The Best Superhero Workouts, Get The Body Of Your Favourite Hero!

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The actors in hero films today work incredibly hard to be able to not only act the part but also look the part. This guide aims to show you the best Superhero workout routines, helping you to also achieve the same results as your favorite heroes.

Superhero movies are all the rage at the moment, and unlike the 80’s and 90’s, no one wants to see CGI. We want realism, and if we watch a superhero film, we want to be able to believe that they are the real deal.

The actors behind your favorite superhero will often train for months before filming, making sure they don’t just have the athletic ability but are also built like the hero they are portraying. Imagine being able to bulk up like Thor, build strength like Captain America or be able to control an iron suit like Iron Man (maybe not…but you get the idea!)

Below you will be able to find a list of the very best superhero workouts. There is a wide variety of different types of routines that focus on different goals such as;

  • Building Muscle Mass
  • Increasing Strength
  • Producing Lean Muscle

Depending on your goal would determine which routine might be suitable for you and which superhero you want to aspire to be. If there is a hero routine that you are looking for but cannot find, please comment below, and we will look at getting it sorted for you.

Okay…Time to suit up!

26. Scarlett Johansson / Black Widow

Image of Scarlett Johansson as Superhero Black Widow |

Scarlett Johansson suited up for the first time in 2010 for the Marvel film Iron Man 2. She played the character Natasha Romanova or otherwise known as Black Widow. She portrays a Russian spy working for Agents of Shield and then later becomes a member of the Avengers.

Throughout the last eight years, Scarlett has continued to train to portray Natasha accurately. The Black Widow doesn’t have any powers as such but is an expert in martial arts such as jujitsu, Aikido, Boxing and Judo to name a few. Scarlett’s workout routine is a combination of strength training and full body fat burning circuits. This combination ensures that she has the muscular physique and strength to be able to fight her opponents but also have the flexibility.

25. Manu Bennett / Deathstroke

Manu Bennett as Slade Wilson |

Manu Bennett took on the role of Slade Wilson in the TV Show Arrow. Slade was an elite member of the Australian Secret Intelligence Service. While on the island of Lian Yu with Oliver Queen (Green Arrow), he was injected with Mirakuru. This is a serum created by the Japanese to turn men into super soldiers.

Manu Bennett needed to build muscle mass and strength but also have the ability to move with speed. Manu combines a mixture of exercise types these include weights to gain size, swimming and interestingly yoga. This unique combination helps to give him the muscle, strength but also the athleticism.

24. Charlie Cox / Daredevil

Charlie Cox workout routine as superhero Daredevil |

Charlie Cox will admit that he is not a trained fighter and before he took on the role of Matt Murdock he didn’t have the superhero body. For the first season, he trained a lot and even stepped this up into the second season.

To become the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, Charlie needed to build up some decent muscle which involved an intense workout routine as well as a strict meal plan. He also needed to be able to fight and so had some tough fighting training.

Unlike superhero workouts like the Hulk or Thor, Charlie needed to have the muscle and strength but also the speed and flexibility. His workout didn’t consist of muscle group weight training but focused more on athletic/fight training.

23. Jeremy Renner / Hawkeye

Image of Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye |

There is often a debate on who is the better archer, Hawkeye or Green Arrow. (My choice is Green Arrow!). If you were to put the two actors next to each other, they have a similar physique, not surprising then that their workout has some similarities.

Jeremy is not a massive fan of the gym and has mentioned that he only trains when he needs to. He has a well-balanced diet but at the same time, enjoys an off day or two. For his role as Hawkeye he doesn’t need size but speed, which is why he combines Calisthenics with some weights.

Pulling a bow and arrow might look easy, but it is pretty hard and requires a lot of upper body strength. Therefore a lot of focus in this workout routine was strengthening the arms, chest, shoulders, and back.

