Earnings Disclaimer

BulkingTime was created to help people that wanted to go through body transformations. Helping you to become a healthier. This blog does take me a lot of time and effort, most of my days are spent researching, writing and helping answering questions.

This does naturally take a lot of time but I do enjoy doing it. It doesnt however always pay the bills. To actually host the site does cost money. Therefore some of the products I recommend, I do earn a commission on.

I may also receive samples from time to time in order to review them.

Whether I receive q free sample or earn a commission. My views on the product remain impartial and I will always ensure they are factual.

I am declaring this to show my honesty and to show that I do honestly care about what I recommend. If I do earn any commission it is used to cover the cost of hosting and maintenance of the blog. I also use any commissions to purchase additional products, allowing me to review even more products.

Privacy Policy

From time to time I may ask for personal information such as a email address. This is taken in order to answer questions or to send you updates on BulkingTime. I will keep your details safe and will not give or sell them to any other company.