Pre Workout Pros and Cons

pre workout pros and cons

Interested in a Pre Workout? Discover the Pros and cons

Pre workouts can make an incredible difference to your workouts. Many people experience an increase in energy levels, muscle growth and repair time. The aim of this guide is to help teach your the pros and cons to a pre workout.

Truth be told, there are literally dozens of myths and misconceptions revolving around the subject of pre-workout supplements. And even though they have existed in the fitness realms for several decades now, it is only recently that they have gone from being just another run-of-the-mill fitness additive to a bodybuilder’s obsession.

Even casual exercisers have joined the bandwagon and are continuously relying on pre-workout supplements for that much-needed boost before kickstarting their daily/weekly training regimen. It is almost as if that it is slowly dawning on to them these special supplements can give you the same intense energy as a regular pre-workout meal without necessarily weighing one’s stomach down.

What Do Pre-Workout Supplements Constitute Of?

Ingredient-wise, a majority of the common pre-workout supplements you will come across today have a varying ratio of the same basic ingredients. These includes caffeine – to give you that energy boost – and BCCA ( a type of amino acids that generally repairs your body’s protein ), plus traces of beta alanine. Beta alanine is a type of protein that is proven to lessen the physical effects of muscle fatigue. Lately, however, some of the brands behind the biggest names in pre-workout supplements have started adding creatine to help the user withstand extra intense workouts.

That being said, like any other fitness-focused product, pre-workout supplements have different effects on equally different people. But regardless of the user, they have almost the same pros and cons – at least to 95% of the population spectrum. Here is a quick primer at some of the benefits and cons of these supplements.

Major Pros of Pre-Workout Supplements


Boosts Mental Focus

Nothing is arguably more irksome and self-defeating than a sluggish and lazy frame when you really need to be pumped up, vibrant and focused in preparation for an intense workout. Thanks to some of these pre-workout supplements, you can count on the ever-present caffeine to sharpen your mental focus – a precedence that it is necessary for any successful workout drill. If not specifically caffeine, other supplements will also make use of broad range of stimulants to replicate the role of caffeine. Either way, you can be sure of a laser-like focus a few minutes after popping the supplements.

Speaking of which, enhanced mental focus is closely linked to increased stamina. You’re far much more likely to endure the painful aches and sores of an intense workout stint after taking a pre-workout supplement than when not using one.


Boosts Your Physical Energy

Pre-workout supplements will not only increase your mental energy but boost your physical endurance as well. Again, this is fuelled by caffeine or the main stimulant that the supplement utilizes. If anything, this is the main purpose of incorporating these supplements in your workout training regiment in the first place. Additionally, the beta alanine mentioned above also allows easy maintenance of this boosted energy levels for a significant duration of time.


Boosts Muscular Strength

Although there are a lot of exaggerated claims online about this, you can be rest assured to notice a significant increase in muscular strength when using pre-workout supplements. On that note, don’t expect miraculous, herculean or beast-like power simply because you have discovered pre-workout supplements. But if you keep at it, you’re more than likely to notice an accelerated muscle growth with time as opposed to when you’re not using these supplements.


Boost Fat Burning Capacity

There is some plausible physiological evidence that intake of caffeine can help you lose weight faster when taken in controlled amounts. And this stems from the fact that one of the known after-effects of caffeine is an increased metabolism rate to rail in one’s focus. And as a consequence, the enhanced rate of metabolism means more calories per unit time. If this is paired with strenuous and intense physical activity, the result is a lean, shredded frame in just under a couple of months.

Besides, since pre-workout supplements cumulatively strengthen and protect one’s muscles, they also, in turn, increase your capacity to burn fat and calories both when working out and at rest. It is no wonder that the more muscles you pack, the less you have to struggle to maintain that lean, built frame.

Possible and Potential Cons of Pre-Workout Supplements

Although pre-workout supplements are quite beneficial to the regular trainer and professional bodybuilder, they have also been linked to the following potential drawbacks.

The pros do tend to out weigh the cons, as they are usually not experienced with natural pre workout supplements.


Increased and an Unhealthy High Blood Pressure

It is advisable for anyone with a history of hypertension to clear of pre-workout supplements as some of them are known to be catalysts of the same. And this is understandable considering that their primary role hinges on stimulating the body’s physiological clock rate. Nonetheless, perfectly healthy individuals can incorporate the recommended amounts of these supplements without worrying about a spiking blood pressure.


Irregular and Increased Heart Rate

This mostly occurs if you dive into intense aerobic exercises just after taking such supplements. The combination of natural adrenaline and the stimulants in the pre-workout supplements can easily spiral your heart-rate out of the regular threshold. And this is one of the major reasons pre-workout supplements are only recommended for use before exacting strength training fitness drills. Do not use them as a warm up for aerobic exercises.


Possible Dehydration

It is no secret that caffeine ( one of the main ingredients here ) is a notable diuretic. Therefore, an overuse of these any pre-workout stimulant can likely result in progressive dehydration. This is common among experienced bodybuilders who after some time develop an over-reliance of pre-workout supplements to help them conquer the iron paradise. And this kind of dehydration is often followed by an adrenal fatigue.

The Bottom Line

As long as pre-workout supplements are used within the recommended and reasonable boundaries. They can be of immense assistance in making every workout a success. The excellent results behind some of these supplements are the reason for the current craze surrounding these fitness additives. However, just like anything else in strength training, you ought to undertake a thorough research on the suitability, usefulness, and compatibility of the each ingredient of any supplement to your health before adding them as part of your workout routine.

Recommended Pre Workout Supplements

There are many pre workout supplements on the market, it can be hard to know if you are using the right one or not. The truth is many are very similiar and should help give you the boosts you are looking for. There are however a bunch that are simply poor quality and are just trying to make a few bucks.

I have looked into many of the different pre workouts through the years and tried a good percentage of them. (Some just seem to taste horrible!) Check out how I rate what are the best pre workouts and also see my recommendations. These have been proven to offer some incredible benefits, use natural ingredients so are safe and taste great.

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