Elite Test 360 Review

elite test 360 review


Elite Test 360 Introduction

We can help if you’re trying to find a testosterone booster that works effectively for you. No matter why you need to increase your levels of testosterone, this review can help guide you through the internet maze of testosterone boosters.

First and foremost, the post is a review of a testosterone booster called Elite Test 360. Like other such boosters, its website claims that Elite Test 360 will increase your levels of testosterone and receive all the benefits that such an increase entails. The benefits that the website claims include increased muscle mass, better mood, faster recovery time, and increased sexual function, amongst other things.

While researching Elite Test 360, we found some pretty scathing independent user reviews on Amazon, but their website does have many glowing testimonials from supposed authentic customers. Although we’re certainly not saying that these are fake reviews, the independent user reviews we did find told a very different story. There were a few that claimed they experienced only minor benefits from using Elite Test 360, but most of these reviews were pretty negative.

These negative reviews are some of the main reasons that we do not recommend that you use Elite Test 360 as a testosterone booster. There are several high-quality supplements available and we suggest that you track one of them down instead. Please continue reading to learn more about testosterone boosters in general and the other reasons we have for not recommending Elite Test 360.

An Overview of Testosterone Booster Ingredients

You can read all the user reviews and website testimonials you want, but the most objective way to review a testosterone booster like Elite Test 360 is to consider its active ingredients. Every other means of measurement is either subjective or vulnerable to outside influence.

But when it comes to the actual ingredients, you can make use of the tremendous amounts of clinical research that’s been done to investigate these different naturally occurring substances. With this research at your disposal, you can compare and contrast the relative merits of different testosterone boosters and predict the impact they might have on your levels of testosterone.

There are three important things to keep in mind when assessing a testosterone booster’s ingredients. The first and most obvious factor to bear in mind are the ingredients themselves. What are they, for instance? Are they ingredients that are proven to work like Fenugreek Extract, Zinc, or D-Aspartic Acid? Or are these ingredients more likely to increase blood flow or energy levels than they are to increase testosterone more directly?

It’s All About the Ingredients Mix

The second thing you need to factor in about a testosterone booster’s ingredients is the number of high-quality proven ones it contains. The best supplements we’ve reviewed typically contain between 5-10 of these high-powered ingredients, whereas lesser products are limited to less than 3 or so.

The reasons that the number of good ingredients is extremely important becomes very clear when you understand how they interact with one another to increase testosterone levels. Typically, the ingredients in a high-quality testosterone booster work in conjunction with one another, with each of them performing a function that helps the others be more effective.

One way to categorize these ingredients is to think of them as either messengers or facilitators. Unlike the testosterone replacement therapies you receive at your doctor’s office, which introduce synthetic forms of the hormone directly into your body, testosterone boosters work more indirectly. They work with your body’s natural assets to produce more testosterone.

Messenger ingredients essentially send signals to your body that tell it to produce extra testosterone. Although this mechanism of action is still less direct than using synthetic testosterone, it does communicate directly with your endocrine system to bring about the desired effects.

The facilitator ingredients, on the other hand, do not typically communicate directly with your endocrine system. They actually function by making it easier and more likely that the messenger ingredients communicate with your body more effectively. This model is an oversimplification of a complex process, but it does give a general idea of how testosterone boosters function.

You can also see why the sheer number of good ingredients is so important. The more of these ingredients that a given product has, the more likely it is that they can work together to bring about the desired results. A product with fewer good ingredients is more likely to be imbalanced in terms of its messenger and facilitator ingredients, with the upshot being a dormant product that does little or nothing to increase hormonal levels.

Dosage Matters

The final thing you have to keep in mind when it comes to testosterone boosters ingredients is the dosage. This means the amount of each high-quality ingredient a product contains and the total of all of them put together. A little reflection will tell you why this is important, but the upshot is that even good ingredients won’t accomplish much if your supplement doesn’t deliver enough of it.

And although there is sometimes a range of adequate doses of this or that ingredient, we do have a decent idea of what the minimal levels are and can sometimes predict when a lower amount will be ineffective.