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22. Melissa Benoist / Supergirl

Melissa Benoist is Supergirl |

How on earth do you train to portray a Kryptonian? Melissa Benoist had to do just that for the recent series Supergirl. Now if you were to look at Melissa, she doesn’t have significant muscle mass, but she does have a toned physique, focusing on lean muscle growth instead of mass.

She has said many times that she does like to attempt most of the stunts herself and therefore focuses on functional training. To help with the fight scenes, Melissa does a lot of boxing but combines this with Plyometrics and Pilates to get the toned physique. Its worth noting that boxing is also an incredible fat burning workout, perfect for those looking to get the body fat % down.

21. Chadwick Boseman / Black Panther

Image of Chadwick Boseman results when working out for Black Panther |

Chadwick Boseman takes on the role of T’Challa in Black Panther. We first got to see him in Civil War, and right away I knew that he was the right actor for the role. The primary goal of this superhero routine is to drop the body fat percentage, showing lean muscle and a defined physique.

Chadwick’s routine consisted of a 3 step program. He needed to increase his strength which involved a decent amount of weight training. The second phase was flexibility, and for this, he took advantage of bodyweight/calisthenics workouts. Finally, he needed combat training to protect Wakanda.

20. The Hulk

Bulk up like the hulk |

This superhero workout is a little bit of a cheat if I am honest, as it was all CGI and at any rate, I wouldn’t recommend exposing yourself to gamma rays to get superhuman strength. Saying that it is, however, more than possible to bulk up like the hulk and pack on massive muscle mass.

It is a combination of an effective weight routine that focuses on individual muscle groups, with a high-calorie diet plan. This routine is an incredible way to “hulk out,” without having to go green!

19. Jon Bernthal / Punisher

Jon Bernthal workout routine for the Punisher |

Jon Bernthal took on the role of Frank Castle in Daredevil, and it was well received that he then went solo in the Netflix series The Punisher. Now when you look at Frank, you wouldn’t imagine he would need to work out much, he was, however, a soldier and therefore needed strength, flexibility as well as focus.

Jon said that much of his workout routine consisted of boxing and lots of it since it is so good at burning calories. The meal plan is just as important, and this is something that Jon took very seriously. He was very strict when it came to what he would eat and would think about food as being fuel for his body. The foods he did tend to focus on was lean meat for the protein with vegetables.

18. Tom Hardy / Bane

Tom Hardy workout routine for Bane |

Bane is one of those characters that could be somewhat comparable to the Hulk, being large and well built. Tom Hardy portrayed him very well and needed to work very hard to build such muscle mass, after all, it takes strength to be able to fight Batman and break his back!

Looking at the character, you would expect him to have spent every day in the gym, which is not the case. It is said that he would spend three days in the gym and focused on full body workouts. Having a rest day between exercises and a complete rest over the weekend to help his muscles recover.

He is supposed to have cheated on the nutrition side of things, he didn’t take any pills, but he did follow a dirty bulking meal plan. This is basically when you eat junk food due to the high-calorie count, although not ideal on a long-term basis. I’m sure you will agree though, Tom looked incredible!

17. Krysten Ritter / Jessica Jones

Workout for Marvel hero Jessica Jones |

Jessica Jones is a superhero who has superhuman strength and is portrayed by Krysten Ritter. Personally, I believe the casting is perfect. Krysten focused on boxing to help take her frame from slender to sculpted.

Krysten needed to increase her strength levels, after all, Jessica Jones has the strength to lift a car. Which is why she turned to boxing, as it is known to increase strength and power. Boxing is also an excellent workout routine as it helps to tone muscles, as you can burn off calories.

16. Ryan Reynolds / Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern |

The Green Lantern film was not well received, and no one can deny how good Ryan Reynolds managed to get his body for the role. (I did enjoy the movie!). Ryan has always had lean muscle, but for his role as Hal, he needed to take it up a level to get that superhero body.

The workout routine for Green Lantern was all about shedding the fat and producing lean muscle instead of size. He, therefore, focused on three different types of training, Circuit, Bodyweight, and Plyometrics.

