Dirty Bulking – Everything You Need To Know…

Dirty Bulking - An introduction to bulking up

Dirty Bulking – An Introduction

It is very true to say that trends in fitness come and go, but bulking has a constant place when it comes to bodybuilding and weightlifting. So, what is bulking? It simply means consumption of surplus calories with an intention of getting greater mass in your muscles. There are two types of bulking: Clean and dirty. This article focuses mainly on dirty bulking.

Do not let the words “clean” and “dirty” deceive you. The difference between the two is the number of caloric surpluses that are allowed per day. For a clean bulk, the calorie surplus per day is around 200-500 while that of dirty bulk is 500+ per day.

As mentioned earlier, people who use this bulking consume more calories on a daily basis by feeding mostly on fat, proteins, and carbs. Eventually, these people will notice a gain in muscle mass and strength. It is a good option for some people who visit the gym regularly. But then again, just like any other thing, it has its pros and cons. This article will explain to you, the reader each and every pro and con in detail.

The Pro’s of Dirty Bulking.

1. You gain an anabolic advantage. Consuming proteins and carbohydrates enhances muscle growth and at the same time gives the body sufficient energy for exercise. When it comes to muscle growth, proteins are responsible. Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy. Therefore, the moment these micronutrients are consumed together, your body gains an anabolic advantage in that your tissues gain energy for growth and maintenance.

2. It is not complicated. In this type of bulking, the diet is completely flexible in that you only need to eat, eat and eat some more. Just in case you want to dirty bulk, your main goal is to eat so that your mass and muscles increase. At the same time, your body is still gaining energy for exercise. This does not mean that you should not watch what you eat. What it means is that it is not strict.

3. Adding weight. The moment you decide to take up dirty bulking, be ready to add some extra weight. Eating high quantities of carbohydrates and fats each and every day gives you more energy for exercising. It is a sure way of increasing body fat. Therefore, if you have a fast metabolism and have trouble putting on weight, make sure you try to dirty bulk.

4. It is a cheap option. Look at the low quality, high-calorie junk food. They are far much cheaper than the foods that have purely calorie. The point here is simple, for any amount of calories you consume; the cost is going to be less than that of clean bulking.

The Cons of Dirty Bulking.

1. Gaining fat. Eating more calories leads to weight gain, which is common knowledge. The moment you discover that you have put on weight easily and have a difficult time losing it, avoid bulking. If you really have to, try clean bulking instead.

2. Eating habits. Surplus eating has its advantages, but it is never easy to stop once you get attached. Going back to your normal eating habits once you get used to dirty bulking becomes a challenge to very many people. You need to have self-control and always know when to stop. Make sure you have a dieting experience before you start dirty bulking so that you can understand your body and easily recover from this bulking.

3. Cutting fat. As mentioned earlier, this kind of bulking adds the fat percentage to your body. Just like any other bulk, the cutting phase is very crucial. It is a phase used to shed off the fat gained during the process. The moment you do not cut after undertaking this bulking process, muscles are hidden under the layers of fat, making them completely insignificant. It is therefore advised that if you are not ready to undergo the cutting phase, avoid this type of bulking by all means.

Dirty Bulking – A Conclusion.

All in all, the decision is yours. This article has given you a very good breakdown of what dirty bulking is and its pros and cons. From there, it is up to you to know whether it is ideal for you or not. All in all, regardless of which bulking you choose, make sure you do not eat too many calories over the surplus.

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