What is Cutting?

What is cutting? Learn the basics to cutting in this article and how cutting can help shed the fat and give you lean muscle

An Introduction to Cutting

If you are not new to bodybuilding or body fitness, you have probably come across the term “cutting.” You might also have found yourself wondering what the word means. Most people assume that cutting is same as weight loss, but that is not the strict truth.

Fundamentally, cutting refers to burning fat while retaining as much body muscle-mass as possible. Therefore, unlike the traditional weight loss where trainers concentrate on losing the largest amount of weight, cutting involves shedding weight without losing any of the hard-earned muscles. That is the main reason bodybuilders begin a new cutting cycle from time to time, particularly weeks or months before big competitions.

Before starting the cutting cycles, bodybuilders mostly go on bulking cycles, which help them gain as much muscle mass as possible, even if it means getting more body fat in the process. They then embark on the new cutting cycle to shed the fat and make ripped and honed physique. Evidently, that is obvious to most individuals.

Why you should do cutting

Losing body fat and gaining muscles at the same time can be hard for most people. Furthermore, there are people who believe that it is impossible – you might even lack good results when doing the two at the same time. You have to do bulking and cutting in phases. In the cutting phase, you have to shed all the fat you gained on the bulking phase.

The truth is that regardless of how you cut down, you will lose some muscle mass at the end, unless you are utilizing sport enhancement drugs. You will not shed a great deal of your muscles; mostly you will lose the fat surrounding those muscles.

Therefore, the size of your legs, waist and arms will reduce. After the cutting phase, you will feel and look much better. Your muscles will be showing through the skin clearly and what’s more, you will appear more appealing and defined to the eye. The bloated appearance will disappear and at the end, you will get the six-pack you have always dreamt.

The cutting phase is to minimize the amount of body fat, to a number below 10% – a percentage that will reveal your abs. Your body muscles will also appear clearly, while the lines will show properly on your chest.

Cutting and dieting

Dieting and cutting is hard and it will take a lot of work. While cutting, dieting is vital and you can never ignore it. You must do it properly and follow it. The following are some of the rules to observe when cutting.

Avoid wheat and dairy prproducts

Cut dairy and wheat products. Every bodybuilder will do that because the two are bad foods for when cutting. However, the two are good when bulking.

Concentrate on low carbohydrates intake

Generally, a man weighing 200 lbs will have 300gs of carbs during the bulking cycle. During the cutting cycle, you have to reduce the amount by half. Eat around 100/150 grams carbs in a day. Choose the low GI carbs and remember to keep them complex. Some of the carbs to choose include new potatoes, pasta and whole grain.

Some other rules to observe include:

  • Eating more protein
  • Eating after every 3 hours
  • Continue with your workout program
  • Having a treat meal at least once in a week

During the cutting phase, you have to drink more water. Be careful when selecting weight loss supplements in the market. Some of them will raise your body temperature to heighten the metabolism rate. Ensure that your diet is healthy.

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