15. Ryan Reynolds / Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds-Deadpool workout routine |

Some years had passed since Ryan was in Green Lantern but he needed to hit the gym again for the role of Wade Wilson who becomes Deadpool. For this he didn’t just want to build lean muscle and burn fat, he also wanted to build more size.

Ryan would go to the gym on a daily basis and focus on one muscle group per day, while also trying to work out some secondary muscle groups. To ensure his body didn’t get used to the workouts, Ryan would continue to change the equipment used, taking advantage of all the different types of equipment in the gym to get his superhero physique.

One of the great things about the Deadpool workout is that it is more than possible for your average gym goer to achieve the same results. It is merely a case of working out smart and combining the weights with a good meal plan.

14. Robert Downey Jr / Iron Man

Iron Man Superhero workout |

Now you might be thinking Iron Man wouldn’t need to workout, after all, he has a power suit. Robert Downey Jr did, however, work incredibly hard before the first Iron Man film to get the physique of a Superhero. This is something that he may have found harder than some of the other heroes, due to him being one of the eldest.

Throughout the different Iron Man and Avenger films, Robert Downey Jr continued to make changes to his workout but at the same time continue to increase lean muscle. With his character being a playboy/tech geek, he wouldn’t look right with a body like Captain America. His goal was to, therefore, add more definition.

Many of the exercises within this Superhero workout routine were focused on building strength, and Robert would tend to focus on one muscle group per day. Since 2003 Robert had made many healthy changes to his diet and knew it is essential.

13. Grant Gustin / The Flash

Grant Gustin : The Flash workout |

If you were to look at Grant Gustin, you wouldn’t think he had the body of a superhero. Afterall he is not large or built with muscles, which makes him the perfect actor to play The Flash. If you were to look at the Flash, he is the fastest man alive and therefore would be burning an incredible amount of calories resulting in a lean physique.

Grant follows a similar workout routine to that of The Flash, and it is mostly cardio-focused workouts making sure to keep his physique lean but more importantly improve his running technique.

Even though Grant is not looking to put on muscle mass, he does still need to keep an eye on his diet. He can generally get away with eating more carbs and fat, but he does need to continue to keep his body frame slim, hence the massive amount of cardio he does.

12. Jared Padalecki / Sam Winchester

Jared Padalecki - Sam Winchester |

When we first saw Jared hit our screens as the character Sam Winchester, he was on a journey to find his dad and to stop the yellow-eyed demon. Back then he was a slim college student and yeah he had some muscle but not nearly enough to help keep the evils of hell at bay!

We are now 14 seasons in and Jared has managed to bulk up and build some incredible muscle. This workout routine requires a combination of clean bulking to help pack on the calories, along with heavy weights to build up the muscle mass.

Along with size, it was important for Jared to still be as lean as possible, after all, he was running from demons and angels! He, therefore, added a couple of days of circuit training to his weekly workout plan.

11. Juliana Harkavy / Black Canary

Juliana Harkavy - Black Canary Workout Plan |

Juliana took on the role of Dinah Drake in the last two seasons of Arrow, even though she portrays a character with a sonic voice she still needs to be able to hold her own in a fight. Training with the rest of the cast has you turn what most would think is competition into a fun activity, which is bound to help keep you motivated!

Juliana comes from a family of athletes and therefore has always had the mindset of keeping fit and healthy. For her role, however, she needed to take it up a notch and build muscle while also helping to keep that shredded look. The key to this is to workout with low to mid weights, while consuming just the right amount of foods and not going to high on calories.

Her workout consists of a combination of weight workouts and boxing to help burn off those calories and increase stamina/endurance.

10. Hugh Jackman / Wolverine

Image of Hugh jackman when he starred as Wolverine |

Hugh Jackman is probably one of the main reasons why there are so many different Superhero Workouts. It was the results that we saw him get, that prompted more actors to get into shape for their roles, instead of relying on CGI. Hugh did go from fairly well shape beforehand to becoming a ripped beast!

