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Is Dianabol Legal - Discover the legal status of Dbol
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Is Dianabol Legal? Get The Facts...

Is Dianabol Legal? This very common question is asked by thousands of bodybuilders and bodybuilder wannabees. You have not doubt heard about the steroid Dianabol and interested on whether or not it is actually legal for you to use it or not. 

The truth is, it does depend on what country you are from. Some countries Dianabol is legal, whereas others it is  a controlled or banned substance. Many people look to use Dianabol because it is one of the most well-known steroids and has been proven to give incredible results to those that have used it.

Methandienone is the actual name for the steroid, although it is known by many different terms such as Averbol, Dianabol, Danabol, Metanabol, Naposim, Vetanabol, Dbol and Methandienone.

In most countries Dianabol is a banned substance and is only available on prescription. It is often only given in extreme circumstances and not for lifestyle benefits such as muscle development and growth. The actual steroid was declared as a controlled substance due to the potential side effects that it can causes, some of which are very serious.

Even though the actual steroid is illegal in most places, there are some effective legal alternatives such as Dbal. It is however possible to purchase it on the black market or buy it from a country where it is legal. There are however some serious risks of importing, buying/selling illegal steroid, this does potential include jail time. (Which to me is not worth the risk!)

Why Do People Want To Use Dianabol?

As mentioned it is one of the most popular steroids, which is why some people do risk getting in trouble or suffer potential side effects in order to see results.

It has been said to help give results such as;

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    Increased Muscle Mass
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    Boost To Strength Levels
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    Reduce Excess Fat
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    Increase Muscle Tone

WorldWide Dianabol Legal Status

As mentioned Dianabol and its legal status does vary depending on your country. Below you can find information on whether Dianabol is legal in specific countries…

Is Dianabol Legal in the US?

In the United States, Dbol has been put under the controlled substance act. Which means its is controlled and requires a prescription, without having this makes it illegal. Many people do have access to oral dianabol by purchasing it on the black market, often imported into the country.

The United States are very strict when it comes to possessing steroids, you can get into a lot of trouble by purchasing it and even more so if you have given or sold it. There are legal dianabol alternatives, more information on this below.

Since we are talking about the US and the legality, many people do wonder if it’s possible to use Dianabol in the military/army. More often than not people in the army do need to go through a drug test and steroids such as Dbol can show up on them. The military do take the use of steroids very seriously and could impact on your role within the military. 



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What About In Canada?

The laws in Canada are very similar to those within the United States, when it comes to Dbol. It is a controlled substance and is therefore illegal without a prescription. The law does state that if caught with Dianabol, you could be put into jail for 18 months. Whether or not this is actually enforced is something that I doubt, you would more likely just get a warning although I wouldn't want to risk it. 

Is Dianabol Legal in the UK?

The UK is normally very strict with Dietary supplements, it is therefore no doubt that Dianabol is illegal in the UK. It is a Class C drug and as of 2012, it is actually illegal to import any steroids. It must not be used for personal use or selling to any individuals. 

Is Dianabol Legal in Australia or New Zealand?

Australia and New Zealand share the same laws when it comes to the legality of Dianabol. It can only be prescribed by a medical professional and possession of it can result in serious consequences.

D-bal by CrazyBulk is a safe and legal alternative to Dianabol. See increased muscle mass, lean muscle and strength gains..


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Best Dosage To Reduce Side Effects​

Side effects are more often than not associated to the dosage. If you can reduce the dosage of Dianabol, many of these side effects can also become reduced. More often than not those that use Dianabol will stack it with other pills to help counteract some side effects, or reduce the dosage.

Estrogenic side effects such as man boobs often doesn’t happen with low doses, however it can also be prevented by using a testosterone booster. As Dbol is toxic on the liver, it is very important to drink plenty of water. Water will help to keep the kidney and liver clean and working correctly.

Increased blood pressure is also a well-known side effect, reducing the dose or making sure your diet contains foods that doesn’t increase blood pressure will help prevent this side effect.

The Side Effects Of Dianabol

As mentioned there are a number of Dianabol Side effects, which is one of the main reasons why it was banned and made illegal. Some of these side effects are common and less severe, however some can be very dangerous and long lasting.

The common side effects associated with illegal dianabol are;


This is when men will often develop fat within the breast tissue and give the impression of male breasts or commonly known as moobs. These can be an embarrassing side effect and one that many men do not want.

Water Retention

Most men will experience some form of water retention, this is often around the stomach area. The problem with Dianabol is that the aim is to increase mass, some of this can be associated with the water retention and is therefore not all muscle growth.

High Blood Pressure

A common side effect is increased blood pressure, this can often cause heart palpitations and if used with other supplements can cause some serious health problems. If you do have high blood pressure already, it’s something you need to avoid.  

Those are the common side effects, the more serious ones are;

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    Liver Disease
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    Heart and Kidney Disease
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    Mood Changes/Depression
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Are There Any Legal Alternatives To Dianabol?

Since the effects of Dianabol is so widely reported, many people want to use it when looking to increase mass and muscle growth. There are some legal alternatives to Dianabol, which means you can see the same results without the risk of it being illegal.

These alternatives are formulated with natural ingredients. Your body naturally produces steroids and it is these ingredients that help to increase the amount of steroid your body makes. As they are completely natural, you should not experience any side effects that are commonly associated with dbol. 

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