Ageless Male Review

ageless male review


Ageless Male Testosterone Booster: The Next Big Thing or Run of the Mill?

Ageless Man is a very popular testosterone booster and one that’s been getting a lot of good and bad attention lately. The good attention it’s received says that it’s one of the best testosterone boosters available on the market, with benefits that include everything from hormonal balance to better erections. The naysayers are pretty vocal too, however, claiming that Ageless Male is a pretty run of the mill product and doesn’t quite live up to all the hype.

So who should you believe, the people championing it as one of the most effective testosterone supplements in the industry, or those who think Ageless Male is no better than the dozens of other testosterone boosters available these days? Well, answering this question is the exact purpose of this article. In it, we’ll discuss what it’s supposed to treat, the ingredients it contains, and how effective it might be in an objective sense.

As you’ll see quickly as you read on, we’ve discovered that although it’s not the worst testosterone booster out there, Ageless Male simply does not live up to a standard that would put it into a category that is above average.

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Ageless Male Positioning

There’s one thing we know about Ageless Male with relative certainty: it’s designed for and marketed to men over 40 with decreasing levels of testosterone. If this strategy wasn’t obvious enough in the name Ageless Male, it certainly becomes clear when you consider the ads floating around and the focus of their website.

From a marketing perspective, this is certainly a reasonable strategy. It’s common knowledge that a man’s testosterone levels tend to take a serious hit as he grows older, especially once he’s into his forties. In fact, the decline in the body’s production of testosterone actually starts much earlier, between the ages of 25-30, so why wouldn’t a product like Ageless Male appealing to the older generation of men?

So it almost goes without saying that older men can benefit tremendously from a high-quality testosterone booster, one that pushes their levels into the normal range and helps it stay there. This becomes especially important when you understand the pervasively negative effects that result from substantial testosterone deficiencies.

But whether the marketing approach is justified or not, the only real question is does Ageless Male live up to the claims the manufacturer makes about it? We’ll tell you right up front that the answer is a resounding: kinda, sorta, but not really. Ageless Male is an average testosterone booster, but not one we’d strongly recommend to men who wanted obvious results.

We’ll get into a little more detail in just a bit, but first, let’s go over some of the symptoms that Ageless Male and similar testosterone boosters are supposed to address. That way, you’ll be able to use our recommendations to evaluate testosterone boosters across the board.

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Low T

If you’re a man who has chronically low levels of testosterone, then you’re suffering from a condition that doctors call “Low T.” Also called low testosterone or hypogonadism, Low T is now recognized as a legitimate and avoidable medical condition, one with a wide range of negative effects and a variety of treatment options. In short, Low T is a potentially debilitating condition that can and should be treated vigorously.

But keep one thing in mind as you read over all of this. Although Low T is more common amongst men over 40, men can have demonstrably low levels of testosterone at any stage of their development. Low T is simply a chemical reality for many men. If you’re consistently experiencing the symptoms of Low T, you should seek a solution no matter what age you are.

And it’s never a bad idea to have your levels checked by a physician, especially if you’re experiencing any of the symptoms we’re about to talk about. A simple blood test will tell you and your doctor where your body stands in terms of its testosterone levels. There’s absolutely no need to resign yourself to the effects of Low T, not when there are so many effective treatments out there.

Symptoms of Low T

Ageless Male is a testosterone booster that targets older men, but it doesn’t matter how old you are if you consistently experience the symptoms of Low T. The following symptoms are distressing and unnecessary at every stage of your development. Here are the symptoms to watch for:

  • Chronically excessive fatigue/weakness that doesn’t have an apparent cause
  • Sexual dysfunction, including erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, and diminished performance
  • Hot Flashes
  • Unexplainable increases in body fat or loss of muscle mass
  • Unusual changes in levels of cholesterol
  • Depression, anxiety, and rapid mood shifts. A little known fact about testosterone is that it’s one of the body’s chief means of regulating emotions in men
  • Distinct Changes in Sleep Habits, including sleep apnea and insomnia

While many, if not all, of these symptoms can be caused by other imbalances, low testosterone is often the culprit in these and other male difficulties. If you begin to experience any of these symptoms, do not hesitate to have your testosterone levels checked. With all the relief that the various treatments for it can provide, you might feel like a new person after the diagnosis.

