About Mike

Mike is our resident personal training and focusing in men's health & fitness. He has studied nutrition and physical education for many years.

He is an avid enthusiast when it comes to understanding and implementing the best strategies and tactics for optimal healthy living. Mike is obsessed with achieving peak performance.


If you have done any research in muscle growth, you will know that testosterone is key to maximising development. Mike is our expert when it comes to all things testosterone. There is nothing he doesnt know about it and its benefits in bodybuilding and fitness.

He has spent many years researching the different elements of testosterone. Including the causes of it decreasing, as well as natural ways to boost it. Mike knows exactly what herbal ingredients can help with testosterone and those that dont.

"I love everything to do with fitness, from the minute I wake up till the minute I go to bed. I live and breath all things health. I continue to try and reach my full potential and this involves pushing myself and my clients as far as possible. I love writing for BulkingTime, it helps me get even further advice out there..." Mike

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