Animal Stak Review

animal stak review


Testosterone is Probably More Important Than You Think

Before we dig fully into the review, a little information on testosterone is probably in order. Most people know that testosterone is the most important sex hormone in men, but there are many lesser-known facts that are just as important. This is especially true as a man starts to grow older, as the body’s production of testosterone tends to dip sharply between the ages of 25 and 30.

For instance, did you know that testosterone is actually a naturally occurring anabolic steroid? Essentially, this means that it increases the level of protein within cells and is the most important factoring in developing muscle mass. Don’t be confused about any of this. There are no negative connotations to anabolic steroids in this context and the contribution it makes to muscle mass applies to all men, not just athletes or bodybuilders.

What Exactly is Low T?

This is important because inadequate levels of testosterone in the male bloodstream can have a wide range of harmful effects. This is a condition known as “Low T,” and is one of the key things that a product like Animal Stak is supposed to treat. Unfortunately, the research we did on Animal Stak was not really so promising in this specific regard, especially compared to other best-of-class testosterone boosters.

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We’ll discuss the quality of Animal Stak more fully later on– after we’ve explained the various effects and treatments for Low T. The negative effects of Low T can be extremely harmful to men, especially as they grow older. They’re especially problematic because they commonly get written off as part of the aging process, or as the inevitable result of a weaker constitution.

This is extremely misleading, however, because it’s mostly testosterone that makes up what we commonly call a man’s “constitution.” If you think about that for a minute, you’ll hopefully see that it’s very misguided. Low T has nothing to do with a man’s toughness or lack thereof; it’s actually the driving force behind both of these concepts!

The Symptoms of Low T

You’ll see how important it is to understand the true nature of Low T when you start to understand its many harmful effects. Men with chronically low levels of testosterone often experience abnormal fatigue, generalized weakness, depression, and a profound loss of their sex drive.

Low T can also lead to depression, mood swings, erectile dysfunction, hot flashes, and chronic irritability. Lastly, low T can also lead to a significant loss of bone density, which can make bones progressively weaker and much easier to fracture. And because this loss of bone density is difficult to detect, many physicians advise patients to seek treatment for Low T even if they aren’t experiencing visible symptoms.

Treating Low T

Fortunately, these harmful effects are usually quite treatable. Broadly speaking, they’re treatable in two basic ways: by synthetic testosterone administered by your physician or by using OTC natural supplements called testosterone boosters.

No matter how your doctor administers the replacement hormones, they sometimes do a great job increasing overall levels of testosterone. There are often serious side effects to the use of synthetic testosterone, however, many of them so severe that the treatment has to be discontinued. These side effects can include insomnia, agitation, aggression, and severe digestive problems.

These troubling side effects cause many men to seek alternative therapies, usually ones that involve testosterone boosters like Animal Stak. Now let’s have a deeper look at whether or not purchasing Animal Stak is a good idea.

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Is Animal Stak A Testosterone Booster?

The reason I posed this question is because it is often referred to as a testosterone booster, and we’ve seen it included in test booster roundup reviews and so forth. We are also asked about its effectiveness in the context of it being a T booster, so we have included a review of it along with the other test boosters we have reviewed.

It’s actually a multi-functional product comprised of six different complexes or “proprietary blends”, and that’s probably where the market confusion comes from. People will associate the product with one of the blends it contains.

animal stak ingredient blends

To make it even more confusing, Animal Stak updated their ingredients list to a “NEW MORE POTENT FORMULA“, and many people ask test booster questions based on their old formula.  Here’s a snippet of the ingredients FROM THE PREVIOUS FORMULA. The red arrows indicate known proven test boosting ingredients. The yellow arrows indicate that they are not proven testosterone boosting ingredients, but they are good secondary ingredients to add to a testosterone booster because they typically help in some specific Low T side effects – like loss of libido, for an example.

animal stak old ingredients

As you can see, there are 6 proven test boosting ingredients and 4 secondary enhancement ingredients.

So the market really gravitated towards this product as being a testosterone booster.

Let’s take a look at the new ingredients to understand where this product stands today as far as a testosterone booster is concerned.

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Today’s Ingredients in the Animal Stak Testosterone Booster

The most important thing to consider when you’re choosing a testosterone booster are the ingredients it contains. By assessing how effective the individual ingredients are, you’ll have a very accurate idea of how much (or if) a given product is likely to increase your levels of testosterone.

But you also have to bear in mind that the dosage of each ingredient is also very important. This seems like common sense, but because knowing the actual doses takes a bit closer inspection, many men assume that the amount of a given ingredient is the same in every testosterone supplement. This is not true, however, as there is often an incredible amount of variation in dosage in different products.

One problem that results from this variation in doses is that even a very good ingredient is of very little value if the product doesn’t contain enough of it. Although the usefulness of a given ingredient often varies between different users, there are actually several ingredients that are thought to increase testosterone effectively but only in sufficient doses.

It should be easy to imagine the following scenario. A man starts to do some research on which ingredients work best to increase levels of testosterone and discovers that something called fenugreek extract has been shown to be very effective. He then purchases a product solely on the basis that it contains fenugreek extract, but gets unsatisfying results because the dosage is too small.

animal stak new ingredients

Taking a look at the NEW MORE POTENT FORMULA ingredients label, you can see that Animal Stak doesn’t even mention testosterone in any of their “Complex Blends” now.

Looking closely at this long list of 23 ingredients with confusing category names that mean nothing to most users like “M Factor Complex”, “Insulin Potentiating Complex”, and “Natural Flavone/Sterone Complex”, we see that there is actually only one ingredient that is proven to boost testosterone, and that’s Fenugreek – placed in the Insulin Potentiating Complex. It also now only has a couple of secondary test boosting enhancer ingredients indicated by the yellow arrows.

What The New More Potent Formula Tells Us

It seems like the positioning of Animal Stak has changed now.

They took out any references to boosting testosterone in their ingredients list, they decreased the amount of known testosterone boosting ingredients, and even decreased the secondary complimentary ingredients you typically find in test boosters.

If you look on GNC, they position this product as “The Hardgainer’s Stack” now.

It seems as though, Animal Stak is more of a muscle building product now than a testosterone booster.

Continuing to look at the new formula through the lense of a testosterone booster reviewer, here’s what we’re left with. We’re left one single ingredient as a known testosterone booster, and that’s Fenugreek. That alone makes this a below average product, because you need at least 5 core test boosting ingredients to get you at least out of the average category, and here we’re talking about only one.

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To make it worse, the one ingredient that is included as part of a “proprietary blend”, and that means you don’t even know how much of that one single ingredient you’re getting. There’s 500 mg total in that complex that has to be dispersed among four different ingredients. Who knows what percentage of that 500 mg went to Fenugreek?


Animal Stak Review Verdict

To sum up our review of the Animal Stak testosterone booster, we have to admit that we don’t think it’s a particularly effective product – as a testosterone booster.

For one thing, it only has one proven testosterone boosting ingredient. Plus you don’t even get the dosage level of it, so we’re all left in the dark.

Also, it seems that Animal Stak is moving away from anything related to boosting testosterone. That was pretty clear by the removal the “Pro Testosterone Complex” from the old formula, and the removal of almost all the proven test boosting ingredients and secondary complementary ingredients.

They’ve positioned this as a multi-function product now that emphasizes muscle building, fat burn, and more energy.

If you’re truly looking for a product to measurably boost your testosterone so you can experience all the benefits that come with healthy and vibrant testosterone levels, then we recommend you continue your search, because there are plenty of other test boosters that will provide you with much better results.

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