4Gauge Review – The Pre-Workout Explosion

4Gauge is a new Pre-Workout supplement that uses natural ingredients to give increased energy and increased focus. Get A Pre-Workout Explosion with 4Gauge Finding a good quality Pre Workout can be hard, there are so many on the market. If you are looking to give your workouts that little bit extra then a Pre Workout is essential. 4Gauge is a new supplement that has already proven to be incredibly powerful.

Benefits from it include;

  • Lift More Weight
  • Look Bigger – Feel Better
  • Increased Focus & Motivation
  • All Natural Ingredients – No Energy Crash
  • Increased Stamina – Long Lasting Energy


What is 4Gauge?

4Gauge has been formulated with natural ingredients to make sure you see the best results. In order to make sure it is as effective as possible, a lot of research has gone into its formation. It has been tested in detail by fitness professionals to maximise your performance.

Imagine using a pre workout that is based on years of research and clinical studies. It is this research that has resulted in 4Gauge being one of the most potent on the market. The formula uses a 4 in 1 system so you can experience workouts like nothing you have experienced before.

Soon you will be able to see increased strength, heightened focus, intense muscle pumps and long lasting energy – without the energy crashes that you get with other supplements

By just taking two scoops before a workout, you can start seeing the effects in between 15-45 minutes. 4Gauge has been proven to help push harder in the gym than you have ever done before. Experience explosive power with increased endurance, look bigger and feel incredible!

Whats Ingredients are in 4Gauge?

Unlike other pre workout it doesn’t just rely on the effects of caffeine to boost energy levels. It uses a unique blend of 8 natural ingredients to give you incredible results. It tastes great and is also low in calories (5 calories per serving)

Here at BulkingTime, we feel it’s important that companies show what is actually in the things they are selling. Many try to hide this information behind the term “proprietary blends”, which simply means they don’t want to tell you. 4Gauge not only shares every ingredient but also the quantity.

The dosage of each ingredient has also been ensured that you are getting the right amount. No high numbers to just make it look good, which could actually cause side effects in the long run. I also like the fact that they are continuing to readjust the ingredients to make sure it continues to be the best and most potent pre workout.

So what exactly is in this pre workout to make it so good….

4Gauge Ingredient 1L-Citrulline DL-Malate

This ingredient is taken from watermelons and is said to help with blood flow so you are able to pump more blood to the muscles, helping with recovery and making your muscles as bigger and harder. It is also said that 6000mg of this ingredient will help increase the growth hormone of 66% after a workout, which is perfect as that is how much is in each serving.

Caffeine & L-Theanine

4Gauge Ingredient 2

Its well documented at how good Caffeine is at boosting energy and stimulation. With the combination of L-Theanine which can be found in green tea, it promotes calmness. You may have heard the term smart caffeine, that is what this combination is called. The combination ensures you see the energy boost, without the energy crash that you may experience with other supplements that just contain Caffeine. This powerhouse will help you get more energy, power, stamina but help keep your focus in check.

Rhodiola Rosea

4Gauge Ingredient 3

This ingredient is designed to help develop your body’s resistance, both physical and mental. In fact there have been a number of studies to show that this herb helps against fatigue, helping increase your stamina through your workouts. Experience a boost in motivation during your workout as well as reduced stress levels.

Red Beet (Beta Vulgaris)

4Gauge Ingredient 4

Experience a boost in nitric oxide, helping with your overall performance. Thanks to this ingredient you will be able to train for longer, Improve blood flow for bigger muscle growth and more efficient oxygen use. Beetroot is a well-known go to vegetable for athletes due to the improved performance it provides.

Pros To 4Gauge

  • 4 in 1 Pre Workout – Experience a great workout thanks to the 4 in 1 pre workout. Increase strength, focus, long lasting energy and improved muscle pumps
  • Increased focus and energy, without the energy crash with other pre-workouts
  • 100% Natural and tastes great – no harmful chemicals or nasty ingredients
  • Available from a reputable company, proven to provide high quality products
  • Made within the USA and the UK

Cons To 4Gauge

  • Only Available Online – Although you know you are getting it from the official website and not a fake…
  • Fairly New To The Market – It has however built a great reputation quickly due to its effectiveness…


Does 4Gauge Work?

The ingredients are reputable and are proven to provide the benefits claimed. Many people have already added this pre workout to their routine and have seen some incredible results. You can see some testimonials sent in by people that have used the product, below are a sample;

4Gauge Before and After 1

Rob Wright – Goal: Get Back To Fighting Weight….

Rob has tried many Pre Workouts in the past but ended up feeling light headed, often associated to an energy crash. He found 4Gauge to be different, taking it before a boxing session and finding his energy lasting much longer.

He continues to use it now for all of his gym sessions as it gives him the energy he needs. Sound like something you could do with?…..

Scott Johnstone – Goal: Improve Body Composition…

4Gauge Before and After 2Like many people, Scott has used other Pre Workouts. Those he says has given him the energy boost that he was looking for, but often left him to irritated to workout and not being able to concentrate.

Since using this pre workout, he is pleased with the results. Increased energy, and alert so his productivity at the gym has greatly improved.

Now he would recommend it to anyone that is looking for some additional focus when at the gym.

Are Their Any Reported Side Effects?

Due to the nature of the product and the ingredients being natural, you shouldn’t see any side effects. One of the things we loved about this supplement was that unlike other pre-workouts, it doesn’t cause a energy crash or jitters.

We have not heard from any users of any side effects from adding this into their gym routine.

Our Final Verdict On 4Gauge

There are so many pre workout supplements available, very few of them can however claim to be as effective as 4Gauge. Most of them seem to focus on getting as much caffeine into the system as possible, resulting in an energy crash or jitters. I love this prework because of the unique and effective blend of ingredients. All natural ingredients that are based on years of research and clinical studies.

Because of these ingredients you will see benefits such as;

  • Lift More Weight
  • Look Bigger – Feel Better
  • Increased Focus & Motivation
  • All Natural Ingredients – No Energy Crash
  • Increased Stamina – Long Lasting Energy

If you are looking for a effective Pre workout, that works quickly and will give you the results you are looking for…. Get 4Gauge, our number 1 recommended Pre Workout supplement.


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