But the message right now is that testosterone is important during every part of a man’s life. As you can see from this long list of troubling symptoms, Low T is an extremely serious medical condition, one that compromise a man’s life at mutiple levels. Fortunately, there’s good news for victims of this very common affliction, some as close as a mouse click away.

Next, we’ll explore some of the treatments for Low T. Then we’ll conclude with our final analysis of Ageless Male.

Treating Low T

The conception of Low T as a significant and treatable medical condition is a fairly new way to look at testosterone deficiencies. In fact, it represents an almost 180-degree turn in approach. There was a time when it was just accepted as a given that as a man grew older, he would lose vitality, strength, and sexual potency. Low testosterone was just accepted as the norm, and men who did not embody this decline as they grew older were considered remarkable.

Testosterone is an incredibly important part of a man’s overall health. And it’s not just important during puberty either, contrary to what conventional wisdom says. It’s critical that you bear this in mind as you continue to develop your body and monitor your health. No matter how old you are, your levels of testosterone can dip and begin to wreak havoc in many of your life areas.

One way to treat Low T to is to visit your physician’s office. If they decide that you’re suffering from Low T, they can proscribe a testosterone replacement therapy to increase your levels of this important hormone. Although testosterone replacement therapy isn’t the right choice for everyone who suffers from Low T, it does have the potential to increase your levels substantially.

Your doctor can administer testosterone replacement therapy in several different ways. Depending on your specific needs, your doctor can deliver the testosterone supplement by means of a patch, injections, or a variety of gels and creams. Synthetic testosterone pills are also available, but they’re prescribed less frequently these days because of the harm they can cause to the liver.

Unfortunately, these synthetic testosterone replacement drugs can often be accompanied by a number of frightening and uncomfortable side effects, including many that replicate the very condition they’re supposed to alleviate.

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How is Ageless Male Supposed to Help?

Now that you understand a little more about what you’re dealing with if you’re experiencing Low T, let’s have a look at how much the actual ingredients in Ageless Male can do to return your testosterone to a healthy level. Assessing these ingredients is the best way to move beyond the advertising hype that’s accompanied Ageless Male and estimate the benefits you might receiving by using it.

On the Ageless Male Website, you’ll see that the manufacturer claims that men will receive several impressive benefits. These benefits, which are the same ones you see on many similar websites, include increased levels of testosterone, more effective workouts, improve sex drive/performance, and higher levels of energy. The site also claims that Ageless Male is the #1 natural testosterone booster on the American market.


Ageless Male Ingredients

ageless male ingredients

The Positives

  • All the ingredients are scientifically proven to boost testosterone
  • All the dosage levels are presented and visible
  • There is no shifty or ambiguous  “proprietary blend” to deal with
  • Solidly strong dosage level of Fenugreek (300 mg)

The Negatives

  • There’s only 4 total ingredients in the Ageless Male formula, and we have set a starting point that for a product to be even considered above average, there must be a minimum of 5 proven test boosting ingredients
  • 3 out of 4 ingredients come with dosage levels that are very low

Ageless Male Customer Reviews

One of the metrics we use to rate and rank products is market and customer reviews. One great way to check and see how real users are responding to a product is to check Amazon reviews, when that option is available.

We checked Amazon, and we saw that it had an average rating of 3.5 stars out of 162 customer reviews. What we noticed was that customer feedback was fairly polarizing. Users seemed to either love the product or hate the product. Not much in between.

ageless male amazon reviews

ageless male amazon reviews


Ageless Male Review Verdict

Cutting straight to the chase, we feel that Ageless Male is an average testosterone booster. It’s got all proven ingredients, and the dosage levels for all the individual ingredients are listed – no proprietary blends. It also has an effective dose of Fenugreek.

The problems are that there are only 4 total ingredients in the formulation. We feel like you need to have a minimum of 5 core test boosting ingredients in order to be a candidate for an above average rating. The other problem was that, with the exception of the Fenugreek, the other 3 ingredients were underdosed to the point where they wouldn’t provide much test boosting benefit.

We suggest you continue your research and choose a testosterone booster that delivers the level of beneficial results you want and need.

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