NooCube Review

NooCube Review Product ImageNooCube is a natural nootropics supplement. It’s formulated with well-known and effective ingredients to help enhance concentration, focus and generally ensure your brain is healthy and well-functioning.

By using NooCube you will be able to see benefits such as;

  • Improved Memory Retention
  • Increased Focus
  • Improved Concentration levels
  • Prevent Anxiety & Stress
  • Greatly improves Brain/Cognitive function


What is NooCube?

NooCube is a nootropics supplement, formulated to quickly and effectively improve brain function and focus. Nootropics are becoming more and more popular due to the effects of being able to help aid in concentration and improve the overall health of the brain.

It uses 7 key ingredients that are natural and safe to use. Interestingly many Nootropics use caffeine as it is a powerful stimulant. NooCube doesnt have any as caffeine can also cause anxiety and jitters. Results from NooCube tend to be very quick, within 30 minutes you should start to experience enhanced focus, quicker reactions. You will soon find yourself more productive and use your time more efficiently, perfect for when trying to keep motivation during your workouts.

NooCube was actually designed by neuroscientists that are top in their field. Years of studies and research has gone into the ingredients to make sure NooCube is very effective, whilst also being safe to take.

How Does NooCubeWork?

NooCube works in several ways to improve brain function. The first is to help increase the amount of chemical messages sent to the brain. Whilst the second helps to repair DNA damage.

Acetylcholine is important as it is a neurotransmitter, by increasing the levels of this you can increase the amount of chemical messages sent to the brain. Acetylcholine is key to helping improve brain function as it’s known to improve memory, concentration and learning.

NooCube increases the amount of Acetylcholine in your system, whilst also working to prevent it from decreasing. As well as helping to control the Acetylcholine in your body to aid in brain function. NooCube also works by repairing DNA cells that have been damage due to environmental stress.

By repairing these damaged cells, you will find your brain function improve, able to store more things learned, improved memory and much better concentration in the task at hand.

What Are The Key Ingredients?

cats-claw NootropicsThe reason NooCube is said to be so effective, is thanks to its ingredients. They have been specifically selected based on years of study and research into their uses in Nootropics. It’s important to review ingredients when looking for a Nootropic. Many contain poor quality ingredients that simply won’t give the best results.

I would also recommend staying away from those that contain caffeine, as that is a temporary way to improve alertness and can do more harm than good. Below are the 7 key ingredients found in NooCube.

Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC is used to help increase the amount of Acetylcholine, improving the chemical messages that are able to be sent to the brain. Acetylcholine is actually a neurotransmitter which has been named the learning neurotransmitter. It is this that can help increase the brain function, memory and concentration.

Huperzine A

Huperzine A is able to create a large supply of acetylcholine. It does this by inhibiting the Acetylcholine and prevents the levels of acetylcholine in your system from decreasing. Leading to more concentration, memory retention and improved mental clarity. There have been a number of studies on this chinese club moss plant to show its role in enhancing brand function.

Cat’s Claw

Cat’s Claw is said to have neuroprotective benefits due to the amount of antioxidants it contains. Its these antioxidants that help your body to naturally repair damage to cells. This damage is usually caused by stress, lack of sleep or can often be attributed to a poor diet. Often people with damaged cells experience memory loss, hold concentration and the ability to retain information.


Bacopa contains well-known compounds called bacosides. These compounds help to promote new nerve growth whilst helping to repair neurons that have been damaged. Neuron communication is essential for cognitive function. By repairing these your brain will be able to communicate much better and this you will be able to retain more and improve overall mental performance.

Oat Straw

I mentioned before that caffeine is not a recommended ingredient as it can increase anxiety, heart palpitations and results in energy crashes. The reason people add Caffeine is its ability to increase alertness. Oat Straw or otherwise known as Avena sativa is used to increase the alpha-2 waves and controls inflammation in the artery walls. Increased blood flow to the brain helps you to feel much more alert and more awake.

L-Theanine & L-Tyrosine

These two amino acids are found within both green and black tea. L-theanine is used to help you feel relaxed but still alert. It does this by relieving stress and stimulating thr neurotransmitters in your brain. L-tyrosine however helps to create dopamine and noradrenaline. These two are also neurotransmitters that aid in mental alertness and focus. These are particularly useful if you are in a stressful situation but need to keep your head..IE Exam, Job interview, Workout etc.


