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BarryAllen BulkingTime FounderMy names Barry, for any of those that are interested in comics my parents last name was Allen so funny coincidence I was named after popular hero The Flash. Believe me, that nickname has stuck with me all my life…even in times when id prefer not to be quick 😉

I started looking at a healthier lifestyle and lifting weights a good few years ago. During the past few years I have seen some decent improvements, being able to lift more and gradually getting the physique I have wanted.

It has not all been smooth sailing though. During the past few years I have tried a number of products. To be honest I either threw money down the drain or didn’t see any results. I must have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

I have however come across some products that have been really good, as well as given me some excellent results. This blog was originally my place to review these different products, making sure you don’t make the same mistakes as me.

Over the years of trying these products, I have done a lot of research on all kinds of subjects. Ranging from testosterone and what makes a good booster, to nutrition. I wanted to share what I have learnt. As well as product reviews you will also find articles I have personally written, including different recipes and workouts I’m currently doing/tried.

I really hope that this blog does help you and would love to hear what you think.