Increase Your Testosterone By Eating Organic

eating organic to increase testosterone

In this post, we’re going to talk about how eating organic foods can actually increase your testosterone levels.

This post is a continuation of our series on the best ways to naturally boost testosterone and protect our testosterone rates from dropping.

Today we’re facing a really tough and serious problem with testosterone levels dropping faster than it used to with generations of past men.

A startling fact that has inspired this series that we’re doing is that fact that men of today have about 20% less testosterone than these same men would have had in the 90s. That’s not that long ago. Only about 20-25 years.

Regardless of how long it’s been it’s incredibly alarming to see this trend of dropping levels of testosterone in men.

Why is this happening?

Frankly, there really isn’t one thing that is causing it. It’s being caused by a variety of different factors. Most of these factors have to do with the modern day lifestyle and environmental factors.

Men are increasingly much less physical than they used to be, they’re more sedentary, they’re more overweight and obese, they spend much less time outdoors, they’re more drawn to computers, video games, and TV, they eat more junk and fast food, and they are exposed to more chemicals in their foods than ever before.

The last point about being exposed to more chemicals in their foods will be the starting point for this discussion on how eating organically can actually increase testosterone.

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Eating Organic Increases Testosterone Because Of What You Don’t Get

pesticides decrease testosterone

When you think about eating organic, the first thing that you might think about as it relates to increased testosterone is about what you ARE eating.

Actually, the increased testosterone effect has less to do with what you are eating and more to do with what you are NOT eating when you buy organic.

Many Chemicals In Non-Organic Are Antiandrogens

pesticides kill testosterone

The fact of the matter is that with non-organic foods, you are ingesting all kinds of insecticides, herbicides, pesticides, and other negative compounds that promote hormones that increase fat production.

What we are finding out in the scientific studies and research is that many of these chemicals are antiandrogenic in nature. That means that these chemicals are testosterone blockers meaning your T goes down when you ingest them.

In this study (1), researched delved deep into 37 of the most common pesticides used on the foods that we eat and they found that at least 30 of those 37 pesticides were antiandrogenic. That’s downright scary to me, because before my own research, I didn’t have any idea that these pesticides had this kind of effect on my testosterone levels.

Another study (2) that was done in analyzing pesticides showed that many of them blocked the synthesis of DHT (dihydrotestosterone). DHT is a derivative of testosterone, and many experts agree that it is almost like a concentrated form of its brother, testosterone.

One of the most common herbicides used in the world is called Glyphosate. A study was done on Glyphosate and it showed that it had lowered testosterone. This was found by examining isolated testicular leydig cells that were exposed to normally occurring environmental dosages. (3)

Another study (4) that was done on farmers in Denmark that used typical pesticides to spray their crops revealed that they not only had lower testosterone levels, but that they also had lower sperm production. These farmers were compared to other farmers in Denmark that grew organic and didn’t use those pesticides.

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Summary of Eating Organically Increases Testosterone Levels

Guys, I know that eating organic can be substantially more expensive in many cases. Sometimes you may not have the financial bandwidth to only eat organic foods.

The point of this post wasn’t to guilt you or shame you into eating organic foods.

It was about shedding light on an issue that could help protect you from something that you might not have known about that decreases testosterone levels.

If you can afford to eat organic, then my recommendation would be to do it wherever possible so you can remove that negative risk from your life and protect your testosterone levels.

This series we’re doing on the best ways to increase your testosterone naturally isn’t about doing everything perfectly. It’s primarily about sharing information and knowledge with you so you can then arm and equip yourself all the facts so you can decide what actions you can and will prioritize in your life.

As with most things in life, you have to view this with a marathoner’s mentality and not a sprinter’s mentality. You have to look at taking actions for the long haul of life, not just going all out for a few weeks or even months.

To win in this testosterone game, you need to take simple but consistent actions each day. Those actions really come in the form of decisions about what you will or won’t do that day. You may be faced with 50 of these decisions in a day.

Any positive decision you make out of the 50 is a step in the right direction. The more positive decisions you make consistently, the greater the overall impact it will have on your life in terms of health and peak performance.

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