Clean Bulking – What is it?

Clean Bulking is one of two ways to help bulk up. This article will teach you what bulking clean is and the pros of having a clean diet whilst bulking.

Interested in Clean Bulking?

The first question that pops up in your mind when thinking of building muscles is whether bulking is an absolute must for a great body. The subject of bulking has remained a subject of controversy over the last few years.

While some opine that in order to gain ‘big muscles’ you need to opt for a “big appetite”, others are of the opinion that those meatheads who want little muscle and more fat are the ones looking for bulk. The truth is that bulking isn’t inherently good nor is it bad. This is where clean bulking comes into action.

Clean Bulking- What is it?

It can be described as a dieting method that allows maximizing of the muscle growth with minimum fat gain. There are two simple things you need to follow in order to clean bulk:

  • Make sure that the calorie intake is regulated
  • Ensure that majority of the calories are consumed through nutritious food

Need for Calorie Intake Regulation:

It is necessary to count how much calorie you are consuming daily is extremely important as consuming lesser calories than the amount burning regularly can lead to the following problems:

  • Impair the synthesizing of muscle proteins
  • Increase catabolic and reduce anabolic hormone levels, resulting in incapability to build body muscles
  • Reduce the performance of workouts

So, the more calories you consume, the faster will you be able to build more muscles and gain strength. Clean bulking is the most accepted and easiest way to do this as it ensures that you consume just a little more than you burn on a regular basis. It is recommended that you consume only 10-15% more calories (daily) in comparison to the amount you’re burning regularly.

Tips for Effective Clean Bulking:

Here are some tips that will help you achieve the desired results from clean bulking;

Calculating macros and calories – The word “Macro” stands for “macronutrient” and it is required in very large amounts in your body. Here macro refers to fat, protein and carbs. You should always calculate the amount of macros and calories you’re consuming on a regular basis. Take all the help you can to make sure that you consume only calculated amounts and not more.

Intelligent Cheating – Once and week cheating is goof and make sure that you don’t consume more than 150% of what you normally intake as calories on a daily basis on your “cheat day”.

Making A Meal Plan – As you are to calculate your calorie intake so must you make a chart for what you will eat on a daily basis. This meal plan will help you analyze and make sure you’re moving in the right direction.

Take Body Response Into Account – A lot depends on your body response. If you find that the calorie intake is not sufficient you should increase it in small measures and find out how your muscles are developing and if in case, the amount of calorie you’re consuming is more than required, you can cut out calorie intake in small measures to get desired results.

Have Patience – Finally, you must have patience as it takes time for your body muscles to build.

Conclusion Of Clean Bulking:

While it’s okay to have your diet regulated. The right supplements and legal steroids can also help you build muscles faster. Make sure that you do a proper research before opting for supplements or legal steroids. You don’t want them to affect your body adversely.

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