Dianabol – Medthandrostenolone | A Complete FAQ On The Steroid

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Dianabol - A Complete FAQ On The Steroid

Want to learn more about Dianabol? This is a complete guide on this well-known and popular steroid. Have any questions on Dbol? this FAQ should give you all of the answers. 

If you have been researching muscle growth, you will no doubt have come across the mention of Dianabol. Whether in passing or with an interest of supplementing your workouts with it. I personally do not recommend the use of illegal steroids.

I have however received a number of emails and questions about Dbol, so thought it would be a good idea to create this guide. This guide should hopefully answer the most common questions, including a safe alternative. if you do have any though please feel free to comment below and i’ll answer as soon as possible.

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What is Dianabol?

Dianabol is known by many other names, including Dbol, methandrostenolone and metandienone. It is said to be one of the most well-known and most used steroids. Dbol was manufactured in 1957 and was the first steroid to have been used by athletes and bodybuilders.

More often than not this steroid is found in oral form instead of being injectible. It is manufactured in different strengths, 5mg, 10mg, 25mg and 50mg.

Is Dianabol Legal?

Dbol became illegal in the United States through the Anabolic Steroid Use Act of 1990. In 1985 the FDA no longer approved the use of it. Use, possession and selling of Dbol is now completely illegal. Many people still attempt to purchase it via the black market or online, however I wouldn't recommend it.

It can only be found in some countries such as Mexico. Although you may not find it by its steroid name, the popular brand there is Reforvit B.

Does Dianabol Cause Side Effects?

There are a whole range of potential side effects that are associated with Dianabol. As it is a chemical product you are more likely to experience side effects than you are with something that is made from natural ingredients.

The most common side effects are;


Liver Damage

As it is an hepatotoxic, meaning it’s actually destructive to liver cells. Continued use could result in long term liver damage. This was previously prevented by cycling the steroid to avoid damage. With it being hepatotoxic, you cannot combine it with other steroids that also put strain on the liver. Alcohol should also be completely avoided a few weeks before use and up to a month afterwards.


Androgenic Side Effects

As the male hormone is being increased, typical side effects related to this can happen. The effects do vary on the individual but often include acnes, baldness and/or aggression.


Water Retention

The retaining of water is a very common side effect due to the initial weight gain. This can cause a bloated look around the stomach, but can also be seen around the neck and face. It is due to the water retention that many users will then go on a weight loss cycle afterwards.


Gynecomastia (Man Boobs)

Metandienone increases the rate of estrogen conversion, often leading to men developing male breasts. This condition is known as Gynecomastia or Man Boobs (moobs). This side effect can be seen quite early on from using Dianabol so it was recommended to stack it with an anti-estrogen supplement.

The results did often outway the potential side effects for many users. It did however require them to stack multiple supplements along with Dbol to combat the above side effects, as well as cycling the steroid.

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Dianabol Dosage

When looking to buy oral dianabol, it was often found in 10mg, 25mg and 50mg. The most common dosage for dbol was around 25-50mg per day for roughly 4-6 weeks. It is a half life steroid so it tends to leave the system fairly quickly. The daily dosage was often split into 2 servings, allowing the effects to last longer.

50mg of Dianabol was the maximum recommended amount, although some advanced users may take up to 70mg. Higher dosages can increase the risk of the side effects mentioned above.

Dianabol Cycle

A Dianabol only cycle is when you just take Dbol on its own. Typically it would be taken for a 4-6 week period. Usually people that have completed the cycle will then remain off Metandienone for the same amount of time. As an example if you took it for 5 weeks, you would break from it for 5 weeks.

Cycling is incredibly important, even for some non steroid products. Remaining on the same thing for too long can results in the body adapting to the supplement and it becoming less effective.



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Dianabol Stacks - Is It Possible?

Stacking is when you combine multiple products together to see quicker and more effective results. As mentioned before Dbol is a hepatotoxic so it is important to not stack it with other supplements that can put strain on the liver.

More often than not some people will combine it with some form of testosterone booster. Doing so helps to prevent the estrogen levels increase, whilst also helping to boost muscle growth.

People that are new to these kind of products will normally stick to a Dianabol only cycle. One of the more common and popular stacks is the combination of Dianabol, Decaduro and Testosterone. Dbol would usually only be used on a bulking cycle. If cutting is your goal then it would normally be avoided.

Legal Alternative To Dianabol?

I would recommend anyone looking to help supplement their bulking efforts to refrain from using an illegal substance. It tends to be very expensive, its illegal and also dangerous. The side effects alone are harmful but you never know if you are even taking Dianabol or some fake product.

There are however supplements that have been formulated to help mimic the effects of these steroids. There is some confusion though online by some of these products, due to other review websites. They are NOT legal steroids...I repeat, they are NOT legal steroids. They are however alternatives to steroids. As they don't contain any actual steroid in them, this makes them legal.

If they don’t contain steroids, how can they help?

Put simply, your body produces the steroids naturally. The illegal versions inject your body with additional steroids. These alternatives work by helping your body to improve production of them. Thus giving you similar benefits but without the side effects.

Now I won’t lie and say they will give the exact same effects as Dianabol, as they won’t. They will however give you more results than not taking them. So If you are looking for a Dbol supplement that can help you during your bulking cycles but you dont want the above side effects, give it a go!.

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