Which is even more impressive given his age!

Men over 35 tend to find it harder to build muscle due to a decline in testosterone. Therefore it is possible that Hugh focused on a diet that consisted of foods known to help boost natural production.

The Wolverine workout would generally consist of cycles, the first being a bulking cycle aimed at building muscle mass by lifting heavy weights and focusing on the core muscle groups. After around four weeks he would then move on to a cutting cycle with the aim to burn the fat. The idea would be to continue repeating these two cycles until his goals were reached.

9. Gal Gadot / Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot routine |

When Gal Gadot got the role of the Superhero Wonder Woman, she was motivated to workout as hard as possible. In fact, she would often exercise for 6 hours per day, to get the physique of an Amazonian warrior.

To get the results she was looking for in Diana Prince, she needed to focus on strength training at the gym but also fit in some martial arts training. Gal is also a massive fan of rock climbing which would have been a great workout on the upper body muscles, while also helping to strengthen her core.

Due to the amount of cardio her workouts involved, she didn’t have any diet restrictions (to some degree of course!). Gal’s diet was however packed with protein and plenty of fresh greens.

8. Tom Holland / Spider-Man

Image of Tom Holland |

There have been a good number of young actors taking on the mantle of Peter Parker, Tom Holland is the most recent, and I think he is an excellent choice! Being an enthusiastic gymnast, this has helped him to be able to attempt his stunts and bring something different to other web slingers.

It has not been easy for him though, he has worked incredibly hard to get the muscle and definition, but all that hard work has certainly paid off. It has been really interesting following his social media posts, where he will often post workout updates.

The workout for him to get his superhero body was very different to others. He used EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), Boxing, Sledgehammer tire swings and a cardio circuit utilizing an altitude mask. These all helped him get the lean body that Spiderman is known for.

7. Jason Momoa / Aquaman

Jason Momoa as Aquaman |

Jason Momoa starred in Conan, so he needed to be built like a barbarian, he did, however, want to improve on this even more for Aquaman. When I first saw Jason, I felt he was perfect for the role.

With a body like his, you would expect him to be working so hard on his routine that it is more of a chor. He did, however, say that his workout routine was both fun and offered a good amount of variation. He loves the outdoors and tries to make the most of it for his workouts, doing a lot of climbing, hill sprints, surfing, swimming, and skateboarding. All of these are perfect for all body training, as well as ideal for burning the fat.

Jason’s superhero workout plan consisted of 3 routines, cardio, combat and an Accelerated Results 7 plan. This is basically when you do low reps and low weights but get them done with very little rest in between. (more info on this in his full workout plan)

6. Chris Pratt / Star-Lord

Chris Pratt Hero workout |

If you saw Chris Pratt before he was in Guardians of the Galaxy, you would be more than impressed with his results. He weighed over 280 lbs and transformed himself into a lean superhero, all thanks to time, dedication, and hard work.

To get the incredible results in such a short period (6 months!), Chris had to do three different workout routines. Initially, he needed to build muscle and focused on a strict bodybuilding focused workout. The second was a combination of building muscle but also incorporated more fat burning exercises.

His final workout was all about shedding the fat and getting lean. The plan of this was little weight but a lot of cardio and bodyweight. He has been very honest about his gains and said that it was all about focus, anyone can follow the same plan and see the same results if they are dedicated.

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5. Christian Bale / Batman

Christian Bale as Batman image |

Did you see Christian Bale in The Machinist, he was 121 lbs of skin and bone. Once Batman Begins started filming he was 190 lbs of pure muscle. Interestingly he did have to drop down again for another role to then bulk up again for The Dark Knight. This is a credit to him and his ability to see results.

The only way you are going to see the same results as Christian regardless of the workout routine is what you eat. You need to get the nutrition right as that is going to be 80% of the battle.

Due to his low weight, the aim of this superhero workout was muscle mass gains. It was all about lifting heavy weights but lower reps. The routine would require him to hit the gym five days a week, each day focusing on a specific muscle group.

