Pre-workout Supplements and their Benefits

Learn more about Pre-workout Supplements and what their benefits are? This article will share 10 key benefits of adding A Pre-Workout to your routine...

Pre-Workout supplements are commonly used to boost sports performance, and aid in achieving optimal levels of training. They help in pushing the athletes beyond their limits so that they can attain the best out of them. Pre-workout can have a single ingredient or a mixture of many ingredients.

They are categorized into two types:

· Pre-workouts that contain creatine and its derivatives

Creatine is a ban-free supplement that has been widely used to boost performance. It has more advantages other than boosting sports performance.

· Creatine free pre-workouts

The Creatine-free pre-workouts is further divided into two:

i. Proprietary blends: The proprietary blend has different ingredients that are normally disclosed on the label by the manufacturer.

ii. Natural Pre-workouts: Eating a reasonable amount of carbohydrates pre-workouts makes sure that you are full, the glycogen levels are at their optimum, and the body is in a capacity to train.

Some of the benefits of Pre-workout supplements have been discussed below

1. Boost Mental Function.

Pre-workout supplement acts as the food for the brain. It is due to the content of the caffeine that has nootropic-like effects. Some studies that have been conducted have linked caffeine to a long-term memory retention. Those who consumed caffeine had the ability to remember a series of images that were shown from the day prior and as well could distinguish between new images which were similar though not similar to the ones shown previously.

2. Increases athletic performance.

Pre-workouts enhances the physical performance of all athlete activities. Pre-workout drinks usually contain creatine monohydrate that past studies have shown that it boosts physical output. Creatine aids the body in producing adenosine triphosphate that is produced by skeletal muscles which provide energy during strenuous activities. Beta-alanine is another ingredient which increases muscle carnosine concentrations. Carnocine is known to be a peptide which acts as an antioxidant and also offsets muscle fatigue that is caused by hydrogen ions build up produced during the high-intensity training. Hence boosts muscle and body performance.

3. Wakes you up.

Pre-workout supplements normally act as stimulants. Most of the brands make use of the caffeine, renowned for multiple benefits other than acting as a powerful pick-me-upper. Studies have indicated that caffeine does produce physiological changes in the brain. It works its magic through binding into the adenosine receptors without doing any activation in them. The long term result to this is having an actively functioning body.

4. Increases muscle pump.

If you are involved in any form of strenuous training, you have then experienced the pump sensation whereby the muscle you have worked feels jacked. Muscle pump feeling usually results from a muscle becoming engorged with blood. Muscle pump is actually believed to have an impact on the fast-twitch muscle fibers that are stimulated when doing high volume training. The nitric oxide supplements are among the well-known pre-workout formula because of the insane pumps they are delivering. A good number of the pre-workout supplements are known to contain components which enhance muscle pump. Arginine is the main ingredient in most of the nitric oxide products because of its ability to increase the oxygen delivery to the overworked muscles.

5. Helps in weight loss.

Pre-workout supplements aid an individual to lose weight indirectly through allowing them to work extra hard in the gym, hence burning extra calories. Though, most of the ingredients in the typical pre-workout formula are known for assisting in the weight loss. Studies show that caffeine aids in the loss of fats through raising body thermogenesis and the oxidation of fat. Besides metabolism, it aids in the weight loss through keeping hunger at bay. Just like many stimulants, caffeine is categorized as an anorectic agent that delays the onset of hunger. Therefore, taking coffee before a meal can actually help in making you feel full faster, hence consume less without getting the feeling of being deprived.

6. Speeds muscle recovery.

When doing strength training, then your muscles can take a serious beating. A high damage the muscle tissues, which your cells have to repair and build stronger. In case you return to the gym before the tissue is repaired back, then you risk overtraining and also muscle catabolism. Pre-workout supplements normally help in the muscle recovery because they contain the right ingredients. Caffeine helps in muscle recovery through increasing the insulin and glucose level after a workout.

7. Good for your well-being and mood.

Your physical health is by far dependent on your emotional well-being. Pre-workout supplements contain ingredients specifically meant to elevate human moods, which in result enhanced muscle endurance and performance.

Studies show that creatine has a number of similar properties as caffeine, hence can be used as anti-depressants. By less stress during workouts means less production of cortisol hormone which in most cases is responsible for muscle atrophy and fat gain.

8. Improved lean muscle mass.

Pre-workout supplements help an athlete to train harder, which in the end results to muscle mass gain. They also lead to the creation of an anabolic environment which is known to be conducive when it comes to muscle hypertrophy.

A special component of the supplements, creatine monohydrate, is well-known for essentially shuttling water into the skeletal muscles, which results to muscle cell volumization.

9. Increased libido.

In recently conducted research by the University of Texas proved that creatine, which is a component in a pre-workout supplement, leads to an increased production of testosterone. A high amount of testosterone leads to a higher sperm count. This a reason enough for men to make use of the supplements other than just enhanced physical performance.

10. Prolonged lifespan.

A prolonged lifespan can be as a result of good physical health and diet. However, these are only some of the indirect benefits of supplements. There are more direct ways that pre-workout supplements enhance a prolonged lifespan. Caffeine and creatine are known to reduce the risks of common maladies such as type II diabetes and obesity. Piperine which is one of the components in these supplements is known to have the capabilities of enhancing reduced risks of the skin cancer through exposure to ultraviolet radiations.

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