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Men all over the world are looking into various ways to boost their testosterone levels so they can experience all the great benefits that come with healthy and vibrant levels of testosterone like more muscle, higher sex drive, more energy & stamina, and a better overall outlook on life. Not to mention some of the lesser known benefits of healthy testosterone levels like better heart health, boosted immune system, regulating cholesterol, and controlling blood sugar.

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Testosterone levels naturally decline over time with age, but it seems that modern life is also taking a greater toll on testosterone levels in men.

According to a Massachusetts Male Aging study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, the rate at which men’s testosterone levels are dropping faster than they used to and they’re happening at a younger age. (source)

On average, men’s testosterone levels are about 20% lower across the board than they used to be only twenty years ago. (source)

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a change in that trajectory of decline either. There are a whole host of possible diet, environmental, and lifestyle reasons why this faster rate of decline is occurring, and we need to tackle this issue head on now.

Testosterone Research Shedding Light

There has been a lot of scientific research and study on testosterone over the last 20 to 30 years, and we know more now than we used to particularly as it relates to how the body works and how it can produce more of its own testosterone naturally.

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Scientific research has shed new light on ways that we can make adjustments to diet, environment, and lifestyle that will not only stop the rate of testosterone decline, but also RAISE our our testosterone levels naturally.

We are going to focus specifically on one solution in this article, and that is a testosterone booster.

Boosting Testosterone

A testosterone booster is a supplement made of various amino acids, natural botanicals, vitamins, minerals, and other natural compounds.

The idea is that these combined ingredients work together to trigger and cause your body to increase production of its own healthy testosterone naturally.

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This is completely different than testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). TRT is injecting your body with foreign testosterone from an outside source. This is a therapy that can only be managed and prescribed by a medical doctor. Aside from the expensive cost, there are many health issues with potential short term and long term side effects that make TRT a less than desirable solution to having lower testosterone levels.

Testosterone Replacement Side Effects:

  • Increased risk of heart disease
  • Increased risk of stroke
  • Psychosis
  • Testicular shrinkage
  • Male breast growth (Gynecomastia)
  • Dependency

Testosterone boosters use a natural method to increase testosterone levels whereas testosterone replacement therapy uses an unnatural way.

We believe that only natural ways of boosting testosterone are sustainable over the long haul of life, which is why we like testosterone boosters vs. TRT.

Are Testosterone Boosters Safe & Do They Work?

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The beauty of a natural testosterone booster supplement is that they are completely safe to use with virtually no negative side effects at all.  That’s because they are made up of natural healthy ingredients versus getting outside foreign testosterone.

As with any supplement you take, you need to follow the instructions and take it as directed and not only is it completely safe, but you also won’t feel any negative side effects. In fact, you should be feeling nothing but positive benefits.

That’s if you get a good quality testosterone booster that works.

It’s important to know that NOT all testosterone boosters work. With all the hype and attention on testosterone now especially with the rate of decline dropping faster and faster each year, testosterone boosters have really gained in popularity.

In a market where the need or market demand is high, you will always find those that are looking to capitalize on the vulnerabilities of men, in this case, and their only goal is make a profit off of unsuspecting and trusting consumers.

Unfortunately the market is loaded with testosterone boosters that don’t work.

The biggest reason why many test boosters on the market don’t work is because they don’t use ingredients that have been scientifically proven to boost testosterone.

That has to be your starting point in finding the best testosterone boosters on the market that actually work and produce results by increasing testosterone.

Manufacturers Know That You Don’t Know

The problem for most consumers is that they don’t know which ingredients have been scientifically proven to boost testosterone. All they see are some weird sounding ingredients that look no different than any other ingredient on a supplement or prescription they might be taking.

What usually happens then is that a consumer is drawn to the product that did the best job marketing. High intensity graphics and videos complete with muscles pumping, fires burning, and anything else that can make a consumer feel like that particular testosterone booster will skyrocket their testosterone levels to unbelievable new heights.

Sadly, the glitzy marketing wins them over, and oftentimes they’re left with a product that has no real testosterone boosting power at all.

They try the product and don’t get the results, and they become soured into thinking that all testosterone boosters are just a big marketing scam.