4. Henry Cavill / Superman

Henry Cavil Image |

Now you won’t be able to fly after following this workout routine (sorry!), but you will be well on your way to a figure like Superman. Henry Cavill was already in decent shape when he was cast for the role of Clark Kent/Kal El, and he did, however, need to bulk up and build superhuman muscle mass.

Henry worked out for an incredible 2.5 hours each day, and this was usually for five days per week. Like many bodybuilding workouts, he cut the reps down but focused on heavyweights, as well as focusing on individual muscle groups each day.

His Monday workout would be a little different. He would do the 10,000lb challenge. This requires him to pick the weight and complete a set of 3 exercises. He would then continue doing the three exercises in sets until he has reached a total of 10,000lbs lifted.


3. Chris Hemsworth / Thor

Image of the Might Thor - Chris Hemsworth |

Chris Hemsworth did not always look like a Thunder God, however, by working out and eating correctly, he was able to wield the mighty hammer Mjolnir. Now I couldn’t imagine anyone other than Chris taking on the role of Thor!

Chris built up the muscle mass for Thor 1 but had to lose it again to film Rush, after this, he had to get the muscle back for Thor 2. This is a feat that many people wouldn’t be able to do without dedication and a very good workout routine.

To get the body of Thor the Thunder God, he used a combination of bodyweight exercises and weights focusing on mid reps but heavyweights. He needed to make sure his diet was on point, and he was consuming plenty of calories, to avoid muscle wastage.

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2. Chris Evans / Captain America

Chris Evans Workout |

Unfortunately, Chris was not able to inject himself with a super soldier serum. He needed to put the work in to look like Steve Rogers. Chris has confirmed that his diet was key to his results, consuming plenty of chicken for protein as well as taking some supplements to help boost protein and prevent his body going catabolic.

Like many of the Superhero workouts, the Captain America one is pretty intense. You don’t need superhuman abilities though; your average person can do it as long as they have the motivation and determination.

The key is to focus on heavy weights but keeping the reps low, spending a good couple of hours in the gym per day. To see the best results you need to focus on two muscle groups per workout, as this will ensure you get full body gains.

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1. Stephen Amell / Green Arrow

Stephen Amell Image |

Stephen Amell is one of our favorite superhero workouts, mainly because it is a little different and adds some great variation. Stephen stars in the TV series Arrow and plays Oliver Queen or otherwise known as Green Arrow. Oliver was stranded on a deserted island for five years, and in some respect, Stephen has tried to emulate this to see his impressive muscle gains.

Stephen focuses a lot of his workout on bodyweight/calisthenics and is a great fan of the workout Parkour. This type of exercise is incredible at building lean muscle, giving you the strength and definition. He does also combine this with weight exercises and even does archery to help build up his upper body strength.

Stephen Amell is the real deal; you should check out the video of him doing Ninja Warrior!

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Using Supplements

None of the above superheroes have released any information on whether they used any supplements to help give them the results they got. We can, however, make some assumptions on what they did or didn’t use to support their workouts.

I would expect that most if not all of them used some form of pre-workout, these are essential to help give you the energy needed to get through the exercises. You can assume they would have used these as some of their workout sessions were for hours.

I would also guess that they would have some form of post-workout supplement, whether a shake or a meal. This would be key to help get the right amount of protein back into their body to help feed the muscles and improve repair time.


Whether you are a fan of DC or Marvel, there are 25 of the very best superheroes and their workout routines. The great thing about these plans is that they do work and you don’t need to be rich and famous; it’s all about hard work and dedication.

Go through the list, pick your favorite superhero and see if you can emulate their results. Once you have done one and fancied a change, choose one of the other routines!

The above list is what we feel are the very best. However, there are so many more, and I’ll be continuing to bring these to you. If there is a workout, you like the most or one that you want adding, please comment below!

As I said before….Suit up and be a hero!