About Sofie

Sofie is our newest author on BulkingTime.com and its great to have her on board. She is able to provide us with more insight in the female perspective of fitness and health.

Sofie already has a lot of plans to write workouts aimed at women, as well as help to debunk some of the common myths of women working out.

A gym goer for many years, she loves the feeling after a good workout and is more than happy helping people to see the results they are looking for .


Sofie originally studied nutrition and has spent a lot of time learning about the ideal diet for losing weight and increasing muscle. Recently she has taken a part time job at her local gym as a personal trainer, helping other women see the results they are looking for.

"I have been passionate about health and fitness ever since I was 16. I always found the nutrition side of things fascinating, you could think your eating healthy but actually not giving your body everything it needs! I am looking forward to getting some advice up on the site, hopefully helping to give more diverse information and adding content from a female perspective. " Sofie

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