C4 Pre Workout Review

C4 Pre Workout Review - is it actually as good as it claims to be? - BulkingTime.com

C4 Pre Workout is one of the most well-known and widely used pre workout supplement. It is as good as people claim? There are a mixture of reviews and this can cause some confusion. The point of this review is to help give you an independant option and the facts on this pre workout. Read more to see if this supplement would be ideal for your workout routine.

What is C4 Pre Workout?

C4 Pre Workout is manufactured by Cellucor. There are a number of different generations of C4, supposedly more improved as new versions have been launched. Formulated to help boost energy levels whilst at the gym, as well as strength levels so you can lift more. It is also said to help with focus and aid in weight loss. C4 Pre Workout is based on stimulants and contains a decent amount of caffeine. It is this that helps boost energy levels, although not always the most recommended option – more on this in the side effects…

Typically this pre workout is aimed towards bodybuilders, although it is being used by more and more people looking for a potent pre workout. It has been said to help boost pumps and does not contain any fillers.

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How Does C4 Pre Workout Work and Benefits

Our bodies need as much fuel as possible when working on a tough workout. C4 helps to give your body what it needs to help you workout for longer and aid in muscle growth and development.

Typically you would take 1 30g serving of C4 around 30-45 minutes before your workout. Some people have said that they needed to increase this, whereas others noticed side effects from one serving due to the caffeine content.

Due to the powerful blend of ingredients it uses, people have claimed to see benefits such as;

  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Pumps
  • Boost To Strength Levels
  • Increased Stamina
  • Improved Focus

C4 Pre Workout Ingredients

One of the reasons why C4 ripped/extreme is so popular is due to its ingredients list. It does contain a lot of well-known and well respected ingredients. Although with every positive, there is also the negative of proprietary blends. One of the things that is preventing me from being able to recommend it.

So what exactly does C4 have in it?

Cellucor C4 Pre workout IngredientsArginine AKG – is used as it is meant to help with Nitric Oxide production. Which is therefore meant to help improve muscle pump and also help increase blood flow.

More blood flow should help to boost muscle pumps even more. According to the stud below the people that used did see increased Nitric Oxide, however the increased blood flow was down to the workouts and not the Arginine AKG.


Niacin – By dilating the blood vessels, Niacin helps to boost the amount of blood that is able to flow to the muscles. This helps to increase pumps as well as repair time.

Beta Alanine is used as it helps your muscles endure more during your workouts. It does this by prevent the amount of lactic acid, building up too quickly.

Explosive Energy Blend – The explosive energy blend is not just the one ingredient but is instead a combination of 9 different ingredients. It is this blend that is supposed to boost energy levels.


I have to make this very clear…I personally hate proprietary blends. This is when a company does not provide individual dosages of ingredients. You see it says that this blend makes up 718 mg. We know 135mg of this is the caffeine (which is an unhealthy amount). If we were to divide the rest up then this would only equal around 72 mg per ingredient. BUT there could be a good chance that the majority of it is in a less effective ingredient.

C4 Pre Workout Side Effects

The reports of side effects whilst taking C4 Pre Workout, have been somewhat mixed. For most people as long as it is taken as directed, you should not see any side effects. Saying that it does have a high content of caffeine, if you are sensitive then you may feel jittery. I would advise anyone with heart conditions or blood pressure problems to stay away from it.

Some people have commented that they have needed to increase the serving size, remember this can cause an unhealthy level of caffeine. A standard serving will give you 135mg of caffeine, doubling this would NOT be recommended.

C4 Pre Workout Flavours

Like the side effects, the flavours has also seen mixed reviews. Some people have liked them, whereas others have said they are very artificial in taste. To be honest though, I do think this is the case for most pre workouts.

The flavours available are;

  • Cherry Lemonade
  • Fruit Punch
  • Green Apple
  • Icy Blue Razz
  • Orange Burst
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Strawberry Margarita
  • Watermelon

Personally I find these kind of flavours to be more of a marketing ploy than to actually offer you a decent taste. These flavours are always in my experience very artificial in taste. I would much prefer to get a standard flavour such as vanilla, raspberry, strawberry or chocolate. These tend to taste better as they actually use a single flavouring, instead of trying to mimic an unusual flavour.

C4 Pre Workout Pros

  • Advanced Compound NO3 to help boost pumps
  • Improves Absorption
  • Increases Water Solubility
  • Boost energy levels to improve workouts
  • Uses well-known ingredients
  • Range of Flavours – although some artificial tastes

C4 Pre Workout Cons

  • Increases Heart Rate
  • Causes Anxiety
  • Requires More Water Consumption

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C4 Pre Workout Reviews

The majority of reviews of C4 have been somewhat positive, although it does have its fair share of negatives as well. It is one of the most used and sought after pre workouts for a reason though.

Here is an example of the reviews found on Amazon.

C4 Pre Workout Reviews 1 - found on AmazonC4 Pre Workout Reviews 2 - Reviews found on amazonWhere To Buy C4 Pre Workout?

C4 Pre Workout can be found online via a number of stores as well as direct from their own website. It can be purchased from Amazon, eBay and even GNC. The price of C4 is usually around about the same, which ever store you decide to purchase it from.

Conclusion – What’s The Best Pre Workout

Would I used C4 Pre workout? Personally no. I mean on the surface and based on reviews it looks like it could be a solid and decent pre workout. It’s not until we look deeper that we see it is potentially not as good as we may think.

My main concerns with C4 Pre Workout are;

Proprietary Blend

As mentioned before, I hate it when companies don’t provide a full list of ingredients and their dosages. This usually makes me think that they have something to hide and therefore puts me off.

Caffeine Levels

I do believe it has a lot of caffeine and if you are sensitive to it or require a higher serving, you could potentially see some side effects.


I think they have focused on unusual flavours as a marketing gimmick. Many of these flavours have had bad reviews. It would be better for them to focus on normal flavours and get those right. The better it tastes the more likely you are going to continue using it.

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