5 Foods That Kill Testosterone

Discover the 5 foods that kill testosterone levels, making it harder to experience muscle growthIf you are looking for muscle growth, you ideally need a decent level of testosterone. Testosterone is the male hormone that aids in the development of muscle growth. The problem is that without many of us knowing, some of the foods we eat could be killing our testosterone levels.

You could be really smashing it at the gym, seeing some gains but could your T levels be preventing you from seeing even better gains and in a shorter space of time? Having increased Testosterone will certainly help with your workouts and reaching your goal.

So What is actually killing testosterone?…..Estrogen!

Testosterone is usually coined the male hormone, Estrogen is known as the female hormone. As we age our testosterone is converted into estrogen, therefore our T levels decrease and our estrogen increases.

The side effects of high levels of Estrogen include;

  • Loss Of Muscle Mass
  • Fatigue
  • Low Libido
  • Increase In Body Fat

If you’re trying to see muscle growth and lean muscle, and your estrogen levels are too high it’s going to be a lot harder. Due to side effects such as loss of muscle mass and increased body fat. As said this happens naturally as we age, however we can reduce the amount of testosterone that is converted as well as reduce the amount of estrogen we are actually putting into our system.

The 5 Foods That Kill Testosterone

Interestingly there are some foods that we consume, sometimes daily. That contain estrogen and therefore increase our levels of it. Cutting these foods out of your diet, or at least reducing them will help to prevent your testosterone levels from decreasing.

Food #1: Alcohol

Foods That Kill Testosterone One - Beer

Who doesn’t love a good drink now and again, the problem is it could be impacting on your gains. You will see that most people looking to get into shape will either stop consuming alcohol or will limit the amount they drink. Many believe this is due to the wasted calories which is true but it also contributes to lower your testosterone levels. Since Alcohol tends to go straight to the gut, that is usually a big testosterone killer.

Food #2: Soy

Foods That Kill Testosterone Three - Soy

This one has had a lot of debate on it, as some studies claim it does impact on Testosterone whilst others say it doesn’t. An interesting study had shown that it causes a high concentration of the chemical Equol, which is found in the gut. This chemical aids in shutting down the production of testosterone. My thoughts, if there is a chance it reduces T levels, cut it out of your diet.

Food #3: Sugar

Foods That Kill Testosterone Four - Sugar

We already knew that sugar is bad for our teeth and can increase fat, did you know it also decreases testosterone? A study in Oxford took 75 men and gave them 75g of sugar and all of them saw a drop in Testosterone levels, a drop by 25%! In context 75g sounds like a lot, but in reality it is only 2 fizzy drinks. Do yourself a favour, give up the sugary drinks and cut the sugars down in your morning coffee!

Food #4: Refined Carbs IE Cakes, Biscuits, Crackers, Chocolate, Cereals

Foods That Kill Testosterone Five - Carbs

It’s not hard to look at the above and think that these should not really be in your diet, but why would they kill testosterone levels? Refined or simple carbs such as these almost instantly turn to sugar and as we learned above, sugar will dramatically drop our T Levels.

Food #5: Milk (What?!)

Foods That Kill Testosterone Two - Milk

Milk can be a big testosterone killer and I know it’s not a food but this one did surprise me so I had to include it! It does however make sense when you think about it. All milk is produced from pregnant female cows, when any creature is pregnant they are going to have an increased level for the female hormone estrogen. Milk is therefore jam packed full of estrogen as well as about 29 other chemicals….I am glad I have my coffee black!

There we have it 5 foods that kill testosterone, there are possibly many other types but I would say these are the most common types. If you can limit any or all of these in your daily routine, your natural testosterone levels have a chance to increase and so does your muscle growth.

As I did say at the start of the article, our testosterone levels do naturally drop as we get older. Its also hard to increase testosterone to a high level to see impressive results from just our diet alone (although it does help). As well as avoiding these foods that kill testosterone, I would be tempted to recommend including a T Booster into your workout regime.

What Is a Testosterone Booster?

It is a misunderstanding that testosterone boosters add Testosterone to your system. A recommended natural booster will not add them to your body but simply protect the levels you do have, whilst helping your body to naturally produce more.

Typically these supplements help to provide your body with the key ingredients that causes your body to produce more testosterone. They also work to help block the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

A popular saying – More Testosterone = More Muscle…

If you can therefore boost your T Levels, you should be able to experience a nice increase in muscle growth. Taking your gym efforts to the next level and getting you to the goals you are after.

There are so many different boosters on the market though, it can be somewhat challenging to find ones that work but are also safe. I have spent a few years researching ingredients that go into testosterone boosters, I therefore generally know which ones are effective and which ones are not. This has also allowed me to be able to give sensible and factual reviews of the different T Boosters.

If you are interested in supplementing your daily routine with a booster, take a look at my reviews. You can find a link to them below. I do you found this article useful and also find the research into T Boosters helpful. Any comments or questions please post them below.

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