What Is Bulking

What is Bulking - Discover exactly what bulking is and how it can help develop muscle mass

What Is Bulking?

If you are looking to bulk up then it is first important to know exactly what is bulking and how to do it effectively. By bulking up properly you are able to control your body transformation better and keep on top of any developments in muscle grown.

The idea of bulking is to increase the amount of calories than your body consumes on a daily basis, it is required when looking to grow muscle. By taking in more calories, the extra calories will go to building more muscle mass.

Most people will often bulk for around 3-6 months and then go through a cutting phase. Once the body fat percentage is back down to an amount they are happy with, they repeat the bulking phase and so on.

What are the side effects to Bulking?

It is important to remember when looking into bulking that there is a side effect. You will find that your body fat percentage will go up, you need to take this into account if you do often check your percentages.

You can try and have a clean diet when bulking but usually you will still get some percentage of fat. I wouldn’t be too concerned though once you have reached the muscle mass you want, you can reduce the additional fat via a cutting cycle.

What are the benefits of Bulking?

If you’re thinking of going through a bulking cycle then you should see some benefits. It is however important that you do stick to the cycle for at least 3 months in order to see the best results. Make sure you do also continue to go to the gym, without the gym you won’t see the muscle mass.

  • Increased muscle mass
  • Increased energy
  • Increased Size

Clean or Dirty Bulking?

There are typically two types of ways in which people will bulk up. You could either go the clean route or the dirty route. If you are new to bulking/bodybuilding then I would recommend going the clean route.

A clean bulk is when you consume the required amount of calories needed, getting them from healthy sources. They are typically going to be the same kind of meals you would have when looking to shed the fat, however you will either consume more of it or some other variations.

Clean bulking will often take longer to get to your target weight gain, however you will still keep somewhat a chiseled body. If you are then planning on to shed the fat, you will often find it easier.

Dirty bulking on the other hand is simply consuming anything and everything in order to get the calories. Burgers, pizza, chocolate etc are usually all on the menu because of the high calorie count. More often than not people see quicker weight gain, however it can also be somewhat unhealthy and put additional strain on the body.

You will also tend to find it much harder to shed the fat when going through a cutting cycle. This is a method of bulking that I would personally recommend avoiding.

What is a good bulking diet?

Its important when looking to bulk up that you don’t just eat a lot of fat, you do need to increase your calorie intake but you need to balance it with the amount of workouts you are doing. If you have too many calories and don’t workout enough then you will simply continue to put on weight and not get the results you are looking for.

Its also important to make sure you are consuming the right kinds of calories. A good bulking diet will typically consist of 40% Carbs, 20% fat and 40% protein. To find out exactly how many calories you should consume you need to add around 300-800 calories to your current calorie intake.

Below is a great calculator to work out how many calories you should intake. Its based on your age, gender, height and weight. Make sure your check what your Basal Metabolic Rate is. This is how many calories you should intake before any exercise.


Tips For Beginners

  • The first tip would be to create a meal plan and stick to it. It might even be worthwhile making all your meals at the start of the week. If you already have the meals done, you wont be tempted to go off track and get a burger, pizza or another fast food.

  • Make sure you give yourself realistic goals. No doubt you want to develop XX amount of weight so you can drastically bulk up, this is not always possible. It is even harder to do if you have a fast metabolism and find it hard to keep the weight on

  • Keep a note of your weight on a weekly/bi weekly basis so you can continue to monitor the increase. Make sure to also monitor your body fat percentage, as you may need to adjust the calorie intake depending on what you are eating.

  • The most important tip...Enjoy it! Do the diet right and combine it with the workout and you will get the size and strength gains you are looking for!

In Conclusion

If you are looking to build muscle mass then you are going to need to start looking at bulking up. It takes a little dedication on the diet side to ensure you are;

  • Eating the right calories
  • Consuming the right amount of calories

By doing so you will soon start to see increased muscle mass. You may also see an increase in energy. This allow you to work out for longer and in turn see much better results.

Stick to bulking up for a good 3-6 months. If your looking to shed the fat and become leaner. You then need to start thinking about a cutting cycle.

I hope this basic guide on What is bulking has helped and answered any questions. If you do have any more please feel free to ask them in the comments.

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