Make no mistake, there are definitely test booster products on the market that aren’t worth a damn, but don’t let that ruin the whole concept for you, because the reality is that there are some test boosters on the market that are downright remarkable.

The key is knowing what to look for.

Knowledge Is Testosterone Boosting Power

As a consumer you have to know what to look for as far as ingredients are concerned.

You need to find products that contain a number of ingredients that have been scientifically proven to boost testosterone. We recommend looking for test booster with a minimum of 5 proven ingredients.

These are our 3 favorite test boosters with the most proven ingredients

First the bad news

The bad news is that in order for you to gain the necessary knowledge about test booster ingredients, you’re going to have to research each and every one that you come across. The idea is that you have to distinguish between ingredients that may give you some sort of benefit (ie increased energy, higher libido, etc) with ingredients that actually have been proven to increase testosterone levels – where you will end up getting all those benefits and even more.

I’m not going to lie, this takes a lot of time and effort to sift through all the different ingredients, cross referencing medical journals and studies, and finally getting to place where you know which are known good ingredients and which are not. Unfortunately, that’s just way to much time and effort for most people, and they just won’t do it. Instead, they’ll roll the dice and go with whatever product looks the coolest or did the most convincing job that their product will actually work.

Now the good news

We know that most people can’t or won’t do all of that research. Manufacturers know that it’s almost ridiculous to think that consumers will do this research. In fact, most manufacturers are counting on the fact that you won’t know.

good news about best testosterone booster ingredients


Here’s the good news!

Researching ingredients and arming you with this information is what we do!

We have spent the hours researching ingredients, medical journals, studies & trials, as well as other medical and scientific references to come up with a list of the best testosterone booster ingredients that have been proven to increase testosterone levels.

This way, you have a list that you easily look at to reference when you are contemplating purchasing a testosterone booster.

This list will allow you to separate the great marketing & hype you’ll come across from the real science behind what is proven to get the job done.

Best Testosterone Booster Ingredients

best testosterone booster ingredients

These ingredients are proven to increase testosterone levels, and if the test booster you’re looking at doesn’t have at least 5 of these ingredients, then we would recommend that you move on to another one that does.

If the product you’re looking at has a minimum of 5 ingredients from the list below and also has additional ingredients that are not on this list, that’s not a problem.  We call those secondary ingredients. That means they are ingredients that don’t boost testosterone per se, but they may have additional or complimentary benefits.

Let’s look at the best test booster ingredients proven to increase testosterone:

Vitamin D. This is powerful test boosting ingredients. Numerous studies show that men with low testosterone levels also have low levels of Vitamin D. There is a direct correlation between low T and low D. Men that have higher levels of Vitamin D also have higher levels of testosterone. A general target to shoot for is a dosage of ~5,000 IU daily. (study)

Zinc. Zinc increases testosterone by decreasing the amount of aromatase activity in your body. Aromatase activity increases estrogen, and that’s extremely detrimental to T levels, since estrogen kills testosterone. You should for a dosage range somewhere in the 10 mg to 40 mg range. (study)

D-Aspartic AcidIt’s one of the most powerful testosterone boosting ingredients. You find this ingredient in many of the top testosterone boosters because it really works. How it works by increasing something called luteinizing hormone (LH). The science behind D aspartic acid is that it is a catalyst for increased testosterone production by increasing luteinizing hormone (LH) which is the first step in signaling the body to increase testosterone production. What’s so encouraging about D-Aspartic Acid is that studies like this one show that it can increase testosterone and LH by over 45% in just 13 days time!

This top 3 booster has more D-Aspartic Acid than any other booster we’ve reviewed

Vitamin B6. A well known and proven estrogen blocker. Any ingredient that blocks or suppresses estrogen production is a good ingredient for a testosterone booster. Not only has B6 been shown to block estrogen production, but it has also been shown to increase the rate of testosterone synthesis. A nice bonus to B6 is that also increases the body’s absorption rate of all test boosting ingredients in a test booster, plus your energy levels get a kick too. You typically want to look for a minimum of about 5 mg. (study)

Ginseng. Ginseng has been shown to increase the levels of free testosterone in men. It is used and has been used for centuries to also stimulate the libido, which is a nice additive bonus. Furthermore it also has a natural ability to improve your stamina, endurance, and energy. All great things that go hand in hand with boosting testosterone.  It also boosts Nitric Oxide activity in your body. We find good dosage levels between 100 mg – 300 mg.

