Is Pterostilbene A Good Nootropic? Find Out More This Powerful Antioxidant…

pterostilbene nootropic ingredient

Pterostilbene is known for providing a number of health benefits. This article is going to be focusing on the nootropic benefits it provides. Showing you how it helps improve cognitive function and boost memory retention.

What is Pterostilbene?

Pterostilbene is found in common fruits such as Blueberries and grapes. It has grown in popularity with the Nootropic community due to its high level of Antioxidants. Produced by the plants to stop infection, heat and prevent insects from destroying them.

This nootropic is very good at crossing the blood-brain barrier and helps to provide cognitive benefits for longer than many similar alternatives. By helping to control inflammation within the brain, it increases blood flow which helps with increased oxygen. Many people experience cognitive decline reduce due to it helping to boost dopamine levels.

Pterostilbene has been added to many nootropic stacks due to its effectiveness at boosting memory, increase learning and helping with cognitive functions. As I said this antioxidant is found in blueberries, grapes and cranberries. Making it very easy to add into your diet and help increase your Pterostilbene levels. It is very important to note that you would probably need to consume a lot of the fruit to see significant results, which could prove expensive. An alternative would be to take a Nootropic Supplement.

Pterostilbene Benefits

As mentioned, Pterostilbene is becoming more and more popular within the Nootropic community. This is due to the benefits it does provide the body. If you add more of this antioxidant to your body, you should see benefits such as;

  • Improve Memory Retention
  • Increase Dopamine Levels
  • Reduces Decline Of Cognitive Functions
  • Improves Ability To Learn
  • Helps With Long Term Memory
  • Number of Non Nootropic Benefits

Pterostilbene Dosage

As mentioned if you were to just rely on the Pterostilbene found in fruit, you would only get a small dose into your system. Now I am not going to say you won't see health benefits from that, as studies have suggested you can.

In order to see real cognitive improvements, you want to be having around 50 mg of Pterostilbene per day. During a clinical study it was discovered that Pterostilbene effects do fall on a bell curve. It is less effective with low dosages and is not any more effective with larger doses. As stated the optimal dose is 50 mg.

Pterostilbene Side Effects

Pterostilbene is naturally found in blueberries, grapes and other berry fruits. It is non-toxic and therefore there has not been any reported side effects from having this nootropic. As mentioned before, even though there are no side effects, there is no benefit from increasing the dosage either.

Pterostilbene Vs Resveratrol

Resveratrol is a well-known nootropic. It is found in many plants and offers benefits similar to that of Pterostilbene. Both of these are bioavailability, although Pterostilbene is 80% where as Resveratrol is 20%. Bioavailability basically means the percentage of the supplement that enters the blood circulation. As more Pterostilbene enters the body, you would expect it to give more benefits.

Interestingly when you take these nootropics, they do dramatically vary on how long it stays in your system for. Pterostilbene stays in the body for 105 minutes, whereas Resveratrol only lasts for 12 minutes. - Thats a massive difference!

Pterostilbene and Caffeine

The combination of Pterostilbene and Caffeine is a well-known combination. It is often used by people looking to increase muscle mass, as it helps give additional energy during their workouts. The mixture means that the actual caffeine level is decreased BUT the stimulatory effects remain high, keeping you energized and alert.

The effects of caffeine tend to leave the body fairly quickly and therefore you don't see the benefits for as long. Pterostilbene increases the lifespan of caffeine, you can actually see results for up to 6 hours. This combination also helps to stop the negative effects of an energy crash, allowing you to see a nice calm finish to your energy boost.

Pros and Cons Of Pterostilbene

There are a number of pros and cons to using this Nootropic. Personally I do believe the pros do outweigh the negative, making it a great addition to your stack.


  • Longer Life Span - Effects Last 105 Mins
  • 80% Bioavailability - Absorbed Faster
  • Clinical Studies To Show Effectiveness
  • Powerful Antioxidant
  • Safe With No Side Effects


  • Not Known As Well As Alternatives
  • Benefits Do NOT Increase With Higher Dosages

Can I Buy Pterostilbene On Amazon?

It is possible to buy Pterostilbene on Amazon, however you need to be very careful. There are a couple of things I would look out for.

The prices do vary from supplement to supplement. In fact some of them can vary a lot, I have seen them at $18 and then some at $45. I would make sure you do read through and see exactly what you are getting for the higher price.

I would also take a look at the dosages that are being sold. Just having a look on Amazon I can see bottles that have 100mg capsules, 150 mg and 50mg. Since Pterostilbene effects work on a bell curve, there are no benefits from taking more than 50mg.

Where To Buy Pterostilbene?

It is possible to purchase Pterostilbene from a number of health stores, as well as online from sources such as Amazon, GNC and eBay. I would recommend if you are looking to buy it, you purchase it from a reputable source. As above, keep an eye on the dosages being sold.

Pterostilbene Stacks

It is more than possible to see some impressive cognitive benefits from using Pterostilbene on its own. Many people do tend to combine or “stack” it with other nootropics to help increase results even further.

What should you stack it with though?

As it contains no side effects, you should be able to stack it with a variety of other nootropics. I would personally recommend combining it with;

The above 3 are well known nootropics and would make an excellent stack. There are however some excellent pre-made stacks such as Mind Lab Pro that combines the above. This would make an excellent option if looking to boost cognitive functions, focus and memory.


There are so many different nootropic supplements, this is one that I would recommend. Pterostilbene is an excellent antioxidant but you just won't get enough of it from the fruit that produces it. If you do eat a lot of fruit such as Blueberries then you might get some but not the recommended daily dosage of 50mg.

Known to help increase dopamine levels, helping to boost memory and and retain new knowledge. This nootropic has also been proven to help protect neurons, protecting brain cells and help to increase alertness.