5 Of The Best Bulking Foods

Best Bulking Foods

What Are The 5 Best Bulking Foods

When it comes to bulking, one of the worst misconceptions is that you can freely eat anything without thinking about the sugar, fat and carb content of the meals. This uncontrolled eating of meal portions does not fill your frame with minimal fat; it rather bulks your gut with visceral fat. This is a nightmare for all fitness enthusiasts. So what you actually need to do is increase your calories and training volume with the right and healthy food. In case you’re wondering where and how to start with it, here’s a complete list of best bulking foods that’ll keep you bulked up, fit and active at the same time.

Best Bulking Foods #1: Salmon

Salmon is excellent to help with bulking and for general health. While bulking up, it is highly recommended that 30% of your calories are from a good source of protein. Salmon can be a great option in this regard as it ensures that your body gets enough amino acids for developing new muscles. Grill, bake or wok-toss your salmon and team it up with a hearty plate of salad. But while gorging on salmon, make sure you don’t have too much of it, as excessive protein is likely to displace other nutritional foods from your diet.

Best Bulking Foods #2: Nuts and Raisins

Nuts are perfect for bulking due to the protein content they containOne of the simplest ways to bulk up is by adding a lot of nuts and raisins to your meal. This is primarily because these foods are highly calorie dense. About 100 grams of raisins come with 70 grams of carbohydrate. They also contain about 300 calories. This makes it an ideal food for bulking. You can always add these nuts and raisins to your shakes, smoothies, ice cream, cereal and yogurt to shoot up your bulking regime.

Best Bulking Foods #3: Chicken thighs (without the skin)

chicken is an incredible meat to have when looking to bulk up

Skinless chicken thighs are probably a classic muscle building food that not only boosts your muscle mass, but also tops the list in terms of taste. These thighs are an excellent alternative to the chicken breast. The dark meat from the thighs have a smoother texture and taste that you get from the extra fast, also adds to the flavor. This in turn, gives you more calories to increase your muscle building efforts.

Best Bulking Foods #4: Lean beef

beef is perfect for bulking, as long as its leanThe right cuts of lean beef play a vital role in boosting your bulking regime. Try to go for round cuts and scrape the meat from the loin. While doing this, also get rid of all visible fats to ensure a high source of protein with just the perfect amount of calories. Lean beef is rich in stearic acid and is also a completely natural source of creatine. It contains a completely unique saturated fat that does not affect or impact your level of cholesterol.

Best Bulking Foods #5: Quinoa

best bulking foods quinoaIf you’re really looking to pep up your bulking regime, try to get proper amounts of starchy carbohydrates in the morning. Do this within 3-4 hours of your training session. This is one of the effective ways to get the right calories and use them for building muscle. Quinoa is one such source of starchy carbohydrate and it also contains 33% more zinc than your daily needs.

In conclusion

When you decide to start bulking, ts really important to choose the right foods. Whether you go the clean diet or dirty diet route. The foods you choose to intake are important. You need to make sure you have a good balance of low fat, whilst having high protein.

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