Pros To NooCube

  • Experience safe and natural improvements to brain function, memory retention, concentration and focus.
  • Fast results – see effects within 30-60 minutes…
  • Formulated with ingredients that are based on years of studies and research
  • Includes a full 60 day money back guarantee for peace of mind
  • Free Shipping throughout the world
  • Available from a reputable company. Proven to provide high quality supplements

Cons To NooCube

  • Available Online Only – Although you know you are getting it from the official website and not a fake…
  • Not The Cheapest – Generally you get what you pay for…Plus you can save money buy purchasing multiples or stacks…

NooCube Testimonials

NooCube has been around for some years now due to its effectiveness. In this time they have received a number of testimonials.

Karen – Personal Assistant

Karen is a Personal Assistant and as such as a busy day. From always being on the phone, writing emails, taking messages and generally organizing an individual’s daily life. Naturally a stressful job and one that needs someone to be able to remain focused and be able to concentrate in hectic situations. NooCube has helped Karen to focus on all tasks which has resulted in her being more productive and efficient. No longer is she feeling stressed or under pressure.

Mark B – Sports Psychologist

Mark ordered NooCube and as soon as it arrived started to take it. After seeing results within the first day, he continued to take it and has not felt anything like it.

Emma – PR Consultant

Emma has to give presentations and speak publicly, which can often cause a lot of people stress and anxiety. Stumbling and tripping over words too not being able to keep focus is something Emma used to experience. As well as many people that potentially have to speak up (myself included!!).

Emma started to take NooCube and eventually was able to stop using her notes as she was able to retain more and remember exactly what she had to say. Now she has more focus and concentration during work and even if she is just having a debate with friends.

Are Their Any Side Effects?

The ingredients found in NooCube are all natural and have had not shown to cause side effects. All of the ingredients are based on clinical studies, therefore you should be fine.

Like anything though if you do have any concerns or are taking medication, I would recommend consulting your doctor.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price per bottle is only $39.59 (£29.99). It is normally retailing at $52.79 (£39.99) but at the moment you can save $13.20! Improved brain function, memory retention, concentration and focus for only $1.31 per day!

If you did want to order more than you can also buy 2 bottles at $79.17. Which also comes with 1 bottle free!

Or 3 bottles for $118.76 – Great savings as you get an extra 3 bottles for free!


Does It Have A Money Back Guarantee

NooCube GuaranteeYou can usually see how good a supplement is by whether or not the company offer any kind of money back guarantee. If they don’t then its a good sign that they don’t trust the product. (As they don’t want to return people’s money)

Generally speaking if there is a money back guarantee then the company knows it will work and therefore won’t have to refund you. Although there is not a supplement around that works on 100% of the people that use it.

Therefore NooCube do offer a full 60 day money back guarantee. If you dont see any results then you have 67 days from when you first ordered the product to return it. If you do then you get a full refund.

NooCube Dosage

The dosage for NooCube is 2 capsules per day with breakfast. It’s important to take with breakfast as the food helps to digest the ingredients better. You should start to see results within an hour, although it can take a couple of days for the ingredients to build up in your system.

If you don’t see results then you may have a higher tolerance. NooCube do advise to increase the dosage to 3 or 4 pills per day if this is the case.

Where To Buy NooCube?

NooCube is only available online via their official website. This is to ensure that the product you are ordering is the official one and not a fake.

NooCube cannot be brought on Amazon or eBay, if you see it then stay away as you are not guaranteed to be getting the right supplement. You can find the official NooCube website

Our Final Verdict On NooCube

NooCube Review Product ImageThe world of Nootropics is a fairly new one, although it is very popular. As it is very popular for people to take Nootropics, there are a lot of poor quality products that simply dont work or can have nasty side effects.

NooCube however is not one of them. It seems the company has spend a lot of time researching what ingredients to use in order to give the best results. All of the ingredients are safe and have gone through a lot of studies to show that they do what they claim.

From my research into different Nootropics, I can honestly say that NooCube is a great choice! Great ingredients and at a decent price, you wont be breaking the bank to see improvements to cognitive function.
It certainly is a supplement, I would happily recommend to anyone looking for the following benefits;

  • Improved Memory Retention
  • Increased Focus
  • Improved Concentration levels
  • Prevent Anxiety & Stress
  • Greatly improves Brain/Cognitive function


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