Test Max would be somewhere near the top of our list of the best testosterone supplements. Not so fast.

As you can see, Shredz Alpha Test Max has only four proven test boosting ingredients. And although that’s more than a lot of boosters out there, it’s significantly less than the best ones we’ve reviewed. These products actually have anywhere from 8-10 of these top shelf ingredients. In the next section, we’ll explain why that matters.

Does Shredz Alpha Test Max Really Work?

Criticizing Shredz Alpha Test Max because it has fewer ingredient than the highest quality supplements might seem like nitpicking, but it’s not some arbitrary judgment we’re making just because it sounds good. The lack of quality ingredients in Shredz Alpha is actually a significant drawback, one that might have very concrete effects on your workouts, performance, and overall sense of wellness.

You see, there are some very good reasons that the best testosterone supplements have as many as 10 proven ingredients. For one, these ingredients work together in the bloodstream to enhance the effects of one another. In other words, they potentiate one another for maximum production of testosterone, with a net hormonal gain that’s far above what they could accomplish individually.

In fact, this potentiation is one of the driving ideas of testosterone boosters in general. It’s what makes some brands better than others. And when you think about it, doesn’t it make sense to think that the ingredients are more effective when they work together than they are in isolation? Either way, this idea is confirmed in actual practice. Testosterone supplements that contain a good variety of proven ingredients consistently outperform products that only contain a few.

The second reason that the number of proven ingredients matters is that everyone’s body is different. People respond differently to the ingredients contained in given supplement. So if one of the ingredients doesn’t work with your system, there are others present that can take up the slack. In other words, having more of these proven ingredients maximizes the benefits you can receive.

So, to finally answer the question of whether Alpha Test Max works or not, the answer is yes, it will likely work and provide some level of positive benefit – but to an average degree.

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Shredz Alpha Test Max Review Verdict

You probably know what we’re going to say already, but Shredz Alpha Test Max is a product that doesn’t quite live up to its powerful sounding name. Sure, it’s a decent enough supplement as far as it goes, but it’s of a much lower quality than any of the best testosterone boosters we’ve reviewed.

If you end up choosing Shredz Alpha Test Max, you might get some decent results eventually. For instance, you might see an increase in your libido and your sexual performance. You might even be a little more energetic than you’d be without a supplement. But the benefits you’d experience would probably be in that average category. It’s like we already said– Shredz Alpha Test Max just doesn’t have the oomph it needs to make a real difference and bump it into upper echelon of top rated test boosters.

So here’s the bottom line. Shreds Alpha Test Max is a decent product, but it’s definitely not anything to write home about. It probably won’t increase your testosterone levels in any significant way and you’d be much better off going with one of the better supplements. It would be considered an average test booster.

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