So even if testosterone booster has a host of great ingredients, it’s very important to find out exactly how much of these ingredients it actually contains.  That means you need to keep a cautious eye out for terms like “proprietary blend“. You’ll also see that sometimes they will name the proprietary blend with a fancy sounding name like “Manliness Ignition Complex”.  What they do is list out the ingredients (required by the FDA), but they don’t list out any individual ingredient dosages. How helpful is that?

This is especially important because ingredient labels can be misleading. For instance, let’s say you find out that a given supplement contains zinc, fenugreek, and D-Aspartic Acid, among other things. You know that all three of these ingredients are thought to be very effective, so their inclusion makes you decide to purchase and use it. After a while, you discover that you aren’t getting the results that you need and decide that none of these three ingredients works for you.

But maybe the only reason they don’t work is that they exist in insufficient quantities. In this scenario, you could go off on a wild goose chase of testosterone boosters, trying one inferior product after another because you think the best ingredient don’t work. The only way to avoid this is by paying close attention to dosages and comparing them to the best supplements.

Does Elite Test 360 Live Up to The Hype on its Website?

So we’ve established some reliable criteria for evaluating the ingredients in testosterone booster. Now it’s time to apply what we’ve learned and find out if Elite Test 360 is likely to back up its claims and increase your levels of testosterone significantly.

We’ll start by listing the Elite Test 360s ingredients.

elite test 360 ingredients label for the review

A quick look at the label tells us that it has exactly two: Tribulus Terrestris and something called Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate, or AAKG.

You’ll notice right away that Elite Test 360 has already failed one of our criteria. Why? Because it only has two ingredients – and neither one of them is known proven testosterone booster.

Even though Tribulus Terrestris can be highly effective as a libido enhancer, it has not been proven to boost testosterone. This is a nice secondary enhancement ingredient to add to a strong core test boosting formulation like this top three winning test booster has done.

The other ingredient is AAKG. This is a decent ingredient as far as it goes, but it’s usually only effective for increasing muscle mass, not for actually increasing levels of testosterone. Even the dosage level of this non-testosterone boosting ingredient is weak.

So the summary of the ingredients is that it only comes with two total ingredients, and neither one of them is a proven testosterone booster.  Not good.

Elite Test 360 Customer Reviews

We already that from a scientific perspective, this product does not the proven ingredients to boost testosterone, but we still wanted to look at customer feedback since we have have that option as the product is sold on Amazon.

elite test 360 amazon reviews

Surprisingly, even though there are test boosting ingredients in this product, it did manage to get an average of 3 stars out of 153 verified reviews on Amazon.

Even in looking at the Amazon review summary, it’s interesting to see that 1 star reviews were getting close to double that of 5 star reviews.

Here’s a quick screen grab of some of the comments:

elite test 360 amazon reviews


Does Elite Test 360 Really Work?

The whole goal here is to find a product that measurably increases testostosterone. In order to do that, you need to have a combination of proven ingredients that have been shown to increase testosterone levels. Elite Test 360 has none of these proven ingredients. Science tells us that this product really doesn’t work from the testosterone boosting perspective.

Will you get any benefit from this product? The 400 mg of Tribulus could definitely give your libido a lift, and that combined with the L-Arginine (which is known to increase blood flow) could help with having better quality erections.

Elite Test 360 Review Verdict

The bottom line here on Elite Test 360 is that if you’re truly looking to boost your testosterone this is not the product that is going to do it for you. It can’t because it doesn’t have any proven testosterone boosting ingredients. It’s really that simple.

Sure you may experience some other benefits with the Tribulus and L-Arginine, but they don’t have anything to do with boosting testosterone.

Therefore, we recommend that you continue your search for a good testosterone booster. One that has more than 5 proven test boosting ingredients and powerfully effective dosages to go along with all the ingredients.

Why not leverage the hours of work and research we have done analyzing the market, reviewing products and medical research.

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Check them out at least and you can see why we think they are the best of the best this year.

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