Mucuna Pruriens. Treatment with this test booster ingredient has been shown to significantly improve luteinizing hormone, improve T levels, dopamine, and adrenaline in men with low levels of testosterone. MP is fast becoming one of the most sought after ingredients in the T boosting world due to the fact that it is so effective at increasing testosterone (and also human growth hormone). It does this because it’s a natural source of L-Dopa which is a direct precursor to dopamine. Dopamine increases testosterone by decreasing prolactin secretion. Mucuna is also a very powerful anti-cortisol ingredient. Chronic and extended cortisol production is one of the biggest killers of testosterone.. (study) (study)

Here’s our top recommendation of a T-booster with Mucuna Pruriens

Magnesium. Magnesium controls over 300 different functions of the body. It gives energy to cells, improves sleep quality, activates creatine, maintains fluid balance and best of all, it increases free testosterone. General guidance is to look for ~100 mg. (study)

Fenugreek. Known especially for it’s strong anti-estrogen properties. Not only that but Fenugreek as also been shown to enhance male libido (sex drive). Low libido is a common issue among men with low testosterone and a common complaint from their partners. Proven estrogen blocker and libido enhancer make this a powerful test booster ingredient. Estrogen production become more common as men get older. Look for about 100 mg to be a good minimum effective dosage. (study) (study)

Ashwagandha. Ashwagandha looks to have a whole host of health benefits including reducing stress, cortisol levels, anxiety and inflammation.  In addition to those, it also has been shown to improve sperm quality and boost testosterone and that’s why it’s on our list of best proven ingredients. Look for a minimum of about 300 mg. (study)

Forskolin. It’s true that you see Forskolin marketed in the weight loss & fat burning industry due to how it increases cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) levels, but did you know that it is also an effective and proven testosterone booster? Add it to your list of proven testosterone boosters. Best to look for an approximate min dosage of about 200 mg. (study)

Tongkat Ali. This ingredient goes by a couple of other names as well. It also is known as Longjack or Eurycoma Longifolia. Tongkat Ali has been shown to increase testosterone levels in men who have Low T and moderate to high stress levels (high chronic cortisol). You should look for a minimum dosage level of about 150 mg. (study) (study)

Oyster Extract. The thing about oyster extract is that it is very high in Zinc, and we already know that Zinc is a known and proven T booster. Oyster extract leverages all the aromatase inhibiting qualities found in zinc. For this proven T booster you want to look for a minimum dosage of about 50 mg. (study)

Boron. This ingredient has been shown to generate more free T hormone by up to 28%! Not only that, but it has also been shown to reduce the testosterone killer, estrogen, by up to a whopping 39%! This is one of the best kept secrets in the test boosting ingredients world, and it’s actually one of the most effective. Look a minimum of 5 mg. (study)

Luteolin. A very powerful aromatase inhibitor with very strong antiestrogenic properties. A powerful and potent test boosting ingredient to keep in your arsenal. As men get older, increased estrogen production becomes more and more of an issue. Look for a dosage that is an approximate minimum of 50 mg. (study)

Selenium. Selenium not only has been linked to elevated T levels, but it also has been shown to increase sperm motility, volume, and quality (5). Sperm quality is often linked to T levels, and men who have the highest testosterone levels also tend to have the highest sperm count. Look for approximately 30 mcg or more in the ingredients.

Now you’re armed and equipped with the information you need to evaluate different testosterone boosting products in the market.

Please go through our Testosterone Booster Reviews so you can understand how and why we rated the products the way we do.

We spent many hours analyzing and reviewing hundreds of products on the market. We’ve included some of the most popular and requested products in our review section.

We’ve also tried to help save you time by narrowing down the field to what we have concluded are the Top 3 Testosterone Boosters Of The Year.

These three products really have set themselves apart and risen to the top in our analyses, and they will provide you with the biggest impact to your testosterone levels, so you can experience the greatest benefits and results.

We really encourage you to take a look them so you can see the detail behind why we believe them to be the best testosterone boosters on the market.

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