Testosterone Booster Side Effects – Should You Really Use Them?

Testosterone Booster Side Effects

Its understandable that you might be concerned of side effects if you are wanting to take testosterone boosters. There are some excellent benefits from taking them such as increased muscle mass, boost to energy levels and a boost to your libido. They can really take your bodybuilding efforts to the next level. You do also need to consider the possible side effects of T Boosters.

What is A Testosterone Booster?

I am sure you know what a testosterone booster is, if you are looking to find out about the side effects. Testosterone is the male hormone, whilst we are young we have a large supply. It is the testosterone that helps with developing muscles and keeping our libido high. A number of things can impact on our testosterone levels from our diet and even our age.

What Are The Potential Side Effects Of Using A Testosterone Booster?

As I did say, there are a number of potential side effects associated with testosterone boosters. Don’t let these side effects put you off, there are some great supplements that shouldn't cause any negative effects. (more on this shortly)

Increased Acne

When we hit puberty our testosterone is at its peak, which is why we tend to suffer from acne. It is therefore no wonder that a testosterone booster side effect is the potential breakout of acne. The outbreak usually only appears on the back.

Myalgia/Weak Tendons & Ligaments

Testosterone is key when looking to build muscle as they are incredibly effective. These boosters to help with the muscle but don’t do anything to help strengthen the ligaments or tendons. Just taking a T Booster could result in ripping those tendons and ligaments. To prevent this, you therefore need to make sure that you do focus on an all body workout routine.

Kidney Damage

Some T Boosters can potential cause kidney problems if used for a long period of time. This is usually down to the ingredients that they are formulated with. To prevent this side effect, you would need to take a break from using the product every couple of months or so.


Some users have claimed that testosterone booster side effects include aggression, even more so if the user is naturally a fairly aggressive person. Again this can be attributed to when we hit puberty and our hormone levels are all of the place.


Many people that have used some T Boosters, have had complaints of increased headaches. They did however report that these were mild headaches and nothing too serious.


A possible side effect of testosterone boosters is Anemia, otherwise known as a deficiency in iron. The problem with this is it can cause people to be prone to infections and colds, some boosters have iron in them where as other people take supplements to help increase their levels.


Some people have reported that they felt more depressed when taking a testosterone booster. I do not believe this is related to taking actual T Boosters. Depression is usually a symptom of having low testosterone levels, therefore you may find yourself depressed prior to taking a booster.


Again many people that use testosterone supplements also suffer from Anxiety. Like depression, this is not related to actually taking a supplement but instead a symptom of low testosterone.

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How to Avoid These Testosterone Booster Side Effects?

The best way to avoid testosterone booster side effects would be to look for a supplement that;

​Contains High Levels Of Zinc

If you are wanting to boost testosterone, you need to make sure you use a supplement that contains Zinc. You will find that many decent T Boosters have Zinc in, as it is proven to increase testosterone.


Formulated With Decent Ingredients & Right Dosage

The problem with some Testosterone supplements is that they either contain poor quality ingredients that are cheap, or have low dosage of key ingredients. Normally it’s the Testosterone boosters that have poor quality ingredients that cause side effects, as they usually don’t do their research on what does or does not work.

Having a low dosage will not usually cause side effects but it won’t give you any benefits either.

Testosterone Booster Side Effects - Pros To Using Supplements

You might be thinking why bother taking is it worth taking T Boosters if they could potentially cause side effects? To be honest if you do have low testosterone then more often than not the benefits do outweigh the tiny risk of experiencing side effects. (Don't forget you are also unlikely to see side effects with a quality product…)

A couple of the most common benefits from using a decent Testosterone supplement are;

  • Increased Muscle Mass & Growth
  • Improved Mood
  • Better Thinking Ability
  • Increased Libido


I hope this article has helped in regards to learning about the side effects often associated with Testosterone Boosters. The truth is in most circumstances, you will not experience any negative effects. The key is to make sure you only use a supplement that is of high quality and is made from well-known and effective ingredients.

The majority of reported side effects from using Testosterone Boosters, have not been medically linked to the supplements. Some of which are very common symptoms of those suffering from low T Levels, therefore they are not actually the supplement causing the effects BUT the fact that you have low testosterone.

Its also very important that you do combine taking boosters with a all round body workout. You have to focus on all key muscle groups to see the very best gains.

What Are The Best T Boosters?

best testosterone booster

We have been researching testosterone supplements and the ingredients for many years, knowing exactly what ingredients do what. You can also find reviews of some of the most well-known testosterone boosters, our top rated ones will not cause you any side effects. They are made from all natural ingredients, that have gone through years of study and research.

Find out below, which are the best testosterone boosters on the market.​

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