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Dianabol Dosage - Learn More About The Best Dose

Interested in Dianabol but not sure on the dosage? The dose would depend on experience levels and your bodies ability to absorb the ingredients. Doses do range from 10mg-50mg, read the rest of the article to find out more. 

Dianabol is probably one of the most common steroids and has been used by many to see the results they are looking for. Knowing the right dianabol dosage is important and does depend on what your experience is. If the dose is too high then the risk of side effects does increase. At the same time if the dosage is low then you might not be able to see any results. The aim of this article is to go more into details on the right dianabol dosage, doses that are said to give the best results with the reduced risk of side effects.

Methandrostenolone is the brand name for the steroid, although it is more often known as Dianabol or Dbol. People often look to use this anabolic steroid because of it being able to help increase muscle strength as well as boost overall size. As its one of the most well-known its understable why it’s used by beginners as well as experienced users of steroids.

Injectable Dianabol does exist, however most people will often take Dbol in oral/tablet form. This article on Dianabol dosage will therefore be focusing on the oral form. The tablet is said to be a more modified form and is therefore able to pass through the liver, without it being modified none of it would enter the bloodstream and give the benefits you're looking for.

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Beginners Dbol Dosage

If you have never taken Dbol before then the best Dianabol dosage for beginners would be 15-30mg per day. I would personally recommend starting at 15mg and then after 2-3 weeks increase this to 30mg for the remaining 3 weeks.

As it does have a half life, it would be recommended to split the dosage up throughout the day. Taking half the dose in the morning and the remaining half in the afternoon. You would only want to use it in a 6 week cycle and then remain off it for an additional 6 weeks.

Intermediate Dbol Dosage

Once you have gone through one dianabol cycle, you can then increase the dosage of Dianabol you are taking. I would take between 30-50mg. Again take the 30mg for 3 weeks and then 50mg for the following 3 weeks. 50mg is a decent amount so many people will stick to this amount, even when classed as a more advanced user.

Again I’d recommend splitting the dosage per day, reducing the risk of it not being in your system due to it having a half life. Most men will not use any more than 50mg.

Advanced Dbol Dosage

Many advanced users will use up to 75mg per day, although it’s important to note that this could then increase the risk of side effects. Again split this to help reduce the potential side effects and longevity of the dbol.

Dianabol is hepatotoxic and this means that it is toxic on the liver, which is why it is advised to cycle it off. Your ability to withstand the side effects of Dbol would determine when/if you can increase the dosage and not your ability to lift weight.



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Dbol Dosage For Women

Dianabol is not usually a steroid that many women will take, this is because of its androgenic strength. Side effects that are often associated for women are increased acne, increased hair growth and changes in the voice.

The dianabol Dosage for women does need to be decreased in order to see physique and performance gains but helps to reduce the risk of side effects. Women will often reduce the dosage to 5mg per day. Some may increase this to 10mg, however this dose has had reports at increasing the risk of the above side effects. Even though this dbol dosage does seem lower than in men, it is still enough to see some effective results.

There are some steroids that are more accepted by women such as Clenbutrol, Anavar and Winstrol.

Dbol - Directions Of Use

No matter what you decide to be your dianabol dosage is, you should take it for 6 weeks at a time. If you are taking a low dose then you could extend this to eight weeks. At the end of a Dianabol cycle, you then need to have a break for the same amount of time. If you are on it for 6 weeks, you need a break for 6 weeks.

The reason why you need to make sure to take it for a short time is because of the side effects. As its a strong hepatotoxic, extended use can put strain on the liver and cause some serious side effects.

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Best Dosage To Reduce Side Effects

Side effects are more often than not associated to the dosage. If you can reduce the dosage of Dianabol, many of these side effects can also become reduced. More often than not those that use Dianabol will stack it with other pills to help counteract some side effects, or reduce the dosage.

Estrogenic side effects such as man boobs often doesn’t happen with low doses, however it can also be prevented by using a testosterone booster. As Dbol is toxic on the liver, it is very important to drink plenty of water. Water will help to keep the kidney and liver clean and working correctly.

Increased blood pressure is also a well-known side effect, reducing the dose or making sure your diet contains foods that doesn’t increase blood pressure will help prevent this side effect

Want to learn more about potential side effects? read more..

Cycling Dianabol along with dosage is also very important to reduce side effects, as it is toxic on the liver. If you take a higher dose such as 50mg, you may need to cycle it sooner than if you was to take a lower dosage. Read more about cycles by clicking here

Potential Results From Correct Dbol Dosage

Unlike normal supplements, the results do not vary on the individual. Most people will see the same muscle mass growth, as long as you are taking the correct Dianabol Dosage. Most people will see an increase of around 15lbs of weight gain in just a few weeks. This does tend to be a combination of lean muscle mass and water retention. Other results from Dbol include;

  • Increased Strength Levels
  • Boost To Stamina​​​
  • Improved Recovery Time

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